Kurorasen by Mr. Lee

This fanfiction will be a Dark DemonNaruHarem story

Rated M for violence, language, and suggestive themes

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Author's note: Hey there my fellow fans, authors, readers and friends. Mr. Lee is here once again with the second 'experimental' story I mentioned, which you readers will, once again, decide whether I should continue or not. Before I begin, I want to thank all of you readers who read, reviewed, PM'ed or e-mailed me in regards to the first experimental story, How can you mend a broken heart? I appreciate all of your thoughts and feelings in regards to it, especially in such a short time. It was hard as hell to write that (In many ways.), as I'm sure it was very difficult for you to read and review it, especially in regards to the first part. I appreciate what ALL of you said and I truly thank you for that :). Remember, feel free to e-mail and PM me should you have any thoughts on the story.

Now we come to the second 'experimental' Dark Naruto story that I cooked up during Veterans Day weekend. And this story will be a lot lighter and fun than the first one. Now one of the things that make Naruto one of my favorite characters is that even though he is a fictional character, he has one of, if not THE most forgiving heart in the series. Despite all the CRAP that the village, his enemies, and even his friends have put him through since the beginning, he manages to forgive them, and somehow finds a way to smile at the end of the day. However, during his battle with Gaara, he has mentioned that he was originally angry and hateful towards the villagers as a child because of their cruel words and treatment of him (The look of anger on his face when looking at the villagers during his flashback as a child is proof of this.). And that he came very close to becoming just like, or even worse than the master of sand did. That's probably one of the main reasons why Dark Naruto stories are just as popular in the fanfiction world as the other genres.

I decided to try my luck with writing a Naruto story that, needless to say, will not have him be as 'nice' or as 'forgiving'. And since I get requests to do a harem story every now and then, I figured I'd give it a try (I'll do my best as always.). This story, like the rest of my works, will be an AU one. But there will be some differences compared to the typical Dark Naruto stories. The usual ones are ones where he joins Orochimaru or Akatsuki and he destroys Konoha. This story will be slightly different from the norm, with a couple of surprises and with a not so typical group of women who will join him in this chapter (Trust me my friends. You'll be a little surprised with my choices.). There will also be some obvious (And not so obvious.) OOCness, so be prepared. Just remember, whether this story will be continued or not is in your hands. Alright, enough talk. Let's get started. I hope you like it. Enjoy :)!

Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds that darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.-Terry Pratchett

How it must feel…so much hatred and hostility…to be treated with an animosity so intense as to be annihilating…to have around you many who would deny you even the right to exist…-Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi to Iruka in regards to Naruto and the village

Darkness itself is not evil. All that exists was born of it. By concealing pain, shadow is a nurturing mother.-A Priestess of Schirach, the Goddess of Darkness and Magic in Mardias and one of the three gods of evil, Romancing Saga

Chapter 1- A Twist of Fate

It is said that within all of us, there are conflicting forces. Yin and Yang, light and dark, good and evil. One cannot exist without the other. And yet, sometimes all it takes is a single action for us to choose which side we will favor. And once we choose that side, we may not have the option to choose the other. Then again, some people could care less.

Uzumaki Naruto came into the world, innocent and pure, like all children. But he was cursed with something he had no control over. And that curse was the Kyubi no Yoko (Nine Tailed Demon Fox), the most powerful of the bijus (Tailed beasts), forced to be it's jailer for the rest of his days. The person who gave him his fate before his death was the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, who sacrificed his life for the village. His final decree to the people of his home was that the child be treated as a hero.

But the one thing the Yellow Flash didn't take into account was how powerful hatred can be. It can be a deadly and easily spread poison that can corrupt even the purest heart, whether they are man, woman or child. And it slowly did that to the hero of Konoha as the people showed their disdain for him. The cries of freak and monster, the daily beatings, the stares and glares that were filled with malice. It truly was as if they were denying him his right to live and exist amongst them. And the sins of the adults passed onto their children, denying him the feeling of having friends or people who care; something which is important for any child growing up. The laws of the Sandaime Hokage that were meant to protect the young boy were nothing but words on a sheet of paper as far as Konoha was concerned. Their hatred kept on consuming him, adding on to his hatred of them. And one day, that ball of darkness and pain would be set free on the world. But he would not be alone when it happened, because hatred comes in many forms, and no one is immune to it.

Mitarashi Anko is such an example. A Tokubetsu Jonin who was once the apprentice of the snake sannin Orochimaru. As a young girl, she wanted to be just like him. Intelligent, strong, cunning, and powerful. But all she got from her undying loyalty to her sensei was betrayal and the curse seal of heaven. She rejected him when he asked her to come with him afterwards. And Orochimaru himself said that she lacked the will of vengeance and hate. But time can truly change people, for better or worse. For even though she pledged her loyalty to the village when she returned, the villagers, the council and her fellow ninjas didn't repay that loyalty and kindness.

She couldn't count the number of times she had been called a snake bitch and a traitor by the people, as untrue as it was. How some would use her for their sexual desires, dropping her like a bad habit the next day and treating her like a slut, even when the snake mistress had genuine feelings for that person. Or how the same people she fought with side by side in battle would follow her and keep tabs on her on the orders of the council, as if she was a criminal. In her home, she shed the tears she would show no one, for fear of showing weakness. How she would go to the bars and drink herself into a stupor to remove the pain of her heart and soul. Her hatred of her former sensei had begun to match the emotions she felt for the bastards who took out their loathing on the student of the snake. And yet, despite this pain, she would never go back to that bastard of a sannin. She would follow him to the ends of the earth and make him pay for his betrayal, even if she had to die to accomplish that goal. Maybe that's why she was so sadistic, so bloodthirsty, and so lethal. It was probably the easiest way to forget the scars of her wounded soul.

Hyuga Hinata is not one you could possibly consider to be hateful to anyone. But even she can feel detestation for someone. After all, in the eyes of her family, she was considered useless, despite her position as the true heiress of the Hyuga Clan. A position that was taken away from her by her own father, a man who she did everything possible to please. In the end, Hiashi gave her title to her little sister Hanabi. A young girl who possessed more skill than her at the tender age of seven. She then was given to a complete stranger in the form of her future sensei Yuhi Kurenai, in a matter similar to discarding waste.

"Do what you want with her. She is of no use to me." Hiashi said to Kurenai, though her daughter was within earshot. It broke her heart to hear those words, but it was enough to plant a dark seed within her. A seed that grew every time the Hyuga head would act cruel towards her, and every time that her family members, whether they were from the main family or the branch family, would demean and degrade her. Some of her peers in the academy weren't as merciful either, as they considered her a spoiled and pampered little rich girl, which was far from the truth. Maybe that's why she can relate to Uzumaki Naruto more than anyone in this world. For she has bared witness to the cruelty that they had bestowed upon him. And the anger he had towards them was inadvertently spread to her as she began to hate those who hurt him as well. But no one was the wiser of this due to her shy and demure nature. She hid it behind her wallflower façade. But as the old saying goes, it's the quiet ones you have to look out for.

