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3 years later… (Satsuki POV) Satsuki is 17

"Bye, Mom. I promise to behave myself," I said calling back to my mom.

Mom still didn't like the fact that I was going to go visit my Dad but it was a right that my Dad had been given by Mom nearly 2 years ago. He was still cold and distant from me but Uncle Naruto said that he had always been like that. I had seen some changes in him but they were little ones. When he thought I wasn't looking, he had on his face a little smile, not big but just a slight one. It was a small change in his dour attitude.

I don't like traveling between the two nations but neither of my parents would give in and move closer together. My father's reason was that of governing a village. My mom's reason was more personal. Konoha had been the place where she was born and raised, and in turn where she had raised her child. She had friends and family here. Besides, she didn't want to be any closer to my father then need be. Travelling between Oto and Konoha and reverse, I was just thankful at times to have a guard with me to protect me from anyone powerful enough to harm me.

My father when he sees me, always tries to teach me a technique that doesn't require the Sharingan being active but still bears its roots in the Uchiha clan of Konoha. I am still not able to activate the Sharingan without having excruciating pain flow through me. I wish that I was able to activate it without it being painful. I think my father would like that even though he doesn't say anything.

I have been told by some of the medics that I see that if I ever have children that it is more then likely that they will have the same problem that has afflicted me. From this, some have predicted that the true Uchiha Sharingan will die out with my father, Sasuke Uchiha. When I told my father this, he looked sadly at me for a minute before walking off. I also told Uncle Naruto this and I also told him of my father's reaction. He told me that the Sharingan has been like a curse to Sasuke. It was the reason why my father's clan was wiped out by my father's older brother. I take in this information and realize that this Sharingan curse that my father has seen has mutated within his own daughter. One can look at my Father and wonder if he is cursed. With such bad luck, how could he not? But others will look at him and say he has good luck. He survived, he found out that he has a daughter. How can this be bad luck, some would ask.

Sure my relationship with him has been rocky. But what relationship would be smooth with our history. What relationship would be smooth when you find out who your real father is when you are 13 years old and have been kidnapped by men who want to hurt him through you? For the next couple of months after I found this information out, I refused to acknowledge his presence, hoping to someone that he would just disappear. Even my mother, who refuses to be near my father, thought my actions were a little drastic, that I should at least spend a little time with him before I judge him so harshly. I refuse this action immediately but I soon came to realize that maybe she was right.


We were still in Oto; I was recovering from my ordeal. I was allowed to move around town, escorted of course, but not allowed to travel just yet. I was walking in the Otokage's complex, since that was really the only place that the guards let me be alone for awhile. Who needs a lowly ANBU bodyguard, where the most powerful guy in the land resides and where he will personally protect you. Anyway, I was walking around here, just to check out the place when I came upon the Otokage's office. I looked inside and saw that Sasuke was inside. He was currently laying on the couch that was in the room. He was had a folder on his lap and was going over some of the papers that were in it.

I notice that he like Uncle Naruto didn't wear the Kage robes. Most of the times, I see both of them in their normal ninja uniform. For Naruto, this was a standard jounin outfit with long sleeves and a broad strip of orange. It seems for Sasuke, that his normal outfit standard seemed to be a dark navy blue long sleeve shirt with black ninja pants. He had a small Uchiha fan stitched into his shirt on the collar of his shirt. I could see some of his arms. On one arm, he had a summoning tattoo. I had learned a little of this from Mom and Naruto. Some summons require a tattoo to summon them. Both Mom's slug summons and Uncle Naruto's toads didn't require this but Sasuke's must have.

He sensed my presence but ignored me all the same. As I walked past, I heard him say to me, "Be careful. Some of this complex hasn't been used since the time of Orochimaru's time. I don't want to come on you stuck in a trap. Your mother would not be happy with me." He said this with an indifferent tone. I heard this and put it on the back of brain. Unfortunately for me, I didn't keep this in the front of my head. I was walking and suddenly I felt the ground cave in underneath me. I was right in the middle of where it was caving in from. I tried to run back to where I had been. But I was too slow I was a couple feet away from the edge when I fell completely straight down. I realize I had been grabbed before I could fall too far. I look up and see Sasuke holding on tight to my hand. He pulled me up.

"I told you to before Satsuki, to be careful. Trust me, as someone who had been taught by Orochimaru, I know how his brain worked. I'm just thankful I had been keeping a eye on you with one of my shadow clones. I can't keep this jutsu up forever with you being such a troublemaker. Come back to the office room where I can keep an eye on you. If you behave, I'll teach you a jutsu," Sasuke replied dryly. (AN:// yep, Sasuke isn't above bribing to ensure both her safety and more important at this time, his.)

I glared at him for a little bit, before a grumbling me gave in. The clone made sure I didn't escape his line of sight by staying behind me. When we got back to the Otokage's office, we walked in. I noticed that Sasuke was still on the couch but instead of laying down with a folder on his lap, he was sitting up, with the folders spread on the coffee table that was in front of the couch. He looked at me for a quick second before dispelling the clone and resuming his work.

"Make yourself at home, you'll be staying here until your mother comes and gets you," Sasuke said not even looking up.

I looked around the room. When I had looked in the first time, I didn't really look at it in detail. But now I had the chance to take it all in. The walls were sparsely decorated with any pictures but one of walls was dedicated completely to books. It was floor to ceiling, from one corner to the opposite corner full of books. Now I wasn't much of a bookworm but Mom had taught me the value of books. I looked at some of the books and they don't seem like books I would normally read.

