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The Stone of Tempus

By Secret Slayer

Chapter Eleven

Monkey Business

Buffy frowned at the constant prodding in her shoulder. She shifted sleepily, hoping the prodding would go away, but it seemed to follow her. Reluctantly, she pulled herself out of her sleepy state, and opened her eyes.

Evelyn smiled brightly when she realised her prodding efforts had worked, but then frowned when she remembered the reasons for waking her mother.

"I'm bored," Evelyn groaned.

Buffy sighed and lifted her head from Spike's shoulder. He moved a little at the loss of contact and she smiled. Gently, she shook his shoulder. It seemed night was near again and somehow they had all managed to sleep most of the day away.

"What is it, luv?" he asked lowly.

"Time to get going again," she said.

Spike opened his eyes to see Buffy standing and Evelyn watching him.

"Hello Daddy," Evelyn said cheerfully, grabbing his hand and encouraging him to stand up.

Spike stood and instinctively lifted the little girl up and replaced her back on his shoulders, like she had been the day before. He hated how he was beginning to grow attached to the little girl, knowing too well that once they were back in Sunnydale, he would never see her again.

"Why do you look sad Daddy?" Evelyn asked innocently, gripping tighter to his shirt collar as they began to walk.

"It's nothing, Bit," he lied.

Buffy frowned when she felt something small and hard hit her head. She turned, squinting her eyes to try and see what had hit her and where it had come from. When she found nothing, she shrugged.

Must be going mad...

However, when something else suddenly hit her head, this time a bit a harder, she turned back.

"What the..."

She was cut off when an even larger something suddenly fell on the top of her head. She looked up with an angry frown, and rolled her eyes when she saw what it was.

"Oh, great," she grumbled, "Like things aren't bad enough. Now I've got an annoying monkey throwing fruit at me."

The monkey was sitting, almost humanly, on a branch, with it's legs dangling freely beneath it. It had one hand gripping to the tree and another holding a coconut, whilst it's long tail waved behind it. It eyed Buffy with a mischievous glint in it's eye.

Buffy's eyes widened. Even as a slayer, having a coconut thrown at her head would probably knock her unconscious.

The monkey was looking ready to aim and fire.

"Spike!" she yelled, running to his side, "There's an evil monkey!"

Spike, who had been half way through a conversation with Evelyn, raised an eyebrow at the slayer as if she'd completely lost the plot. "What the bloody hell are you..."

And without much warning, the monkey threw the coconut at Spike's head.

"Hey!" Spike yelled, placing Evelyn on the floor, "What the bloody hell was that for?"

He glared at Buffy as he rubbed the sore spot on his head. Buffy rolled her eyes and pointed towards the tree.

"It was the monkey," she stated.

Spike raised an eyebrow at her, "Have you gone completely crazy?"

Buffy glared at the vampire, "Look," she insisted, still pointing at the tree.

Spike reluctantly looked and was surprised to find that a monkey was indeed sitting in the tree.

Suddenly the monkey pulled something out from behind a big leaf. Buffy and Spike's jaws dropped.

"That's our stone!" Buffy said, "The monkey has our stone."

If monkeys could smirk, Buffy and Spike were pretty sure, that was what it was doing. Before the couple could do anything, the monkey turned and disappeared into the jungle.

"Follow the monkey," Spike told Buffy, "I'll get Evelyn."

Buffy nodded, and with speed only a slayer has, climbed up the tree and grabbed hold of a vine.

"Well, it always worked for Tarzan," she said to herself, "Here goes nothing."

With a hopeful breath, she pushed off the tree and swung through the air, grabbing to the next vine.


It was early in the morning when Buffy awoke in the arms of William. She smiled at his sleeping face and squeezed their entwined hands a little tighter. He stirred at this action and slowly his blue eyes fluttered open.

"Morning," Buffy said sleepily.

"Mornin' luv," he answered automatically.

Buffy gently pulled her hand from his and stretched. She gazed around the nice older man's lounge. It was homely and a lot more comfortable than William's ship.

"I like it here," she said thoughtfully.

William shrugged, "S'not bad."

Buffy frowned and looked at her husband, "Do we have to go home? Cant we just find a way to get Evelyn and stay here?"

William looked a bit taken back by her questions. They had always lived a life of adventure, even before they'd met and this place just seemed so ordinary compared. Although, he was rather interested in the strange thing called a television and a Hellmouth that Giles had mentioned.

"You know we cant," he simply said, "This isn't our world."

Buffy knew that, but she couldn't help but wonder what life must be like to live in Sunnydale.

The island...

"Give me back my stone!" Buffy yelled, as she whirled through the air, clinging to vine after vine.

The monkey continued to hop between the trees with ease, every now and again vanishing out of sight. Buffy was getting really frustrated.

"OK, no more games," Buffy grumbled.

She stopped at the next vine – causing the monkey to stop too. Apparently he was only running to annoy her.

Buffy sat back on a branch, crossed her legs, and studied the monkey. Small, brown and monkey shaped. Nothing particularly demon-y. But there was something about the annoying ball of fluff, that put her on edge.

She suddenly found out why.

"Are you just going to stare at me all day?" it asked, it's voice extremely proper and British. "Or are we going to continue this rather exciting game?"

Buffy's jaw dropped.

"You talk?" she squeaked, "Your a talking monkey!"

The monkey rolled its eyes, leaning against the trunk of a tree. "Indeed."

Pushing the extreme freakishness of a talking monkey aside, she looked at it seriously.

"Why wont you give me my stone?" she asked.

It looked at the pretty red object in it's hand and shrugged.

"I like shiny things," it answered honestly. "They amuse me."

The light bulb in Buffy's head suddenly flashed.

"Would you trade?"

The monkey looked thoughtful – which was extremely wiggy- and finally nodded.

"Depends," it sighed.

Buffy frantically unclasped the heavy necklace around her neck. The monkey's eyes seemed to widen with excitement.

"This necklace," Buffy said, "For the stone."


Simultaneously, Buffy and the monkey tossed their objects to each other, both catching the precious items.

"It was lovely doing business with you," the monkey said, "Cheerio."

And with that it vanished.

Buffy sighed with relief, looking at the stone in her hand. Finally.

"Luv, did you get it?" Spike called from below.

A smile broke out on her face, "Yeah!"

Now, they just needed to find out how to use it...

To Be Continued...

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