Kurama Yakumo painted a picture in her room at the mansion that belonged to her on the outskirts of the village she hated. A disturbing picture of a woman being impaled with a sword in her chest. It was someone she once trusted and admired. Someone she thought would help her dreams come true. It was her former tutor Yuhi Kurenai. She wanted to become a genjutsu specialist, so that she could make her family proud, and take her place as the true heiress of the Kurama clan. Despite being born with a weak body, she was willing to work hard to make that goal a reality. But her dreams were shattered by her teacher, who lacked the faith that she did and told her to choose another path in life. She vehemently refused, and the punishment for that refusal was the sealing of her powers. A scowl appeared on her face as her mind went back to that day where she was strapped down and the Fuja Hoin (Evil Sealing Method) was placed on her. She screamed in horror and in pain when the seal was placed, and she begged the jonin to stop, but her cries fell on death ears to her teacher. It truly devastated her to have her dream so heartlessly taken away. But what she heard some time later would change her forever.

"Thanks to this, Yakumo's abilities probably won't awaken for awhile." Kurenai said as she kneeled to the Hokage.

"I see. But sooner or later, she will break away from us as her abilities overflow out of her. The Kurama family's power will someday cause the downfall of Konoha. We'll have no choice but to wipe them out when that happens." Sarutobi told the jonin grimly.

The young woman couldn't believe what she had heard. She felt hurt and betrayed by the village and the genjutsu mistress that she wanted to become like. And those feelings grew tenfold when her parents were killed by a fire in her old home. A fire she believed was started on the orders of the Sandaime himself. It was then that those feelings of hurt and betrayal festered into a cancerous hate. A cancer that continued to grow within her when she discovered by accident from eavesdropping on two of her clansmen talking, that her remaining family members wanted her dead, one of them being her own uncle Unkai. Though she didn't hear the whole reason why, it didn't matter to her. They hated her, and she hated them. And somehow, someway, someday she would show them all how much she despised them all.

Yes, these four were bound by the darkness that lied in each of their hearts. A darkness that would grow every day due to the people of Konoha. And that darkness would reveal itself and bring them together on the night that Uzumaki Naruto, who was deceived by the chunin Mizuki, stole the scroll of sealing, in the belief that if he had learn a jutsu from it, he would graduate from the academy.

Hokage Tower

"Hokage-sama, we can't let that brat slide this time! This has become more than a prank." One chunin said.

"The Scroll of Sealing has all the jutsus of the Shodaime Hokage and all the others that have passed. If he carries it out of the village, it will become a major problem if our enemy gets it." Another chunin said. Letting out a heavy sigh, the Sandaime Hokage began to speak.

"I understand. Bring Naruto here at once! Leave no leaf unturned!" Sarutobi ordered his men with a wave of his hand.

"Yes Hokage-sama!" All of the chunins shouted simultaneously as they scattered like leaves in the wind.

'I'm going to spread the word throughout the village about Naruto's crime. Then once I kill the demon brat, the scroll of sealing will be mine!' Mizuki thought as he let out a laugh on his way to where Naruto was.

Anko's Apartment

As the snake mistress tried her best to rest, her curse seal of heaven started to glow and pulse, immediately waking her up.

'Ungh, this pain! That can only mean one thing. He's here…!' Anko thought with a scowl on her face as she slowly got out of bed. 'I can't count on those bastards I call comrades. I'll have to deal with him…alone.' She confirmed in her mind as she grabbed her clothes to get dressed.

Hyuga Manor-Hinata's Room

"W-what is this feeling? Why do I feel that Naruto-kun is in danger?" Hinata thought out loud as she looked out the window while sitting in bed. She then heard some commotion from outside of her door. She got out of bed and put on her robe to check it out. When she opened the door, her father was outside the hall.

"F-father, is s-something wrong?" She asked him with concern.

"It's nothing that concerns you. Go back to sleep." Hiashi answered with a face that matched the chill in his voice.

"B-but father…! I think Naruto-kun is-" As soon as the name of the blond boy escaped her lips, the Hyuga head slapped the former heiress in the face.

"How dare you talk back to me Hinata! Where's your respect to your father?! I told you before, you useless girl, never mention that boy's name in this house!" He said sternly.

"F-forgive me f-father…" Hinata whimpered as she held her cheek and cried.

"Humph, you're not worth my time right now. Now go back to your room and don't let me see you come back out." The Hyuga head commanded his daughter.

"Y-yes father…" The indigo haired girl squeaked in a mouse like voice as she walked back into her room without looking at him. But when she closed the door, a look of anger and hurt was etched on her face. 'I don't care what my father says. I feel, no, I know that Naruto-kun needs me. And I'm going to him!' She thought with conviction as she went to her drawer and started to get dressed quietly.

Kurama Mansion

"Hmm…There's a strange heaviness in the air." Yakumo whispered as she looked out the balcony of her window. She just finished another painting showing the death of the genjutsu mistress. 'Perhaps I should take a walk…' She thought to herself as she got dressed. Once she did, she used a secret passage that not even her ANBU guards knew about and sneaked out of the house. "Who knows? Maybe I'll get some inspiration for another painting of my former teacher's demise…" She said to herself with a laugh as she quietly headed into the forest.

Deep in the forest

Uzumaki Naruto was panting hard after spending about a half hour learning the first technique he saw on the scroll, Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique). He was about to try his luck at learning another one of the jutsus on the scrolls when his teacher Iruka showed up.

"Hey, NARUTO!" Iruka growled with a vein pulsing on his forehead and his voice full of agitation and anger.

"Ahh! I-Iruka-sensei…please don't be mad! I only learned one technique. And once I show it to you, you'll let me graduate, right?" Naruto said hastily.

"W-What? Who told you that?!" The chunin teacher questioned with a shocked look on his face.

"I did…" A mysterious voice answered. Just as the words came out of the mysterious voice's mouth, a giant shuriken flew past them, cutting Iruka's head clean off and spraying his blood all over the spiky blond. His eyes widened in horror and he dropped the scroll to the ground as the now headless body slumped to the dirt and grass. "You did very well distracting Iruka for me Naruto. Now, hand over the Scroll of Sealing to me…" The voice said. A figure jumped down from the trees, who was none other than Mizuki.

"M-Mizuki-sensei, why did you…? What's going on here…?" Naruto asked in utter disbelief.

"Well, since you asked so nicely, I'll tell you…" The deceitful chunin replied with a chuckle as he continued. "Did you know that there was a law that was created twelve years ago in regards to you?" He asked him in a blasé fashion.

"A law, about me? What's the law?" The spiky blond asked back curiously.

"The law was that we can't say that you are a monstrous demon fox!" Mizuki answered with a roaring laugh.

"W-what?" Naruto said as the blood drained from his face.

"In other words, you are the beast known as the Kyubi no Yoko who destroyed our village!" He told him bluntly and coldly. It was then that all the hateful actions and words came rushing freshly in his mind. His frightened face disappeared and a look of rage took its place as he continued. "You've been deceived by this village and the people in it all this time. The ones you tried so hard to get their attention. Didn't you think it was weird for everyone to hate you so much? No one's ever going to recognize a demon, a monster and a freak like you! Konoha is always going to hate you. Even Iruka hated you because you killed his parents!" He said as he laughed at the end. Naruto's face of rage deepened as he remembered all the times Iruka yelled at him and gave him a hard time with everything. He even called him a dobe (Dead Last) because of his horrid grades. A name which the kids had no problem calling him. It was at that moment that tears poured out of his eyes.

"But I thought…I thought you were my friend…I TRUSTED YOU!!" Naruto shouted angrily. The evil chunin just laughed in his face.

