"Naruto, I love you, I always have. Please don't die." Hinata yelled over the roaring water with streaming down her face. It was then Tenten's turn to confess her fillings as well. "I have never felt this way about any one. But know this, if you survive and you better! I will love you to the end of life and give every part of me to you and more." Kakashi and Sasuke both stared at the two girls as there nerves were at there wits end. It was then they saw that Pain was now holding a perfect version of his ultimate attack. His face held raw sadistic rage as he charged towards the waterfall. Naruto had no time and stretched out his left arm creating the Rasengan. The four of them helped rotate the chakra creating it much faster. With several directions of energy swirling it was now ten times stronger then before, but now the hard part. Combining the elements.

"I hope you know this crazy Naruto!" Yelled Kakashi. "But you and I know it's the only way!" Sasuke began adding his fire element and soon the Rasengan began to burst with stream of flames. "Just don't die. I want a godfather for the next generation of my clan." Naruto only laughed as the effects of the Kyubis chakra began to its toll. "Sure but I get to name then. I like the sound of Miso and pork." Sasuke only grimaced at the thought of his children being named after ramen flavors. Even in there dire situation they all chuckled a little. Kakashi spoke as he began adding his element. "Naruto, you have no idea how much of an honor it was to be your sensei. And I am glad you thought of me as an uncle." He stared at the straining eyes of Naruto as the youth fought to control and channel the chakra. "I'm glad you turned out to be my teacher too Kakashi sensei." Hinata and Tenten didn't know what to say as they both channeled there chakra as well. Soon the force of the rasengan grew as the energy pushed back the others as Naruto fought to maintain the control. But the pain was growing to be too much, until Naruto added his own chakra as well. The wind element destroyed all pain receptors in his arm and soon he was able to concentrate all of his energy in to the attack. As they stood watching draw nearer Naruto looked towards both Kunoichi.

"I wish I could say I knew what being love felt like. But if it fills like anything I fill for the both of you then I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will to keep this filling alive. You are all my precious people. And you will be in my heart forever." Naruto looked back at them one last time as he jabbed both Kunoichi in the stomach with two of his nine tails. Kakashi and Sasuke caught both girls as they stared in wonder.

"Look after them for me will ya! And look after Sakura too. She misses you. Good bye brother."

As Naruto leapt from the waterfall Sasuke cried out to his new found brother as he watched the blonde descend crashing cool waters. In an explosion of chakra Naruto's ultimate attack roared across the valley causing Pain to grow even more angry. The two rushed at each other and soon there attacks clashed once more.

"WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE!!!! THEY ALL DESERVE TO DIE!!!!" Naruto only laughed as he answered him. "BECAUSE I NEVER GO BACK ON MY WORD!!!! THAT IS MY NINDO!!!! MY… NINJA… WAY!!!!!!!! FINAL RASENGAN!!!!!!!"

Breaking through his block Naruto disintegrated Pains attack obliterating the Akatsuki's leader entire body. Engulfed with in the elements Pain was sent flying through the valley wall causing it to crash down and pour out into the nearby river beds. Large boulders came crashing down as the whole country side felt the tremendous quake. And in moments all was quiet.

Five years later

All was quiet in the village hidden in the leaves peace had returned and fear of the Akatsuki had become nothing but a memory passed down in the hidden history of Konoha. Tsunade was back to work filing paperwork when two blurs appeared from the front door and rushed to the unsuspecting woman's arms. "Miso! Haku! What are you two doing here? Where is your parents, oh speaking of which." Soon both children turned around to face there parents. With gleeful faces they ran over there mother and father.

"Its good to see you today Tsunade-sama." Greeted Sakura as she picked up her pink haired daughter Haku. "Hh." Was the formal greeting of Sasuke Uchiha as he picked up his son Miso whom he thanked Kami for having raven hair like him. However Sakura told him that it was normal in her family to have dark hair in the beginning and that it might get lighter as he got older.

"So it's really that time again isn't it? All right then just let me get my things." The trip was eventful as Tsunade accompany watched the children play along the way. Soon they were met with the other. Team Anko with Might Guy who had finally cleaned up, team Kurenai whose child was now six and good friends with Sasuke and Sakura's kids. The former team Asuma minus one Shikamaru. And Team Kakashi who was now team eleven, which consisted of team Konohamaru. The trip was quiet and peaceful and by midday they were at the valley of the end. There waiting for them was Gaara and family with Shikamaru with Temari holding a lazy two year old boy and Shikamaru with a five year old daughter. Standing with them was Tenten and Hinata holding the shoulders of two children each with bright blonde hair and blue vibrant eyes which held a more sincere and softer Rinnegan much like there fathers. All dressed in casual clothes they all gathered at the lake edge created by the battle five years ago and sat for a there picnic. All in memory of the late Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki.

The End…???

Somewhere in a lost city miles from civilization...

"So, you honestly believed you defeated me five years ago? That's rich. But still the fact that you found me is remarkable as well. But you should know one thing boy. I have found the Jutsu to separate you and that cursed Beast for good! And I will FINALLY have my ultimate power!" Madara stared murderously at the cloaked figure standing before him. All he could think about was gaining his ultimate power. Soon figures dressed in black emerged from the shadows each with swaying tails behind them snaked there way towards their prey.

"I don't know how or why but I swear will kill you this time! I will not let you hurt any one ever again!" 'Tenten¸ Hinata, I swear I'll protect you. I promise!'