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Three months had passed since that fateful night. Naruto had left for special training under Jiraiya to help him master his new wind rasengan. It had become too dangerous to practice around the village so Jiraiya felt it would be best to take the boy to a more secluded location. Mean while Hinata and Tenten where left to deal with the news of Naruto's darkest secret. Now knowing why he was treated so badly for so long, they also knew of the burden of knowing such a secret. Tsunade had made it clear to them that if they had spoke about it in public or to anyone of there and future generations, they would executed for breaking an S class secret.

The first month was difficult for the former friends as neither wanted anything from the other. Hinata spent her time training with her cousin and sister preparing to apply for Jonin status. They trained around the clock and soon neither Neji nor Hanabi could take her alone. Hinata's father Hiashi was impressed and faced off against her to test her skill. He found soon enough the girl held back with her cousin and sister, but not with him in the least. She had nearly destroyed his right arm and put him in the hospital for a week. On one cold night Hiashi could fill her presence, and the two spoke.

"So I take it you want your title and birth right to be the heir of our clan back?" He watched the shadow dance carefully in the dark as he soon saw her face through the light from his window. Her cold eyes told him his assumption was wrong. "I wanted to show you my strength for one reason. I will take my place as head, and once I have absolute control, I am banishing the caged bird seal forever; I will reunite the branch family and unify us as one. No one will be of lower or higher branch any more. And you and the council will be no more. I am going to destroy the old ways and bring the future of the Hyuga into a new age." As she made her way out of her fathers room she perched herself on the window ledge when she heard him call out to her. His words rang through her mind even to this day. "It's about time."

Tenten began training under Tsunade and with the help of procuring the shadow clone jutsu she was able to study even faster, soon rivaling Sakura in her beginner years under Tsunade's tutelage. The increase of strength and medical knowledge boosted her fighting abilities considerably. She had begun to make a name for herself and soon men looking for marriage began to flock to her. She was able to deal with it in the beginning but when things got heavy or out of hand she quickly extinguished it. She had finally made up her mind and chose to go after Naruto. This decision did not go with out a few mental debates that lasted and ended in just giving up but her heart longed for him and finally decided not the deny her heart any longer.

It was six in the morning the crisp chilling air whipped around the village; in a cliché meeting both girls had met at the front gates on the supposed day of Naruto's return. Both looked eyeing the other, examining the other as they sized each other up mentally. Memories raced back to that fateful night when both girls learned of Naruto's darkest secret. And both realized that they felt they could deal and live with the decision and help tame the wild beast residing in Naruto. As Hinata and Tenten stood there dressed in formal and quite revealing clothing they also began to remember their drunken stupor, which caused both girls to blush gently. But neither gave ground. The vibes that everyone felt emanating from them was unreal and many thought that what the entire village viewed as the two most powerful Kunoichi in the village, where going to duke it out right there and then.

Five hours later and after near frost bite both girls were standing on wobbly legs as they strained to wait not giving the other the satisfaction of out lasting the other. If it weren't for nature's calls they would have stayed until one of them collapsed. They then opted to sit and wait in the nearest coffee house and stayed to warm up. It was a long and quiet meeting as both girls sat across form each other, both wanting so badly to understand the other. And then she spoke.

"Why Naruto?" Hinata couldn't help but let her voice crack gently at the question. Tenten looked up stunned at the question being presented before her. But she had been expecting it and slowly answered as honestly as she could.

"Because I was finally able to see him in the same light you did. I saw what many people failed to see. Because he makes me fill so alive. Like I can do anything when he watches me. Encouraging me, making me laugh, and making me smile when I'm sad. He makes me want to be a better person. He makes me fill like a better person." Tenten felt a sense of relief as she was finally able to voice her fillings aloud. The pent up emotions had finally been voiced and expressed and with it a sense of an overdue relief. Hinata just looked up at the girl as she smiled and spoke. "He's perfect. In every way possible. When you look past what every one else sees, you can't help but love him."

Both girls laughed gently as they began sharing stories about the bright and wonderful blonde. Each would go on about what they learned just by watching him. And what they learned when he wasn't looking. They continued chatting about the blonde for the rest of the afternoon until they saw a flickering figure rushing through the entrance of the village. Both Kunoichi were caught by surprise when they saw it had been Naruto, but there joy for the blondes return disappeared when his face was full of dread and panic. They both ran out of the diner just in time to see him rushing over towards the Hokage tower.

"It was a shadow clone, but something just" "Isn't right!" The two looked at each other as Tenten finished Hinata's sentence, they gave each other a curt nod as they exploded to the rooftops and gave chase hoping for answers.

Tsunade was sitting in her office when an Anbu appeared out of nowhere.

