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Bella's POV

Edward had already dumped my bags in his Volvo about an hour ago. So I had nothing to do but sit and twiddle my thumbs while he and Alice talked, too quickly for me to understand. God knows what they were discussing.

Probably the wedding… I thought. But if that was it, then why wouldn't I be part of that discussion too?

Maybe it was something they didn't want me to know.

Now what could that be…? What did Alice know that I didn't?

I sighed so loudly that both Edward and Alice turned to look at me from the other side of the room. Alice was sitting on the bar beside the sink, her feet dangled over the edge, and Edward was leaning gracefully against the wall.

Apparently, Esme and Carlisle were otherwise 'occupied' because I could hear quiet banging from upstairs and the occasional giggle and moan I assumed was from Esme. Who would have known…?

I decided to embarrass Edward.

"Where are Esme and Carlisle?" I asked sweetly.

Alice knew what I was doing, and winked at me.

Edward frowned. I almost laughed at his expression- he looked so cute. Just like a little puppy!

"I'm not sure," Edward lied.

"Are they at home?" I asked.

Edward nodded reluctantly. I got up from the sofa and walked towards the stairs, excruciatingly slowly.

"I'm just going to find them then," I said, my foot on the first step, "I'm sooooo bored."

What would Edward be thinking right now? He could hear Esme and Carlisle's thoughts, and obviously knew that if I went looking for them now then I might walk in on them doing 'something' that he wouldn't want me to see.

What would his reply be?

"No," Edward said, "Wait, Bella come back."

"Why?" I said, not turning to look at him. I stepped up another step. I could hear more clearly now the moans from upstairs and recognised Carlisle's soft voice, though I couldn't (and didn't want to) hear what he was saying. I giggled to myself.

"Because I think Esme and Carlisle are doing something," Edward said.

"What?" I said, putting a bit of surprise into my voice.

"Probably just cleaning!" Edward said quickly.

I stepped up another step.

"No!" Edward said, his voice getting louder, "Bella! Stop!"

"Why? Is there something you don't want me to see?" I said.

"No! There isn't!" Edward said, "Bella, come back! Join in our discussion!"

I stepped up another step. There were only two more to go.

"Please!" Edward begged.

I reached the last step. One more, and I'd be on the landing.

"I just want to ask them something," I said. No, I don't. I want you to admit what they are doing, Edward! Mwahahaha!

(A/N: Okay, maybe a little OOC, but she's being influenced by all that time spent with Alice!)

I lifted my foot and was about to put it down to stand on the landing when I felt two cold arms wind around my waist and drag me backwards. I could feel Edward's body pressed up against mine as he pulled me back down the stairs gently. I breathed in deeply, and took in his smell, smiling to myself.

"Lets do something else," Edward said. "You said you were bored."

"Oh yes?" I said, with real interest, "And what would that something be?"

Alice winked at me again as she went out into the garden. I wondered why she was leaving us. Had she seen a vision?

Edward had taken me out of the kitchen, through the dining room and through a door I had never even noticed, before he answered.

"Let's have some fun," he breathed against my neck. Then he stepped away from me and I looked around the room we were now in.

The walls were painted a deep red, and the lights were dim. I hadn't noticed, but Edward had adjusted them when we had come in. We seemed to be in some sort of cellar, but an amazingly well furnished cellar if anything. This looked to be Esme's skills at their best.

There was a bed in the centre of the room. I could only imagine what it was there for.

"Where are we?" I whispered. The atmosphere in the room was heavy and sexy. It made me want to talk quietly, but scream loudly. "How come I've never noticed this place before?"

"I've never taken you here before," Edward said. "It is, as they put it—"

"They?" I interrupted.

"The rest of the family," Edward explained, "It's the only place of privacy in the whole house. The walls are soundproofed. Honestly, I could fire a gun in here and yell as loud as I want and they wouldn't hear. Not even with their vampire hearing!"