"Why would I want to be friends with a demon like you?! I only used you to get the scroll! And when I kill you, the scroll shall be mine and you'll just disappear, easily forgotten and un-mourned by us humans." Mizuki spat venomously as he roared with laughter. Naruto clenched his fists and grinded his teeth. He now knew the truth about the hateful people of the village. And it was that horrible truth that started making the darkness in his heart consume him.

"Damn you…damn you…damn you…damn you…DAMN YOU…DAMN YOU KONOHA…!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!" Naruto shouted as he closed his eyes and his chakra began to violently swirl around him. A few moments later, when he opened his eyes, he discovered that he was in a sewer. "Where am I?" He said to himself.

"Child, come to me…" A deep, dark voice called out to him. Naruto began to walk towards where the voice was coming from until he came upon a gate that had a piece of paper that had the kanji with the word 'seal' on it. "That's it child…come closer…" The voice said as he walked closer to the gate. But just as he did, the paper began to shrivel and crumble into dust. Once that was done, the gates swung open, and a large fox that had red eyes with black slits in the middle appeared in front of the miniscule child. "At last!! After twelve years of imprisonment, I'm finally free!! And it's all thanks to the darkness within you boy!!" The fox began to laugh as he used one of his tails to trap Naruto in a bone crushing embrace.

"AHH! You're…you're…" Naruto got out.

"That's right boy! I'm the one who those foolish mortals believe is you. I am the legendary biju, the Kyubi no Yoko!! It is thanks to all that hatred and malice that you've kept inside you from all the things that the villagers done to you that broke the part of the seal that keeps me in that cage!" The demon fox explained to him with a wide toothy grin.

"Let me go you damn fox…!!" He yelled defiantly as he vainly tried to break free.

"You've got spirit human. I like that. And to reward that spirit, after I destroy this pathetic village, I think I'll make you my slave for all eternity!" Kyubi roared with laughter.

'NO! I won't be used again. Not by this fox, not by this village. Not by anyone…NOT ANYMORE!! I WILL NOT CEASE TO EXIST!!' Naruto screamed in his mind. It was at that moment that an unusual event occurred that would change the spiky blond forever. Suddenly, the remnants of the Hakke no Fuin Shiki (Eight Trigrams Sealing Style) and the two Shisho Fuin (Four Symbols Seal) began to glow and started to suck Kyubi's red chakra out of him, transferring it to Naruto at an insane speed.

"What is this?! This boy is draining my powers!" Kyubi shouted in disbelief. It was then that the demon fox realized its mistake in its haste to be free. Even though the main seal created by the Shiki Fujin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal) was broken, the sudden destruction of it caused the two remaining seals, which leaked the fox's chakra into Naruto's own, effectively increasing his chakra amount, to change and go out of control. If the seals were completely broken, Naruto would cease to exist and the fox would be free to rein his vengeance against the ones who imprisoned him. But now, thanks to the unstable change in the remaining seals that combined with Naruto's own will and the darkness that lied in his heart, the red chakra was cooperating with him and draining the fox of all of his powers and abilities. "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! I WILL NOT BE DESTROYED BY A CHILD!!" It roared in disbelief. His tails began to disappear one by one and he started to shrink smaller and smaller.

"Sorry fox! But I'm not going to die here! It's my time to shine in this world! All that you are belongs to me now!" Naruto said as his eyes were now red with black slits. He broke free from Kyubi's grasp and raised a hand to the demon, which sped up the draining process.

"NOOOOOO!!!" Kyubi shouted, for the last time.

The Real World

Mizuki watched in complete awe as Naruto's blue chakra became a dark red which engulfed the young man's body, causing an explosion which threw the chunin back. When the smoke cleared, the twelve year old boy known as Uzumaki Naruto no longer existed. In the now smoldering crater, a young man who looked like he was in his mid-twenties came out of it. He had long and wild spiky hair, which was now a mix of blond and crimson. His face had a more mature, handsome and defined look with his three whisker marks adorning his cheeks. His tacky orange clothes were replaced by a dark red, long sleeve muscle shirt and a long jet black cloak that had a red spiral design on the back with red inner lining. He also wore black gloves with red spirals on the top. His ninja pants and combat style ninja boots had an onyx like shine. But his most distinguishable feature was his eyes, which were now dark red with black slits in the middle.

'I can feel it. All of Kyubi's powers. All of his strength and years of wisdom. It all belongs to me now. So this is what its like to be a true demon. I like it…' Naruto said as he looked at his hands and gave a sly smile to himself. The boy, who was now a man, enjoyed the demonic powers and wealth of knowledge that once belonged to the most powerful of the bijus. He liked his new self. He liked his new self a lot.

'Now's my chance, while he's distracted!' Mizuki thought as he pulled out his spare giant shuriken. "Die Naruto!" He shouted as he threw the weapon with all his might. While still looking at his hands, he immediately raised one of them and easily caught the giant shuriken like it was a toy. "What…? Impossible!" He shouted in complete astonishment.

"Oh…Mizuki. I forgot about you for a moment. Here, let me return this to you." Naruto said with a wicked grin as he lifted his head to look at him in the eyes. The chunin was so entranced by his dark red eyes, he didn't notice his weapon whizzing at high speeds at his right leg which was now ceremoniously cut off. Mizuki let out a glass shattering scream as he fell to the ground and started to bleed profusely. "You were supposed to catch it Mizuki. Oh well…" He said as he walked up to him and let out an evil laugh. He picked up the chunin by his vest and looked at him deep into his eyes.

"W-what…what kind of creature are you?!" Mizuki asked in fear.

"What kind of creature am I? Hmm…That's a good question. Let's just say that I'm what you and this despicable village made me out to be. You wanted me to be a demon, a monster, and a freak? Well, you got your wish…The human known as Uzumaki Naruto no longer exists. Now I'm the demon known as Uzumaki Naruto! And from this point on, I'm not taking shit from anyone anymore!" He replied with a monstrous growl, which had the unfortunate effect of making Mizuki piss in his pants. Taking a whiff with his now enhanced nose, he scrunched his face in disgust.

'Hmm…I sense a power coming from this piece of crap.' He thought as he lifted Mizuki's shirt sleeve with his free hand to reveal some kind of unusual seal. "Interesting…this seal you have seems to be some kind of formula. I think I'll take this. It could come in handy later…" He said. He removed his black glove and his one of his fingernails started to grow into a claw like shape. Focusing his red chakra into the tip of his index finger, he touched the seal and it glowed until it disappeared.

"No! Give that back, it's mine!" Mizuki shouted.

"You should be more concerned about yourself. With all of the blood you're losing, you only have about ten more minutes to live." Naruto laughed.

"P-please, spare me Naruto! I-I'm sorry! Please help me." The now desperate chunin pleaded.

"Help? You dare ask me for help?! I can't believe how stupid you are." The crimson blond said with a scowl as he put his black glove back on. "You know, on second thought, I think I will help you." He said with a smile.

"You will?" The chunin asked in astonishment.

"Yes Mizuki-sensei. I'll help guide you on your one way trip to hell! When you see Shinigami, give him my regards…" Naruto replied with a dark laugh as he made an unusual hand seal which Mizuki never seen before. "Katon Majutsu: Kitsune Tama (Fire Release Demonic Technique: Fox Bullet)!" He shouted as he exhaled a dark red fireball from his mouth right into his face while he still held onto him. Mizuki let out a death wail as Naruto dropped the now dead chunin to the ground, letting his charred husk cook in the moonlight. 'So this is what its like to kill a person. It feels…good.' He thought as he closed his eyes and took a whiff of the ninja's burning flesh, smiling with satisfaction. It was then that someone from within the forest was clapping in approval.

