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Chapter 1: No Choice

Hermione sat in Dumbledore's office feeling weak from the loss of so much blood. Her wrists were bandaged and Snape, McGonagall, and Dumbledore all stood in the room with her, trying to pry her for a reason of killing herself. Still, she remained ever silent. Finally, Dumbledore threatened her harmlessly.

"If you will not give us an answer, Miss Granger, then we will be forced to send you home to live with your parents."

"My parents are divorced," Hermione stated coldly.

"Is that the reason you did this?"

"Part of it," Hermione said, keeping her eyes on the floor.

"Well, then you have two choices. Either you go to counseling with Professor Snape-"

"Why me," Snape shouted, clearly not wanting to do what he was being volunteered for.

"Or," Dumbledore continued without looking in Snape's direction. "You can go home to whichever one of your parents that you wish to."

Hermione thought for a moment. Most likely, she wouldn't be able to go out like she had the summers since her parents divorce had been finalized. All her muggle friends would be in school and she didn't have anyone to take her clubbing but them. However, she didn't want to go into counseling with Snape, let alone any other teacher. She had made that mistake before. And she would not make it again.

"I'll go home," she stated.

All of the teachers looked at her with confusion. "You would give up your future as a witch just to go home to get out of counseling," Snape asked.


"Well, Miss Granger, it seems you have made your choice, but I have made mine. You won't be going home. It's not an option."

"Then why did you say it," Snape and Hermione both screamed at him. Dumbledore smiled and said that he was testing her to see how far she would go, but didn't explain more.