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The Stone of Tempus

By Secret Slayer

Chapter Twelve

Home Sweet Home

"Ow, its bloody hot!"

Spike dropped the stone only moments after Buffy had given it to him. It landed on the forest floor, smoking slightly as it burned through the leaves beneath it. Spike and Buffy glanced at each other, remembering the last time it got hot.

"You don't think?" Buffy asked excitedly.

"I bloody do!" Spike replied with a broad grin.

"Daddy, what's going on?"

The good mood vanished instantly. Buffy looked at the vampire sadly and then crouched down in front of Evelyn, taking her hands gently in her own. The little girl looked back at her mother with wide, vulnerable eyes.

"We're going on a little trip sweetie," Buffy said softly. "But we'll be back before you know it."

Spike knelt beside Buffy. "Yeah Bit, you won't even notice that we're gone."

Evelyn's bottom lip trembled. "You always go away on adventures. Why can't I come?"

"It's not an adventure Niblet," Spike assured her, "Promise. Me and your mum will be right back."

The smell of smoke grabbed the couple's attention and they glanced back nervously, watching the small stone tremble violently on the ground.

"We can't just leave her here," Buffy whispered to the vampire. "What if the other us don't come straight back? Or back at all? She'll be all alone."

"Buffy luv, we have no choice. We can't stop the stone if it decides to send us home."

Buffy looked at the little girl once more and then picked her up, hugging her tightly to her chest, a silent tear trickling down her cheek.

"Mummy, why are you crying?" the little girl asks.

"No reason," Buffy replied bravely. "Just being silly."

"Daddy says you're always silly," Evelyn giggled.

Buffy glared over to the vampire, "I bet he does."

The stone began to glow profusely and Buffy places the little girl back on the floor. Spike took the moment to give the little girl a hug too, feeling his heart breaking the entire time. Buffy gently put a hand on his shoulder and reluctantly, he stepped away. He took Buffy's hand in his own and they walked towards the stone.


"I feel... tingly," Buffy announced, wriggling uncomfortably on the sofa.

Giles and William looked towards the blonde.

"What kind of tingly, luv?" William asked, a smile twitching at his lips.

Buffy grinned excitedly, looking over at the men. "Going home tingly!"

Suddenly, she fell unconscious and only seconds later, William collapsed to the floor, also unconscious.

"Good lord!" Giles exclaimed.

His first instinct was to rush to Buffy. He checked her pulse point, sighing with relief at the gentle thrum at his finger tips. He ran over to William about to check his pulse, then remembered there was no point.


The watcher span around to see a groggy Buffy opening her eyes, not moment later, Spike stirred on the floor.

"Why am I on the bloody floor?" he grouched, rubbing the back of his head.

"Spike! We're home!"

Buffy jumped off of the chair and straight to the vampire, wrapping her arms around his neck in a tight embrace. Giles cleared his throat, eyeing the couple suspiciously. Buffy looked embarrassed and stepped away, much to Spike's displeasure.

"Boy, have we got a story to tell you!" Buffy sighed.

Giles looked between the vampire and the slayer, "Indeed you do."

Buffy frowned at the watcher's tone, before her face paled and she put a shaky hand over her stomach.

"Buffy luv, are you alright?" Spike asked, getting up off the floor.

Ignoring the watcher's disapproving look, the vampire crossed the room, but not in time to get to Buffy. She shook her head, held out her hand to stop him, and then ran for the bathroom. Spike and Giles winced at the sound of her vomiting.

"Good lord, it must be the travel between dimensions," the watchers explained, polishing his glasses.

Spike nodded dubiously. He felt fine.

"So William and Buffy... the other Buffy, I mean."

"Will wake up exactly where you last were," Giles clarified for what felt like the hundredth time.

Buffy sighed with relief and smiled over at Spike, who had been watching her with an odd look ever since she had been sick. She looked away again quickly, pleased when Xander and Willow rushed through the door, Anya following slightly more hesitantly behind.

"You're back!" Willow gushed. "Look, Buffy's back!"

"Welcome home Buffster!"

Spike rolled his eyes, which Willow noticed and smiled at him guiltily, "Look Spike came home too."

Xander shrugged, "Yeah, not so excited about that."

"Charming," Spike grumbled.

Buffy bit her bottom lip and took a deep breath, "Guys, I think Spike deserves a bit of a break. He's changed. I couldn't have survived without him. He's one of us."

Giles pursed his lips, "Well Buffy if that's how you feel, if he has proved himself..."

"He has," she cut the watcher off boldly, "In more ways than one."

The vampire and slayer shared a meaningful look, which everyone catches, but doesn't dare question. Buffy stood from her chair, stretching and yawning.

"I need to go home and see my mom," she said. "I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow. Give you the full details."

"Sure thing Buffy," Willow said with a smile.

"I'm heading out too," Spike announced, getting to his feet. "Make sure my crypt is still in one peace."

As soon as Buffy shut the door behind them, she turned to Spike.

"Are you really going back to your crypt?"

Spike shrugged, taking a cigarette out of his much missed duster. He lit it, putting it to his lips and taking a long, pleasurable puff. He exhales a perfect circle of smoke.

"Where else would I go?"

"I thought maybe-" Buffy cut herself off, shaking her head. "No, you're right."

Spike's eyes narrowed, "You thought what, Buffy?"

The slightest hint of a blush crept on her cheeks, "After everything... I thought you'd like to stay with me. At the house. Just for tonight, I mean."

Spike put a finger under her chin and tilted her head up, giving her a slow and meaningful kiss.

"I'd love to pet," he whispered.

Buffy smiled back, but then frowned, visibly going pale.

"You alright luv?"

"Feeling kinda icky again," she admitted. "I think we should go home now."

Together, they walked back to Revello drive, oblivious to the new adventure that faced them closer to home...


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