Hokage Tower-Sarutobi's office

The sixty-nine year old Sandaime Hokage, who was known for always keeping a cool head in almost any situation and has seen almost everything in his long life, couldn't help but cover his mouth in disbelief at what Naruto had done as he gazed at him through his crystal ball.

"So the seal has been broken…What a truly dark day this is. Whatever that thing is, it's no longer Uzumaki Naruto. If it's Kyubi, then it's my task to stop him. Even if it costs my life!" Sarutobi said as he got up from his chair and headed to the back to prepare for battle.


Meanwhile, Mitarashi Anko continued to jump through the trees when she saw a fire was burning in the area.

"What the hell is that fire?" The snake mistress thought out loud as her curse seal began to pulse even greater. "I'm getting close to him. This time Orochimaru, you'll die!" She swore as she placed a hand on her curse mark. Little did she know that Hinata and Yakumo was heading in the same direction as the fire from their spots like moths to the flame.

A few miles away, Naruto turned to the sound of where the clapping is coming from.

"Kukuku. That was very impressive, my friend." A voice said as he came out of the shadows. His eyes were a deep gold that strangely complimented his pale features.

"Do I know you?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, where are my manners? My name is Orochimaru. I am one of the sannin." He replied.

"And what does one of the sannin want with me?" He asked as he turned to him. The knowledge that he absorbed from Kyubi made his information on many things, such as knowing about the sannin, available.

"I want the same thing you want. To grind Konoha into dust!" The snake sannin answered as his serpentine tongue licked his lips.

"Hmm…go on." The crimson blond said.

"That man who you just killed was secretly working for me. I ordered him to bring the Scroll of Sealing to me. But no matter. I could use someone like you in Otogakure. Join me, and I shall grant you power the likes of which you've never seen before. With the Scroll of Sealing and our combined strength, we'll crush this village and have our revenge on the ninjas of the leaf." The snake sannin explained. Naruto remained silent and walked over to the large scroll, standing it up with one hand. He then started to bust out laughing at the snake sannin, which not surprisingly, irritated him.

"What's so funny?" Orochimaru spat in a rage.

"You are of course! To think that I would join a greedy, treacherous, scaly fucking piece of crap like you. Even the dirt beneath me could give me a better offer, you slimy motherfucker." Naruto chortled.

"You little brat! How dare you insult me! Die!" He said as he extended his neck to bite Naruto in his jugular. The crimson blond just smiled as a tail made completely out of chakra came from behind him and wrapped around his neck, stopping him completely.

"I don't think so…" Naruto said as his smile changed to a wicked grin.

"What in the world? I can't move!" The snake sannin said.

"That's the idea. My chakra tail is wrapped around your neck, and the power flowing through it has paralyzed you. Leaving a legendary sannin like you at my mercy." He explained with a smirk on his face. "Now before I kill you, I have a task I need to take care of, which I was going to do before you rudely interrupted me." He said with a look of annoyance on his face. Taking a deep breath, he took his gloved hand which was covered with chakra and put it into his stomach. A moment later, he pulled out a crystal sphere which held the Kyubi inside it, which was now a mindless and powerless creature, but still alive. He placed it into his pocket for a moment, then he preformed a hand seal with his fingers in a cross position.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)!" Naruto shouted as he made a clone of himself. "You. Use the Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy Technique) on yourself!" He commanded it. The clone obeyed and used the technique, transforming itself into a beautiful, nude girl. The crimson blond smiled in approval and pulled out the crystal sphere. 'It's time to make very good use of you, former biju of legend." he thought with an inner chuckle. Closing his eyes, he made a hand seal and released a large amount of red chakra and yoki from his body, which started to fuse the crystal sphere and the sexy clone together. The two elements became a conglomerate and started to mold into a new shape.

'What is he doing? I've never felt such power being released all at once!' Orochimaru thought as he gazed in wonder, even though he was still paralyzed. A minute later, the shape started to take the form of a woman. Naruto opened his eyes and stopped releasing the red chakra and yoki from his body, signifying that the process was now complete. The woman who was kneeling at him looked just like Naruto's sexy jutsu. But instead of an illusion, the woman was now flesh and blood, and much more seductive and curvier than before.

Her hair was crimson and blond colored just like her creator. It was tied up into two ponytails. She also had his whiskers and dark red eyes with black slits in the middle, along with full lips that was colored with rouge. But unlike her creator, she had pointy fox ears on top of her head and a long fluffy fox tail. She wore a black top which showed the cleavage from her voluptuous C-cup chest, while wearing a small and open smoky grey jacket with red spirals designs on the shoulders and the back. She wore grey jean like kunoichi pants which hugged her sensuous curves and legs, and had black kunoichi sandals on her feet. She was no longer an illusion, but a beautiful dark goddess who could get any man she desired solely on her beauty.

"Arise now, my beautiful creation. You are no longer the Kyubi no Yoko, and you are no longer part of me as one of my clones. You are now my foxy goddess who I have breathed life into from your past self. You will be my companion who shall always stand by my side. From this night forward, your name will be Kyu!" Naruto decreed as she stood up and opened her eyes while smiling at him.

"I'm happy to be of service to you Naruto-sama. I am forever yours." Kyu said with a warm smile as she gave him a light bow.

"Wait a minute! You're Uzumaki Naruto?! The container of the Kyubi?! But that's impossible!! You're just a child!" Orochimaru shouted in realization. Not liking the tone in his voice, Kyu walked up and punched him in the face, hard. An act which effectively knocked out two of his front teeth.

"How dare you, you filthy human! Watch how you speak to the master, or I'll rip out your insolent tongue!" She growled at him angrily as she grabbed the lower part of his jaw with her hand.

"It's alright, my sweet Kyu. I shall deal with this…annoyance shortly. In the meantime, I have a special task for you to do." The young demon said cheerfully as he opened his arms out to welcome her. She let go of the snake sannin and ran up to him. She embraced him tightly, affectionately nuzzling his chest.

"What can I do for you Naruto-sama?" She cooed in a sexy voice while making circles on his cloak with her finger.

"I sense kindred spirits heading this way. I wish to welcome them appropriately, so go into the village and…" Naruto started as he leaned in and whispered the rest into her ear.

"It will be done, my master." Kyu said sweetly as she gently kissed him on the cheek before releasing him. She used the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to create a clone of herself, then her and the clone transformed into shadow foxes with glowing red eyes and swiftly went into the village to carry out their tasks.

"Now then. Where were we? Ah yes, I was just about to kill you." The crimson blond said as he turned his attention back to the sannin.

"Wait a minute. What is it that you want? I'll give you anything you desire." Orochimaru said as he tried to weasel his way out of his demise.

"Well now that you mention it, there is something I could use from you. But it's something I'll have to take on my own." Naruto said as he walked up his body. He started to make more unusual hand seals and shouted "Majutsu: Fukusei no Kon (Demonic Technique: Duplication of the Soul)!". His hand became covered with red chakra and went inside Orochimaru's stomach, causing the snake sannin to scream in pain. A minute later, he pulled his hand out and was holding a glowing crystal sphere in his hand.

"What…did you do to me?" The snake sannin asked as he groaned in pain.

