Inside the chapel itself, the five carefully came in the chapel, with both Kuki and Rouge crying.

Wally looked at the painting above, speaking, "Those two up there, they're familiar somehow..."

Batula looked at the depressed weasel and the ones looking saddened by the scene, speaking, "Vhere is my God? He has forsaken me."

Rouge, still in tears, kneeled near him, nearing the blade in his chest.

However, Batula stopped her, speaking seriously while coughing, "It is finished."

She looked down as she spoke, "Oh, my love."

She kissed him deeply, much to Nack's annoyance while she continued in tears, "My love!"

"Poor Bat Squirrel!" Kuki cried, "He's dying! How could you, Nack?!"

She shoved him, making the weasel frown.

"Nack?" he asked the weasel.

"Yeah?" Nack answered.

"I'm...I'm sorry...I only vanted my own happiness...however, I have stolen yours...I...I didn't mean to-"

"Hey, you thought she was a reincarnated girlfriend of yours and we all make mistakes." Nack chuckled, making the other three groan, knowing that Nack knew nothing of what happened.

As Rouge's voice spoke next, the group looked at the chapel from the very beginning magically being restored with Batula's youth and humanity (if you call being an animal in an animal world humanity) returned.

This was what the final pages of Rouge's diary had been written: "There, in the presence of God, I understood at last how my love could release us all from the powers of darkness. Our love is stronger than death."

The group looked at the peaceful looking youth before the youth finally spoke, "Give me peace."

Then, Rouge took the dagger and with a heavy heart, pushed it through the squirrel's heart. Finally, as the burn on her forehead was gone and Nack noticed his fur parts normal again, Batula finally limped lifelessly, closing his eyes one last time.

The bat looked at Nack before he reluctantly told her, "I guess you can go ahead. After all, he needs something to go."

Rouge nodded, leaning to Batula and kissing him one last time. After a moment of silence, she removed the dagger from the heart and cut off his head, tears still streaming from her eyes.

Then, they felt themselves glowing a bit, looking up at the painting. To them, it seemed like the joyous moment when the painting brightened up as if by magic. They looked back at where Batula was once. However, his body was no longer there. Batula was now gone from their lives, but never forgotten as they had realized one thing: he and Umana have reunited and have been forgiven, passing on to the afterlife in peace.

To the couples, it was the most amazing thing to ever experience. They know that they will bring their families and friends to the now empty mansion and be proud of what had happened: Love conquers all.

The End

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