To Live Without You

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You make me feel out of my element

Like I'm drifting into the sea

Like the tide is pulling me in deeper

Making it harder to breathe.

- Chemicals React; Aly & AJ

Prologue: The Beginning

Hazelnut brown curls trailed behind the high school student as she ran down Winston Churchill's hallways. Unfortunately, today was a Monday, meaning that her internal clock was not yet ready to waking up at 6:00 a.m. for school.

"Selena, you're late." A sing-song voice primed the 10th grader as she fumbled with her lock.

Said girl frowned as she threw her bag inside her locker and picked up her textbooks and binders. "Oh Tina, shut up." She said half-heartedly before a bell chimed; echoing in the nearly empty hallway.

Selena watched her best friend as she reached over and closed her lock for her. After a few seconds of dead air, the worst version of National Anthem of Canada droned from the many speakers. Tina made a face at the sound of a trio trying to belt out the right notes.

"Why don't they find a new one?" Tina asked her and Selena replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

"To torment the ears of the students?" She suggested and grimaced as they held the off-key final note.

After it was over, the remaining students in the halls were allowed to move to their homeroom classes. "You should be heading to class, ladies." A teacher droned out to them before closing his door.

Tina stuck her tongue out at him. "Stupid Mr. Lawson. He thinks he's so cool." She said in a mocking whiny voice and Selena laughed.

"Don't be so mean Tina," she scolded her.

Alright Churchill! The 3 lucky winners have been selected for the Exchange Student Program for Japan, California, and England.

"Oh, it's Jazzy!" Tina said pointing to the speaker at the voice of their friend. The over exaggeration of Jasmine's voice was a dead giveaway to her identity.

Selena felt her stomach flip at the news Jasmine was speaking about. She'd been interviewed for the exchange to Japan last month since everyone knew about her unrequited love for Tokyo. It was the thing that she was most known for...usually because she spoke randomly in Japanese to her friends even though they couldn't understand her.

But the thing was she'd never won anything in her lifetime before.

Which was not a good start on things.

She felt her best friend jump on her shoulders and could almost feel the smile radiating off of her. "Cross your fingers!" Tina whispered excitedly in her ear. Selena nodded as she closed her eyes and prayed silently.

A recorded drum roll played for a moment before Jasmine's voice cut through the silence.

Amber Martin, pack up 'cause you're going to ENGLAND!

A round of applause and cheering ran from one of the nearby classrooms. Selena felt her heart accelerate at the antisipation that boiled in her gut.

Robert Johnson, don't forget the sunscreen 'cause you're going to CAL-I-FOR-NA!!

Another burst of clapping.

And my personal congrats to my friend, Selena Nelson,

"Are you serious?!"

Don't forget to pick up some guys for me in TOKYO, JAPAN!

She heard Tina scream for her and jump around. "Holy. Crap." She muttered to herself as she felt her books slip from her arms. She didn't hear the clatter to the ground or Tina's cries of congratulations and excitement.

She won?

This was most likely a dream...her cat Mickey would jump on her face any moment like all of the other times that she was having a good dream. Anytime now. It wasn't until Tina pinched her arm making her cry out in surprise.

Her cheeks were puffed out and her lips twisted into a pout. "And I thought that you never got lucky..."

Well, there is a first time for everything, right?

The plane ride was amazing.

Even though most people had fallen asleep during the long flight, Selena felt as if she couldn't blink or she would miss something. It was times like these where she would thank her childhood friend Ayame for teaching her Japanese. She would have to send her a postcard when she got settled in. The food, culture, lifestyle were all things that Selena had admired about Ayame when they had first met. Living in Canada did have its benefits in terms of all the cultures surrounding each other.

Her eyes – a mixture of light green and hazel – glittered when she saw the island coming into view. Her heart flipped a million and one times as the plane landed and her breathing almost stopped when the flight attendant helped her with her carry-on bag and off the plane.

There was a bustle of mild chaos when she stepped into the terminal and scanned the crowd for her name. A woman in a sweat suit stood by the utility belt with everyone's luggage and Selena pulled out a paper from her pocket.

Ryuzaki Sumire - a teacher from the partner school - will be taking you from the airport to your apartment where you will spend the rest of the school year. You will write a summary of each week, find a part-time job, and do well with your studies.

"Please don't let my Japanese be horrible!" Selena waved at the woman with a smile as she jogged over to her. "R-Ryuzaki-sensei?" Selena called out questioningly.

She looked older up close, with age-revealing wrinkles around her eyes and cheeks. Her light brown eyes smiled with her as she looked down at Selena. "Selena-san?"

Selena nodded happily. "Hajimemashite!" She said with a polite bow.

"Your Japanese is very good, Selena-san." Sumire said before tapping a bag beside her. "I believe that this is yours?"

Selena checked the tag. "Hai, thank you. A friend taught me when I was very little."

Sumire nodded as she tucked the sign under her arm. "Shall we go then?"

Selena took the handle of her suitcase. "Of course!"

Things were looking up! She was in her dream location and off of her home continent for the first time in her life. It really did feel like all of her bad luck was starting to repay her in that wonderful reaction called karma. She wanted to drop all of her things and do a happy dance but she contained herself. People already thought that Canadians were weird enough...

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