"I used a demonic jutsu called Duplication of the Soul. It allows me to copy all of your knowledge and abilities into this little sphere that I can use in whatever way I want. It won't take away any of your abilities, but the process does cause excruciating pain to whoever I use it on. What can I say, it sucks to be you." Naruto replied with a dark cackle as he walked back to Orochimaru's head.

"D-Damn you…" He said.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot…" The crimson blond said as he covered his arm with red chakra and put it into the sannin's mouth. A moment later, he pulled out a now dead snake which had a sword handle sticking out of his mouth. He pulled the sword out and tossed the dead snake aside. "I'll take the Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Ku no Tachi (Kusanagi Sword: Long Sword of the Heavens) too. You won't need it in the place that Mizuki just went to." He laughed evilly.

"NO! WAIT!!" Orochimaru said in fear as he tried to break free from the paralysis. But it was futile as Naruto made more unusual hand seals and red chakra covered two fingers on his hand.

"Majutsu: Nenshou Souhou (Demonic Technique: Combustion Touch)." Naruto said in an even tone as he touched his forehead. The chakra tail behind him disappeared, and Orochimaru's body suddenly began to expand.

"W-What's…happening…to me…?" The snake sannin barely got out as he started to swell like a balloon.

"Oh, that?! The jutsu I used on you is making the water and the plasma inside your body to come to a boil, which is causing your organs to expand and your body to blow up like a balloon. When it reaches its peak, you'll go out with a bang…literally." He explained nonchalantly as he started to laugh venomously.

"Ahhhhh…!" Orochimaru screamed as his last words. A few seconds later, his body exploded into bloody chunks while Naruto covered his head with the hood of his dark cloak.

"Well, that was fun. Wouldn't you agree?" He said with a wide smile on his face as he looked at a figure in the tree behind him. The figure jumped down towards the ground and came into the moonlight. The person was none other than Anko, who had just come into the area a couple of minutes ago and witnessed the death of her former sensei.

"W-What the hell…? You just killed Orochimaru, one of the legendary sannin, like he was an insect…" Anko said in disbelief.

"Yeah, I did. But I think I used too much chakra on the snake bastard. Well, at least you're free of him and his curse mark." Naruto said as he pointed to the side of her neck. She turned her head, and noticed that her curse seal of heaven on her neck was disappearing. She turned her head and looked at him with wide eyes.

"Who are you?" The snake mistress asked mainly out of curiosity. The crimson blond pulled the hood off his cloak and opened it a little wider so she could see all of him.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto. May I ask your name?" He inquired with a gentlemanly smile which made the jonin's face heat up.

'This is Uzumaki Naruto?! The kid with the Kyubi? But I thought he was just a twelve year old brat! When did he become so…so hot?!' She thought as she started to become sexually aroused while looking at him. "I'm Mitarashi Anko. What happened to you? I thought you were just a kid." She said.

"The same thing that happened to you…and the others." Naruto replied cryptically with a sad face.

"Others?" Anko said with a raised eyebrow.

"There's no need to be afraid you two. Please come out." He said in a raised voice. A minute later, Hinata and Yakumo appeared on opposite sides of the clearing.

"N-Naruto-kun, is t-that you?" Hinata asked cautiously as she blushed while pointing her fingers together.

"Yes, and no Hinata. I'm not the person I used to be…" Naruto answered softly.

"What do you mean?" Yakumo questioned.

About a half hour later

The crimson blond began to explain everything to the three women in detail. From the Kyubi being sealed inside of him, to the villagers actions towards him, and all of what happened tonight. It was a lot for the three of them to take in but they understood his feelings. And they too shared their stories about their treatment to Naruto, courtesy of Konoha.

"H-how horrible…" Hinata said with light tears in her eyes.

"So it looks like Konoha has shitted on all four of us…" Anko said bitterly.

"Yes. I can't even stand to be near the village." Yakumo said.

"That is why we've been brought together." Naruto said.

"Why do you say that?" The snake mistress asked.

"In all of you, I sense kindred spirits. That's why you three were drawn here to me. I know you three can feel it in your hearts and souls." The crimson blond replied.

"Yes, you're right. All I could think about was finding you. Even though I didn't know where you were, I still sensed that you were here." The former Hyuga heiress said as she placed a hand over her heart.

"I know. I sensed something and decided to take a walk. And I felt drawn to come here." The Kurama heiress said in agreement.

"Yeah, it's strange. Even though my curse mark was pulsing and I saw Orochimaru being killed, I somehow felt strangely calm next to you. Even though I didn't know who you were, I could sense that you weren't my enemy." The snake mistress agreed as well.

"Yes. And now that you three are here, I wanted to tell you that I'm leaving this hateful village tonight. And I would like all of you to come with me. I could use some strong companions by my side that will be loyal to me and stand with me. And as a reward for joining me, I shall grant you some of the power that flows through me. But once we do this, there will be no going back. You have to leave everything behind. Think carefully about your choices and then decide. Even if you refuse, I will respect your choice and send you back to your homes, no questions asked. Please take your time and talk amongst yourselves." Naruto said as he looked at all three of them. The three women looked at each other, then at him at the moment, and then huddled together and whispered to themselves about Naruto's offer.

"I could care less about these pieces of shits here. All they think I am is a snake bitch anyway. And you did destroy Orochimaru for me. I'm in." Anko said as she stood up.

"M-My family has t-took away my t-title as heiress of the H-Hyuga clan. And my f-father doesn't even care a-about me and has basically d-disowned me as his daughter. I will g-go with you N-Naruto-kun. With you by my s-side, I believe I can c-change." Hinata said as she stood up with a blush on her face.

"My former tutor Kurenai has destroyed my dream and my own family wants me dead. Konoha has brought me nothing but pain. Pain I don't want to feel anymore. I want to be strong and I want to be happy. If I can find it with you, then I'll stand by you always." Yakumo said as she stood up. Naruto looked at all three women and smiled at them warmly.

"Very well. You have made your choices of your own free will. I promise that I will protect you three with my power and my life." Naruto said with fiery conviction. "Now kneel before me so I can bestow my strength into you." He asked of them. The three women complied and stood before them kneeling next to him. He looked at each of them and smiled, until he went to Yakumo. "Yakumo-chan, there's something I need to take care of before I begin. I want you to relax, okay?" He asked her gently.

"Alright Naruto-kun." Yakumo simply replied as she did just that. Covering his glove with red chakra once more, he closed his eyes and placed a hand on the top of the girl's head, traveling into her psyche. He walked around until he saw a strange demon like creature, eating away at her mind.

"So you were the one I sensed. Die you ugly parasite! Mashin Tsume (Devil Claw)!" He roared as his dark red eyes started to glow and his hand became covered with red chakra which formed into a claw. The demon didn't even have a chance to defend itself as it was sliced into ribbons. Once that was accomplished, he used his powers to heal the damage caused by the beast. Afterwards, he opened his eyes and returned to the real world.

"Are you alright Naruto-kun?" Anko asked in concern.

"I'm fine. There was just an unwelcome visitor in Yakumo's mind." Naruto answered honestly.

"An unwelcome visitor?" Yakumo asked in shock as she lifted her head up.

"Yeah. There was some demon eating away at your mind. But I killed him and healed the damage he was causing in your psyche, so don't worry." He explained while giving her a reassuring smile.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. Now I know that I can trust you." The Kurama heiress said. The other girls nodded in agreement.

