Kurorasen by Mr. Lee

Disclaimer: This fanfiction is for entertainment purposes only. The author of this fanfiction does not own Naruto or its characters. Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto. Any other similarities in this story are purely coincidental.

Special Author's note: It's been a long time, my Kurorasen Nation :). This is Mr. Lee here. I leave this author note in regards to an incident that has been brought to my attention recently. An author known as godlike-naruto seems to have 'adopted' my story without my permission or approval, and I've received several e-mails and PM's from fans and friends in regards to this.

Let me make this abundantly clear to all of you, my friends. This story has not, I repeat, HAS NOT been adopted by ANY author, abandoned or discontinued. I made a promise to you all that I will finish this story and my other ones. I am NOT a man who goes back on his word, especially to all of you, my loyal friends, fans and fellow authors who made me who I am on my site.

It's not that I don't want to update my fics. It's just that I can't at this time. And it truly saddens me everyday that I can't do what I love :(. But real life must take precendence first. With me living in a new state and the job hunts more bloodthirsty than they use to be, I have to stay focused. So unfortunately, my indefinite hiatus must still stand. I'm truly sorry :(.

But fear not. When I do have a moment of peace, I will try to update my fics. However, it will take time. Please understand. As for godlike-naruto, I have spoken to him personally, his copy of my story has been removed, and I have given him a stern warning not to do it again…EVER. So please don't worry. But I'll say this, and I'll only say it once. ANYONE TAKING MY WORK WITHOUT MY PERMISSION IS SOMETHING I WILL NOT TOLERATE FROM ANYONE x(!

And to all other authors, if you have something you want to ask me in regards to my stories, then by all means, PM OR E-MAIL ME! Just because I haven't updated my stories lately doesn't mean I'm not around. And even though my computer time is EXTREMELY limited these days, I will get back to you when I can.

I apologize for the confusion and misunderstandings this has caused all of you :(. I also want to give a special thank you to VFSNAKE, my update reminding friend HolyKnight5, shadowdragonserpent, and Dreadman75 (Don't worry about it, my friend, we're cool.). I appreciate your assistance in this. And to the rest of you fans, new and old, thank you for the constant love and patience you have shown me throughout this hiatus of mine. Even now, my fics are still read in my absence. And that truly makes me happier and more honored than you know. I will return to you all someday when real life is more kinder to me. You can count on that. Until then, take care and may the gods watch over you all. Later for now :).