"Report!" Tsunade spoke with a great sense of authority. The young man quickly bowed as he spoke. "Anbu scouts have reported a disturbance in the western area of the forest. Reports are sketchy but we think it may be Lord Jiraiya and his student scuffling in the forest. But the sparring seemed a bit intense for just a mere sparring session." Tsunade was about to speak when a tired blonde flew through the window of the tower window. The Anbu rose to a defensive position in front of Tsunade when two more figures entered. Both worried kunoichi.

"Naruto! What the hell…" Before she could finish the blonde's head whipped up as he screamed out loud. "IT'S THE AKATSUKI!!!! THEY'RE HERE!!!!"

Back in the forest Naruto was standing over the badly beaten body of his former sensei. Drenched in his beloved teachers blood the deep and dark energy raging inside Naruto began to leak as the seal on him began to weaken greatly; giving Naruto access to a level of chakra, he had yet to fill. His body bulged and tightened as his canine's, hair and nails grew. The whisker like marks on his cheeks began to glow wildly, as his eyes morphed to a blood ruby red. Standing upright the remaining members of Akatsuki watched on as the sickening sound of Naruto's body being morphed by the alien chakra. Standing far apart from the Akatsuki were the four members of team snake. There was one amongst team Snake that was less then impressed by the show of power Naruto was putting on. Sasuke Uchiha with his level one curse seal raging to life finally spotted his brother amongst the Akatsuki. With his blood boiling, he stood ready to finally take his revenge.

"So it seems we made you angry by killing your sensei. We admit that was a calculated risk. But unavoidable. The one named Yamato is being tracked down as we speak, and soon we will be able to control and suppress the beast inside you as well. Naruto Uzumaki, you will come with us whether you like it or not." Pein stepped aside and allowed the one standing next to him come forward. It was Tobi, who was cackling with a dark and ominous tone. "And soon my sharingan's lost power will be returned to me. And there is nothing you can do about it."

Naruto closed his eyes tightly as several clones appeared and took Jiraiya's body off into the woods where it would be safe. Ripping the shirt from his body they could see something they hadn't counted on. The seal on Naruto's body was now larger as series of tattoos spread across his body leaching themselves to the seal itself; each branching off into different directions. They appeared tribal in style as they spread across his chest to his back; all along his arms as well. His right pant leg was in tatters an inch above the right knee showing that the tattoo was indeed spread across his entire body. It was similar to an average curse seal but it was completely solid. None of them knew what purpose it served until they felt an insane surge of chakra coming off the boy that would normally send him into a berserker state. But the tattoos glowed holding back the chakra.

"You killed the only man I considered family to me… next to the third Hokage." His voice was dark and full of malice, pure hatred that was darker then any night. His transformation continued when they could all see a chakra-like limb erupt from his backside, soon solidifying into physical form. It was as long as Naruto in height and completely bare flesh. "You want this thing inside of me even though you were the one who summoned it to this world!!!!" A second and third appendage quickly split from the original to join it. Soon a dark red orange fur began to grow over the limbs which sent chill down Kisame's spine as he realized along with the others what was happening. "And now you want it back so you can take over the world! I will die and take this creature with me to the other world before I let you have it!!!! Too many have sacrificed to keep me alive, to protect me. Putting there lives on the line for ME!!!!!"

Another two tails split from the original and soon were covered in the same fur as the others. Now five tails swished back and forth behind the young man as his chest was covered in a thick fur making him resemble a beast. His hair grew to his backside and his headband loosened and began to fall. However, before it did he caught it in his now feral hand. Bringing it to his face memories flooded back to him and soon two faces flashed before his eyes as he shut them tightly. Taking the headband, he tightened it across his fore head and his once blood red eyes poured out a radiant sapphire with what only could be described as electricity sparking over the cool glassy surface.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, the future Hokage and the Jailer of NINE TAILED FOX!!! And all of you are going to die right here, right now. BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!" Letting loose a roar of unimaginable proportions his booming voice was heard across all of fire country, as he spiked his chakra higher then any thought possible. Several other members of the Akatsuki began to tremble with fear as they stared at the new incarnation of the container. The only two who refused to show fear were Tobi and Pein as both were forced to take stance against him. However, before they could react the vessel disappeared with no sign of him anywhere. His speed was untraceable by his own eyes until they heard a distant voice straining in agony in the distance. From their place, they could see that the young man had appeared nearly thirty yards away in the tree strangling another figure that had yet to be sensed by any of them.

"Sasuke." All of the members of Akatsuki heard this name coming from Itachi who was already in pursuit of their target. Up in the canopy Naruto was standing in his new form holding onto the throat of his former comrade holding him as he dangled in the air.

"I made Sakura a promise of a life time to bring you back. And I intend to keep that promise, even if I have to drag your sorry ass back in a million pieces!" Naruto stared at the flaring Sharingan showing no signs of being influenced by mesmerizing eye. "And I told you, that I will kill Itachi before then!" Not a second later Naruto dropped Sasuke back to his feet, and quickly spoke before he could retaliate.

"Then lets do it together. So we can finally go home."

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