"Thank you, my ladies. I promised I would protect you, and I never go back on my word. Now then, let us begin. Close your eyes, relax and let my power flow through you." He told them in a gentle, but firm voice.

"Yes Naruto-sama!" The girls said simultaneously as they did what they were told. Making several unusual hand seals, nine chakra tails began to swirl around him from behind. The tails hovered over them and started to rain down red chakra and yoki upon them, surrounding and engulfing all three of them completely. Ten minutes later, the process was complete and the dark energies surrounding them disappeared, along with Naruto's chakra tails.

"Anko-chan, Hinata-chan, Yakumo-chan, it is done. Now rise my lovely companions and join me by my side." Naruto decreed as the women slowly started to rise.

Mitarashi Anko looked pretty much the same as before, with the exception of her purple hair now being down on her shoulders. But her old outfit was gone. In its place she wore a dark red, loose fitting, samurai style battle kimono that showed her cleavage and her strong legs. It was covered with a tan, sleeveless haori that had a red spiral on the back and she wore customized kunoichi sandals.

Hyuga Hinata was now in her mid twenties like Naruto was. Her hair was longer and reached past her shoulders and her body was more mature, curvier and sensuous, with her chest being slightly bigger than Anko's and sexy smooth legs. She was wearing a customized indigo blue kimono with a white obi that ended with a mini-skirt that stopped at her upper thighs (Think Nemu Kurotsuchi's outfit from the anime Bleach). Her hands were covered with durable and sleeveless white gauntlets with red spirals on top, and she wore heel style, open toed kunoichi sandals.

Kurama Yakumo was also now in her mid twenties, with a now physically healthy body. Her skin was no longer pale and was full of color. Her hair was still the same as before, but more healthier and shinier, her body had decent curves, and her chest was nicely sized, but not as big as Anko's or Hinata's. She wore a customized purple battle kimono that ended with a skirt that was longer than Hinata's as it covered her thighs. She wore red fishnet gauntlets on her wrists and red fishnet stockings on her legs, and had open toed kunoichi sandals.

"So, how do you three feel?" Naruto asked as they stood before them.

"I feel fucking good! I can feel new strength flowing through me!" Anko replied happily.

"Me too! I feel stronger, more confident. Like I could defeat anyone in battle!" Hinata said in a soft voice full of spirit, but without stuttering once.

"I don't feel weak anymore! And my genjutsu powers are no longer sealed! I feel so wonderful!" Yakumo squealed.

"I'm…happy for you, ladies…" Naruto said exhaustedly as he bended down to one knee. In a second, the three women ran to him.

"Are you alright Naruto-sama?!" The girls asked in unison as they stood before him in worry.

"Yeah, I'm just tired. I may be a demon, but my power is not limitless." He replied honestly as he slowly stood up. The women all sighed in relief. Just then, Kyu and her clone in shadow fox form returned.

"I have returned with the things you requested, my master." Kyu said after she changed back to her 'human' form.

"Well done, my sweet Kyu. And just in time too. Say hello to my new companions!" Naruto said joyfully.

"Yo! I'm Mitarashi Anko! Good to know ya!" Anko said in her usual boisterous tone.

"Hello. My name is Hyuga Hinata, formerly of the Hyuga clan. Nice to meet you." Hinata said softly with a wave.

"Same here. I'm Kurama Yakumo, formerly of the Kurama clan." Yakumo greeted with a warm smile.

"Pleasure to meet you all. My name is Kyu. I'm the loyal companion of Uzumaki Naruto-sama. Any friend of my master is a friend of mine." The foxy woman said while giving them a friendly bow.

"Now that we're all introduced, may I have the gifts for the ladies Kyu-chan?" The crimson blond requested.

"Of course Naruto-sama. Here you are." Kyu answered with a blush on her face from hearing the affectionate suffix added to her name as her and her clone each handed a crystal sphere to him, with the clone disappearing afterwards.

"Was there any trouble getting them?" Naruto asked.

"I had to kill a few humans who got in my way at the Hyuga place, but it wasn't too difficult. But there are a number of humans who'll be here soon." She explained.

"Then let's make this quick. Anko-chan, Hinata-chan, Yakumo-chan, listen carefully. Although I have given you some of my powers, you are still human and can still die." The crimson blond started to explain.

"Can we destroy a mountain with a flick of our finger?" Anko questioned suddenly.

"Uh…no Anko-chan…" Naruto answered dryly causing the snake mistress to blush in embarrassment and the other girls to laugh. "Although you are now all stronger than most humans and possess my ability of regeneration, it's your special talents that have been greatly increased the most. Take you for example Hinata. Your family uses the Juken (Gentle Fist), which is considered one of the most powerful taijutsus in the world. With the body that you now possess, you are faster, more flexible and powerful with your attacks, and your defense and stamina have been increased as well. And with this crystal sphere that Kyu fetched for me, you'll have all the knowledge and abilities of your hateful jerk of a father, making you a true heiress of the Hyuga clan and a master of the Juken. Now step forward." He said to the indigo haired beauty. Hinata nodded and walked up to him.

"Will this hurt Naruto-sama?" Hinata asked with worry.

"You know I would never hurt you Hinata-chan. Just close your eyes and relax." He said tenderly as he gently kissed her cheek, making her face turn a bright tomato red. After composing herself from the kiss, she closed her eyes like he told her too. Naruto made an unusual hand seal and his hand that had the crystal sphere in it was covered in dark red chakra. He slowly placed the sphere inside her body via the stomach, making her gasp for a moment before she relaxed. A moment later, he pulled his hand out and Hinata was covered in a blue chakra glow. "There the process is now complete." He told her.

"Thank you Naruto-sama. I'll use your gift well." She said in her angelic voice as she kissed his cheek.

"I know that you will Hinata-chan. Yakumo-chan, step forward." The crimson blond ordered as Hinata stepped back while she walked forward.

"As I'm sure you already know, as the former heiress of the Kurama clan, your skill lies in genjutsu. Now even though you are not skilled in taijutsu or ninjutsu, your kekkei genkai allows you to make your genjutsus real against your opponents. And that can be deadlier than any ninjutsu or taijutsu. So with your new body, your skill in speed and evasion has increased greatly, so you can dodge enemy attacks while using your skills in illusion to defeat them. And with this crystal sphere that Kyu gave me, you will have the knowledge and abilities of the teacher who sealed your powers and destroyed your dream. You will become the new mistress of genjustu!" Naruto said. When Yakumo heard that last sentence, she had a wide smile of joy and happily glomped the young demon.

"Thank you so much Naruto-sama!!" Yakumo said while nuzzling his cheek.

"Ha ha. You can thank me after I give this to you." The crimson blond chuckled.

"Oh, right!" She said as she released him. A minute later, the process was complete. "You made my dream come true Naruto-sama. Thank you…" She said as she hugged him again and kissed him on the cheek.

"I told you Yakumo-chan, I promise to protect you with my power and my life. The five of us are connected now, and nothing shall ever tear us apart." He said warmly as he stroked her hair making her give out a light purr. "Okay, last, but most definitely not the least. Anko-chan, step forward." He called to her. Yakumo stepped back and the snake mistress stepped forward.

"Well, it's about damn time you got to me!" Anko pouted with an annoyed look on her face.