"Try the next section of books, they are more friendly to people who aren't too much into politics." Sasuke responded, not looking up. I take his comment and look at these books. Sure enough I found a book that looked interesting enough. I was reading this book, when an Oto ANBU came silently. The ANBU whispered something in Sasuke's ear. He nodded in response. He looked at me.

"Well, it looks like you are going to be in for a treat. One of my advisors and closest friends has been out of town for awhile, he is back and wants to report some of his findings. I have to warn you if we don't shoo you out that most of this information is confidential and it will not harm Konoha in any sense so it doesn't need to make its way back there. Do you think you can do this?" He asks me.

I nod my head. I am ninja after, I know the importance of not leaking information out. My Mom is the medical advisor to Uncle Naruto, so I understand enough to be quiet about information that I overhear. I keep reading my book until an older man enters the room. He is tall and muscular with Chocolate brown hair with hair starting to grey around the temples. He had friendly manner which in comparison to Sasuke with his aloof manner made them seem complete opposites. Yet Sasuke had said this one of his closest friends. This confused me greatly. How had two polar opposites become friends? He greeted Sasuke with a warm and friendly handshake. He, then, saw me.

"Oye, Uchiha-san, I didn't know you are a babysitter. Maybe I could bring my children and you could watch over them," he said jokingly to Sasuke.

Sasuke just looked at him. "Umm, no. Daita, this is Haruno Satsuki, a guest, her mother and I go way back, we were on the same team in Konoha. They are in town for a little while. Satsuki, this is Idohatake Daita, one of my advisors and one of the people I have to be thankful for this job."

"You are too humble at times, you know that Uchiha-san. You also don't tell the whole truth. One can just tell from the color of her eyes, that she is yours. What happened?"

Sasuke looked at him, "Satsuki was kidnapped by a group that we had thought dead, but apparently we missed one and they regrouped and yeah, I think that's the hopefully the last we will hear of the group The Snake's Head."

"It was The Snake's Head group that did it, that group always did have a mean streak when dealing with people. Glad to see she's alright, or is she?" Daita asked Sasuke.

Sasuke gave him another look. "As well, as she is ever going to be again. They did something to her genetics that allows to tap in her kekkai genkai but she'll be fine other than that."

I wasn't paying too much attention to their conversation. The book was getting interesting. But when Daita looked at me, I immediately paid attention to what they were talking about.

"So do you think that the mother would mind if I decided to ask Satsuki over for supper? My kids would love to have someone other than their team-members and other cohort members around for once. Besides Satsuki might like them as well."

Sasuke looked over as me, "Well, you heard what he asked, what do you think, Satsuki?"

"Well, if Mom says it's okay, sure, it sounds fun."

Well, Mom did express some hesitancy towards me going to this apparent stranger's house but Sasuke brought along Daita to prove his worth. So a couple of hours later, around 5ish, Daita came around to pick me up. We walked towards his house. His house was on the outskirts of the town. The two storied house was not big, it wasn't tiny. It looked like it needed a new paint job but other then that it looked normal. Daita escorted me up the stairs into the house, where I was greeted 4 friendly faces. The oldest, a daughter, seemed just slightly older then me, while the youngest seem to be around 6 years old.

"Hey kids, this Haruno Satsuki, she is a ninja from Konoha. She is staying in Oto for awhile so I thought she might to have some acquaintances here. Satsuki, let me introduce you to my 4 kids. The oldest here is my daughter, Kanami, she is around your age, if Sasuke told correctly, she is 14 years old." The oldest girl smiled friendly. "Next is my 2nd daughter, Kii, she's 13." Kii waved back friendly. "Next is my only son, Eisuke, 8." The little boy smiled but didn't wave. "Finally, my youngest daughter, Naomi, age 6." Naomi, a blond hair little girl ran towards me and hugged me when she was introduced.

I had fun that night with Daita's children. Kii and I bonded immediately. Kanami was alittle reserved but soon opened up. I learned in this time that their mother had died a couple years ago. This had devastated Daita and we wasn't the same for long while after that even now, the mention of their mother to him is not permitted. Other then that, he was like how he was before his wife passed on. I also heard some stories of the Nidaime Otokage that had never been told to me.

"Yep, and he gave us presents for our birthday one year, as well," Eisuke said quietly. "He never did that again though." He was left pouting.

"Now you know, Eisuke, why the Otokage did that, he didn't want to be seen as having favorites," Daita commented to Eisuke.

(end Flashback)

That was the night that I learned to give Sasuke a chance at being my father. It was from listening to this conversation that I heard another side of Sasuke, one that cared and one that actually had emotions underneath all that cold exterior. That was also the night that I met one of my best friends as well. Kii always manages to find me before I come through the gate of Oto. She is very bubbly and her personality suits with my own personality well. Kanami and I are friends as well but not as close as Kii and I are.

Last time I checked a couple of months ago, Eisuke just graduated from the ninja academy and has been sorted in a gennin team. Ahh, I remember those days, my sensei was Sarutobi Konohamaru. He was evil when it came to the first bell test. I told Mom what he did for a test and she laughed and told that it was the same test that she and Uncle Naruto had received. Unfortunately for me, I was the one tied to the wooden pole. My other 2 team-members were Inuko Mokubi, and Hyuuga Hien. We still do missions together but more often then naught one of us is doing a mission with someone else. We are also getting trained into our respectful fields. Mom is teaching the ways of the medical ninja and I also learning some diplomacy along the way with two Kages being close to me. Mokubi is training and going on missions and Hien is learning more about his Hyuuga heritage.

As I walk further towards Otokagure and my father, I wonder about the future and I realize that things will happen and they will happen for a reason. All I know is the now and what I have experienced in the past.

The End!!


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