1. All Characters have in inner self.

2. This is purely fan-made! I don't own Naruto!

Hinata's Hardest Choice

Hyuga Hinata that's me, unfortunately. If there was someone I wish I could be then it would definitely be…never mind you'll find out soon enough.

"I have a slight problem Sakura."

"What could possibly be the problem?" Haruno Sakura asked.

"I like Naruto…but what if someone else liked me too and I kinda like them back? What do I do?"

"Depends upon who this other person is"

"K…Kiba-kun." I said looking down at my fingers.

"That is a tough decision. In my opinion I would like Kiba rather than Naruto. Naruto is so annoying, but Kiba can have his annoying moments too." Sakura said thinking.

I looked down at the ground.


"Kiba-kun!" I shouted running towards him.

He was lying on the ground. Akamaru was near him growling at the person who attacked.

"Why didn't you let me hit him? You know I could've taken him!" I said.

"I didn't let you go after him because I…I…" Kiba trailed off.

"You what? You what!" I screamed shaking him by the shoulders.

Kiba's eyes fluttered open staring at me as if I was a mirage.

"Because I love you. I want to be able to protect you. That's why." Kiba said.

Then his head rolled back and his eyes shut. I threw myself on him making sure his heart was still beating.

"Shino! Kiba's in a coma! I have to get him to a hospital." I yelled.

"Hinata! Shino!"

We turned around to see Sakura running towards us.

"I had a feeling something like this would happen." Sakura said as she slid to a stop near Kiba dodging some kunai.

"Hinata, that huge Queen Bee is back and I don't have much chakra left." Shino said.

With that I ran towards Shino and performed the Jutsu for a wall of chakra to shield us from the Queen Bee. When the Queen Bee hit the wall it was forced back and was killed instantly.

"It's like one big electric wall." A cocky voice said.

I looked around to see Uzumaki Naruto smiling as he joined in the fight. I felt I was about to faint and as I started to sway I was caught by two powerful arms that kept me from hitting the ground. I looked up and was surprised to see Uchiha Sasuke.

"Since when does he do anything like this?" I thought.

"I'm not sure." Inner me said.

I woke up in a hospital bed and saw Kiba there asleep with Akamaru near his feet.

"What…what happened?" I asked softly.

Kiba's eyes fluttered. When they were open completely a wide grin and soft eyes greeted me, along with Akamaru's wet tongue liking my face.

"We won the fight. And I'm glad you're okay." Kiba said smiling.

End of Flashback