"Sorry about that Anko-chan." The crimson blond apologized as he kissed her on the cheek which caused her to blush. "Now then, even though you're very versatile due to the training you received from that snake Orochimaru, like him, you're mainly skilled in ninjustu." Naruto said honestly.

"Wait a minute. How do you know all these things about us?" The snake mistress questioned.

"When I took Kyubi's powers, I also took his knowledge and…a couple of his personality traits, making me much smarter and mature than I was when I was a kid. And since I gave all of you some of my power, I was able to gage your abilities when I made the transfer. That's how I know so much about you girl's strengths and weaknesses." The young demon replied.

"Well that makes sense. Sorry for interrupting Naruto-sama." Anko said.

"Don't worry about it Anko-chan. Moving on, there wasn't much for me to do with you since you're already a powerful kunoichi. And with this crystal sphere I acquired before I killed your former master, you'll have his knowledge and abilities." He finished. Anko nodded silently as if to tell him to proceed. He nodded back with a smile, and a minute later, the snake mistress had the abilities and the knowledge that the snake sannin once possessed. "Anko-chan, are you alright? You look kind of sad." He asked with worry.

"It's just…I always wanted to be like him when I was young, that's why I worked so hard back then. Until he betrayed me like that and put that fucking mark on me. Now that I have all of his knowledge and abilities now, it just feels very strange to me." She replied softly.

"There's no need to worry, you'll always be Mitarashi Anko. Don't forget that." Naruto said warmly as he enveloped her in a warm hug.

"Thanks Naruto-sama…" Anko said as she returned his hug and wiped the tears that stung her eyes.

"Here, take this." He said as he released her and opened his cloak to pull out a sword with a sheath he created.

"This is Kusanagi!" The snake mistress said in shock.

"That's right. As his former student, it's rightfully yours." The crimson blond as he handed her the legendary sword. She took it and strapped it on her obi, making her look like a ninja samurai.

"I don't know what to say. But I'll say this. I'm glad I chose to stand by your side. And I swear to you here and now Naruto-sama. I'll crush any maggot that stands in our way!" She said with a look of dead seriousness on her face as she gave him a light bow.

"Heh…I feel sorry for whoever faces you." Naruto chuckled.

"You should be…" She said sadistically as she unsheathed Kusanagi and licked its blade.

"Excuse me Naruto-sama, but what abilities does Kyu have?" Hinata asked out of curiosity.

"Kyu, would you kindly explain?" The young demon inquired from the foxy woman.

"Yes master. I have excellent agility, speed and a decent amount of strength. I have the ability to turn into a shadow fox as well as summon other shadow foxes if the need arises. I can also use certain elemental demonic jutsus for up close melee combat. But my greatest skill would be is that I can read the mind of any creature, but only on those that are close to me within five to ten meters. I also have a psychic link with Naruto-sama, just like he has a telepathic link with you three." Kyu explained in great detail.

"Wow, that's pretty damn cool!" Anko said honestly.

"Hmm…it looks like the pleasantries are over." Naruto suddenly said as he looked around the area. The women followed their leader's suit and saw that they were surrounded by jonins and chunins.

"It looks that way Naruto-sama…" Yakumo said as they all got into battle stances.

"Kyubi no Yoko, you are surrounded! Release the women at once or prepare to die!" A jonin shouted. Naruto stepped forward and started to roar with laughter, stunning the ninjas.

"Stupid ass humans! Don't speak of things you don't know! The Kyubi no Yoko no longer exists." He told them honestly.

"Don't try to deceive us demon!" A voice called out as it headed into the clearing. It was the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi in his ninja battle gear attire.

"Old man…" Naruto said with a smirk.

"Sandaime Hokage!" Yakumo said with rage as she was about to charge at him.

"Yakumo-chan, calm down! Let me handle this…" The crimson blond said sternly.

"Yes Naruto-sama." She said as she begrudgingly stepped back to her former position.

"I sensed that the seal was broken. You took over Naruto's body and killed Mizuki. But I promise you, you won't destroy our village! We will fight you to the death if we must!" Sarutobi said with conviction as he got into a battle stance. The young demon gave him a wicked grin and suddenly appeared behind the professor.

"Hokage-sama!!" A number of the jonins shouted. They were about to attack when Kyu appeared behind her master, protecting his back with a kunai in her hand.

"Take one step humans and your blood will be spilt on this night!" Kyu warned as her dark red eyes glowed eerily, making the jonins freeze in fear.

"Thank you Kyu-chan. Make sure they behave themselves until I'm done please." Naruto requested.

"Yes master!" She said obediently.

"Now then old man, there's something you need to know, so don't move, or your men will die. What I told you was true. The Kyubi no Yoko really doesn't exist anymore." He said into his ear.

"But how can this be?" The Sandaime asked while making sure not to move.

"Well, when Mizuki killed Iruka-sensei and told me the truth that you failed to tell me about these bastards, the fox broke the seal and tried to take over my body. And the beast almost succeeded. But he didn't break all of the seal. And that remaining seal helped me drain the biju of his powers until it became my own." The crimson blond explained to him.

"W-what? T-then that means…!" The professor said in realization.

"That's right old man! I'm Uzumaki Naruto! And I'm now the demon that this village has claimed me to be. I killed Mizuki because I wanted to! And you know what? I enjoyed every minute of it! And if you or any of this scum gets in me or my companions way, we will kill you all without hesitation!!" Naruto growled in a deep and threatening voice as his dark red eyes started to glow.

"Naruto…" Sarutobi said somberly.

"You were supposed to protect me old man. But you and this village failed me. All I ever wanted was to be accepted, to be loved just like any other human being in this world. And yet, everyone here hated me and treated me like I was nothing! Like I was an insect to be stepped on and rubbed under their shoe! They said that I was a demon, a monster and a freak, even though they knew the truth about me! They beat on me every day, and you did nothing! You made all those little laws, and the people you just swore to protect didn't even follow them, and they made my life a living hell because of it!! You may forgive these spiteful humans who denied me the right to exist, but I never will!!" The crimson blond roared.

"But this isn't like you Naruto…You would never do something as cruel as what you did to Mizuki." The Hokage said as tears stung his eyes.

"How the hell do you know who I am? Do you have any idea of the pain I went through, being an orphan, all alone, with no one who cared? And I'm not the only ones who suffered because of this village. Anko-chan tied off all her links to your former student Orochimaru, but she was treated worse than the snake bastard himself in this village and it hurt her to the core. Hinata-chan was supposed to be the next head of her clan and fought hard to be worthy of that title, but her own father treated her just like the villagers treated me, like she was nothing. Yakumo-chan just wanted to make her dream of being a genjutsu master come true. But she was forever denied that because of you and Yuhi Kurenai and the fear you had of her powers! And even though she now knows the truth about the death of her parents thanks to the power that flows through her, she still hates this village and her remaining family for the pain you caused her." Naruto said as he grabbed his head with one hand and forced him to look at the three women. All three of them looked at the ninja leader coldly.

"So what are you going to do now? Are you and the others going to take out your vengeance towards us?" The professor asked in a grave tone of voice. Naruto let out an evil laugh.

"Fear not, old man. Although the thought has crossed my mind, I'm not as…destructive as the fox was. There's no point in causing needless carnage, even though you bastards deserve it. Here's what I have in mind instead…" The crimson blond said with a sinful smile as he whispered into the Sandaime's ear so that only he could hear him. The Hokage's eyes widened in horror as he heard the young demon's plans. Naruto then removed his black glove and one of his nails became longer and hooked into a claw. With a quick swipe, he scratched a mark across his right eye in a downward motion which immediately cauterized and became a permanent scar, making the Sandaime Hokage scream in agony.