"Seriously?" I whispered, walking towards the bed. I ran a hand lightly across the red sheets and grasped the iron bedpost in my left hand. Edward watched unblinkingly as I used it to swing myself onto the bed.

Somehow I manoeuvred it so that I had landed in a crouch on the bed. I felt like an animal in this predatory position, waiting for my prey to come to me. Edward.

Standing there, staring. One eyebrow raised sexily and his thumb hooked through his jeans. I could just see the top of his black Calvin Kleins.

"Come here, Edward," I purred.

He was all too happy to oblige- and was in front of me in a second. This was one time I blessed his vampire speed.

I reached out and grabbed the front of his shirt, yanking him towards me. He seemed surprised- but I could hear the low contented rumble in his throat. It was almost a purr. It was something I found amazingly sexy.

I hurriedly undid the buttons of my blouse, my fingers fumbling. Sure, this wasn't what I had been expecting to be doing when I was supposed to be getting ready to go on a short vacation with Edward to meet some author, but hey! It was much better.

I discarded my blouse and jumped at him next, tugging his shirt over his head. I had messed up his bronze hair even more, but I liked it.

He surprised me then by growling out loud, imitating the lion I had just been mentally comparing him to. He jumped on me, throwing me onto my back. I felt his head at my neck, and then shivered as I felt his cold tongue drawing a line down from my throat to my stomach. I could feel his hands, not trembling at all, unclasping my bra and dropping it over the side of the bed.

Instead of his tongue on my stomach now, I felt his teeth opening the button of my jeans and undoing the zipper. I threw my head back and moaned his name. His hands grasped my thighs and caressed them as he pulled off my trousers, then in turn my underwear. I felt his nose glide over my skin as he breathed in my scent, which he so often compared to freesia.

"Edward," I groaned, "Stop being mean."

He was teasing me now. It wasn't fair.

"Define mean," he breathed against my skin as he kissed the scar I had from when I had broken my leg.

"Stop teasing me," I answered.

"Don't you like it?" he said in a low voice.

I couldn't in all honesty answer negatively when he could plainly see the smile on my face. I could see his chest heaving. He laid his cheek against my stomach, and closed his eyes.

"You don't know how temping you are right now," he said against my skin.

Oh yeah? I thought to myself. Well I can use that to my advantage!

I pulled myself out from underneath him so his face fell onto the sheets. He didn't open his eyes. He was lying on his stomach, so I manoeuvred myself so I was straddling him across his back. Then I turned and took off his jeans, not bothering to be careful. I couldn't hurt him. He was so much stronger than me, he should be so much in control, but it seemed as if at this moment I was.

Then I was proved wrong. As soon as we were both completely naked, he spun so he was facing upwards. I was straddled across his waist.

"Bella, Bella, Bella," he muttered, his voice deep and husky. "Don't you know, you can never win?"

I leant forward and kissed his chest. "I thought this time, maybe I could."

Edward shook his head, a mysterious glint in his eye.

"So what was this 'fun' you were talking about?" I purred.

A crooked smile slowly broke out across his face.

I couldn't help it- I just had to kiss him. He was too tempting.

I leant forward and placed my lips on his, moving them slowly. He responded by deepening the kiss, and I felt the sweetness of his breath invade my mind and the coolness of his tongue on my bottom lip. With a sigh, my lips parted. His cold tongue slipped into my mouth, flicking off my teeth. Suddenly he breathed in, stealing my breath. Then he leant back and closed his eyes.

"What was that?" I whispered.

"Your breath is inside me," he grinned back.

I found that very erotic.

He opened his eyes, and I saw a hunger in them that I assumed would match my own.

"I want to taste you," he moaned.

In a lightning fast movement, he had spun me so I was underneath him. His lips glided over my skin, from my collarbone down to my stomach. The nearer he got to my thighs, the worse my desire became. It was beginning to hurt, wanting him this much.

Finally, his lips reached my throbbing crotch. A shiver went through me as his tongue fluttered over my skin, massaging and licking.

