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Gullah Gullah Island

"What's the town where Jamal is staying with his father?" Alex asked the two parents.

"It's not just one town- well… his father's got land on a lot of the islands down there- so Jamal stays with him." She stuttered out.

A smile broke out on Bobby's face. "My favorite place down there is Gullah Gullah Island. I bet Jamal goes crabbing there all the time."


After a moment Bobby resumed. "You know… that's not an island."

"Well, I'm sure I've heard of it." She said confused.

"You probably have because it's a children's television show. You probably watched it with him when he was growing up." Bobby said determinately.

After they had finished talking to the parents they were walking down the stairs out of the building. Alex gave Bobby a weird look.

"What?!" Bobby questioned.

"You really need to stop watching Gullah Gullah Island with Nathan. It's becoming an obsession." Alex told him.

"I can't help it!" Bobby said as they climbed into the SUV. "It's a good show, and he and I just love it!"

Alex looked up at him, rolled her eyes, and then started the car.


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