"Well, now that you know my goals old man, I'm going to let you and the scum of this village live since you did show some kindness to me when I was a human. Be grateful for my generosity. But know this, I advise you not to come after us. Because if you do, there will only be four great nations when my ladies and I are done with you…" He said loud enough for everyone to hear. "Oh, and consider that scar I just gave you a punishment for your failure to us. Hope you like it." He added with a sinister laugh as he slowly moved away from him. "Let's go Kyu-chan." He said to the foxy woman.

"Yes Naruto-sama!" Kyu said as she and Naruto reappeared in their original spots.

"Now's our chance! Attack!" A jonin leader said.

"STOP!! Everybody stand down!" Sarutobi said suddenly which stunned his men.

"But Hokage-sama! We can't just let this demon and his whores escape!" An ANBU captain said.

"Who the fuck are you calling a whore, you piece of shit!" Anko shouted angrily.

"Screw them Anko-chan. Just ignore the baka (idiot)." Naruto said.

"Tch…Fine. I was looking forward to cutting him and his damn ANBU asses heads off with Kusanagi too." The snake mistress growled.

"What did you say?!?" Another ANBU captain shouted!

"That's enough! This is not a battle we can win. Let them go! That's an order!" The professor shouted as he turned towards them while covering his eye that had the scar on it.

"Ye…Yes Hokage-sama." Most of the ninjas grumbled as they lowered their weapons.

"A wise decision. You should listen to your leader more often. You'll stay alive longer." Hinata said matter-of-factly.

"Well said Hinata." Yakumo said as she busted out laughing at the ninjas which caused them to growl in anger.

"It's time Anko-chan. Let us say goodbye to Konoha." Naruto commanded.

"With pleasure Naruto-sama." Anko said with a smirk. She started to make hand seals and red smoke surrounded the five of them as they started to sink and disappear into the ground.

"By the way. From this night forward, we are now known as Kurorasen (Dark Spiral)! Remember it!" Naruto shouted to them as he and his women disappeared. A few minutes later after the red smoke cleared, a med-nin ran towards the Hokage to check his condition.

"Hokage-sama, are you alright?" The med-nin asked as he went to check the scar.

"Yes. I'll be alright. It's just a scar." Sarutobi replied as he started to walk towards his men. "ANBU squads, report back to your posts immediately! All jonins, make sure that security is heavily fortified and that the gates are sealed until further notice from me! All chunins, get a med team here and take care of the bodies, while the rest of you stand guard and check to see if there's any wounded!" He ordered them.

"Yes Hokage-sama!" They all said in unison as they disappeared into the night to carry out their assignments.

"Hokage-sama, what are Naruto's plans?" One of the remaining ANBU captains questioned.

"Naruto is going to…ARRGH!" Sarutobi started as he suddenly screamed and fell down to one knee as the scar that Naruto gave him across his right eye started to glow a dark red.

"Hokage-sama, what's wrong?!" The ANBU captain asked with worry.

"It…it's nothing. Don't worry about me…" The Sandaime Hokage answered as he slowly got back up.

"B-But…!" He began to say until the ninja leader raised a hand to silence him.

"I'm fine! Let's head back to the village and don't ask any more questions." Sarutobi commanded. Without pressing the matter any further, the ANBU nodded and walked in front of the Hokage. It was then that a voice was heard in the back of the professor's head.

"Ah Ah Ah…What I told you was a secret between us…so keep it to yourself." The voice said in Sarutobi's subconscious mind as it let out a dark chuckle. The Hokage growled for a moment, but then sighed and lowered his head in shame as the last thing that Naruto said came rushing into his mind.

"Who is the true demon old man? Me? Or the village that made me into one with their hatred and ignorance? Here's a word of advice from a young boy who was my past self. Don't underestimate the evil that humans possess. For they can be more monstrous than any demon…"

It was then that the normally steel hearted Hokage started to cry tears of sorrow over the souls that died this night. He especially shed tears for the soul who was supposed to be the hero of Konoha, but became twisted by the hatred of the people he protects. A soul who died this night and became the epitome of the darkest side of the village. A side that he admittedly turned a blind eye to.

'Yondaime…forgive me and this foolish village for our sins…and for what we created this night.' Sarutobi thought to himself as he looked at his face on the Hokage monument, his vision blurred by the flow of tears that got bigger and bigger.

Several miles away from Konoha

"Master, where shall we go?" Kyu asked as the dark group walked through the woods.

"Hmm…Let us go to Rice Field Country." Naruto said as his lips curved up into a smile.

"What's in Rice Field Country Naruto-sama?" Hinata questioned.

"A nice little village that is in need of a leader now that their current one is dead. I think it would make a nice home for us, wouldn't you agree Anko-chan?" The crimson blond said in a dark tone as he turned his head to her.

"I definitely would Naruto-sama…" Anko replied with an evil smirk as she looked at him.

"And what if they resist Naruto-sama?" Yakumo asked.

"Then may Kami help them if they try." Naruto answered as his dark red eyes started to glow and he started to laugh wickedly. His women followed suit and headed to the direction of Rice Country, where their destiny awaited.

Custom Jutsu list

Name: Katon Majutsu: Kitsune Tama-Fire Release Demonic Technique: Fox Bullet

Type: Unknown

Users: Naruto Uzumaki (Demon), Kyu

A demonic ninjutsu that is similar in nature to Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique), but has much more destructive power. A large dark red ball of flame is exhaled from the user's mouth, which is powerful enough to melt even the hardest stone.

Name: Majutsu: Fukusei no Kon-Demonic Technique: Duplication of the Soul

Type: Unknown

Users: Naruto Uzumaki (Demon), Kyu

By covering their hand with dark red chakra, the person who uses this demonic ninjutsu can place their hand into a person's body and duplicate their knowledge and abilities such as certain ninjutsu, genjutsu and/or taijutsu techniques that that user may possess, forming it into a crystal sphere and transferring it to a person of their choosing. However, the technique cannot duplicate that person's physical abilities (Such as Tsunade's great physical strength or Lee or Guy's great speed for example.), kekkei genkais or abilities that are associated with it (Though there are certain exceptions, such as Hinata who possesses the same kekkei genkai as her father, thus allowing her to receive his knowledge and abilities.). Although the person who falls victim to this jutsu are not injured and maintain all of their knowledge and abilities, the process that is needed to use it causes the opponent great physical pain for a limited time.

Name: Majutsu: Nenshou Souhou-Demonic Technique: Combustion Touch

Type: Unknown

Users: Naruto Uzumaki (Demon)

By converting a large amount of dark red chakra into the user's fingertips and physically touching an opponent's body part, Naruto can cause the victim's body fluids (Water, plasma, etc.) to come to a boil inside their body, forcing the inner organs to expand and the opponent's body to blow up into a balloon until they finally explode. It's a powerful technique, but it takes up a lot of demon chakra to use the technique, which can tire Naruto out quickly.

Name: Mashin Tsume- Devil Claw

Type: Unknown

Users: Naruto Uzumaki (Demon), Kyu

This technique creates a short range claw out of dark red chakra around the user's hand, which is used to slash the opponent to ribbons. The more chakra used, the stronger the claw.

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