How had he become so good at making me squirm? We were both virgins before we met each other, with no experience whatsoever. I loved it that way. It felt like a learning experience each time we made love, and Edward was getting pretty damn good now!

I felt his hands join his tongue, rubbing and sucking. My back arched closer to him, and he looked up at me. His eyes were black as pitch. He crawled slowly up my body. I could feel the throb of my blood in every vein, could hear the rhythm of my heartbeat. My temples were throbbing, my body alight with pleasure. My emotions were confusing. As he crawled up my body, I felt… fear of those dark black hungry eyes? No. Not fear. Anticipation?

He pressed himself against me, and I could feel the hardness of his hips against mine. He was supporting his own weight, but leaving no gap between our naked bodies.

I ran my hand down his arm and lightly across his hip. He took my hand in his, guiding me towards his manhood. He left my hand there, and tangled his hands in my hair. I rubbed my hand slowly up and down the length of him, and was met by a fierce groan.

"Bella," he moaned. It sounded like a begging.

I withdrew my hand, a smile on my lips. And he took my small hand in his, and put it straight back.

With more pressure this time, I massaged him. Trying to put all my love and desire into pleasing him. He was breathing deeply, his panting filling the room. As I rubbed gently, he began to move, forcing himself harder against my hand. His breath fanned across my face as he reached his climax.

"Oh… Bella," was all he could say. His body was shaking slightly, not with fear, but with pleasure.

And then his cell phone rang.

"Leave it," he growled at once. His lips found my neck again, sucking.

"Shouldn't—" I started to say, but he moved his lips onto mine and cut my words short.

He left me a second for a breath, and I managed to get out a couple of muffled words that sounded like 'could be Alice'.

Suddenly Edward froze. He stayed completely still for a few seconds, then he sprang back off me to stand on the floor.

I moaned- I didn't like his body being so far away, when I wanted him so much. "Edward…" I groaned.

He shook his head, a cheeky smile breaking out across his face. "Nope," he said teasingly, "You wanted me to answer it."

"Come back," I said strongly, "I didn't mean it."

He shook his head again.

I pouted and crossed my arms.

Edward stared at me for a few seconds, his eyes dark. He seemed to be considering. The phone was still ringing. He took a step in my direction, and I smiled with relief. Then he turned and walked slowly towards the phone.

Does he want me to get out of bed and run after him?

I did. I grabbed him from behind and pulled as hard as I could. He turned around, and growled.

I giggled.

He laughed and carried me bridal-style back to the bed.

"Unfinished business?" he whispered against my neck as he lay me down on the bed.

I nodded, and pulled him by the arms so he was on top of me.

I had absolutely no control now, as he lowered himself into me. I could feel my muscles tightening around him as he pushed deeper. And then he started to move in and out, always so careful not to hurt me like he was so capable of doing, but hard enough for me to scream his name and beg for more.

Oh, how nothing can compare to sex with Edward! It feels like an explosion of pleasure at first, and then a slow-burning firework that sends every nerve in my body into hyper mode. It gets better every time.

And when he increases in speed…

Edward's POV

"Was that a welcome distraction then?" I asked her, once she was tired out. She replied by kissing my shoulder, her head bobbing a 'yes'. "Can't imagine anything better," she whispered.

"Neither can I," I breathed into her hair.

We lay in peaceful silence on the bed, her cuddled up to my chest, my arms around her.

"Who rang?" she asked after a while.
"Alice," I said.

"What did she want?" Bella asked.

"She was thinking that it was time to go to Victoria's."


"Yes," I said, "But it doesn't matter. We're only a few hours late. I'm sure she found… something… to amuse herself with while she waited."

"Jasper?" Bella said.

I nodded, a smile on my face. So, that made the whole house, then.

Alice and Jasper in their room… Esme and Carlisle in the bathroom… and Bella and I down here. And knowing Emmett and Rosalie and their frequent sex romps, then they were probably doing it back in England too.

"Family bonding, right?" Bella said.


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