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Kagome stood by Hiei leaning on the wall. This prince "Koenma", in his anger, had gone straight into explaining why the mission was so important. Apparently, besides them, there was a new, suspicious team entering who had an even sketchier owner. They weren't too sure what their goals were yet, but they knew it couldn't be good; possibly world domination or complete destruction.

Kagome sighed to herself and leaned her head on Hiei's shoulder. She wasn't really tired, per say, just relaxed. Hiei tended to do that to her whenever he was near. From her spot on his shoulder, she could pick up the scent that was uniquely him: the first that came to her was the smell of cinnamon; it reminded her of a snicker-doodle cookie. (She must have been craving sweets). The second was the smell of a forest; more accurately, a forest after a light rain. These two mixed together always seemed to calm her down. She might even call it an aphrodisiac.

Kagome looked up at his face. She loved how his eyes would be so cold and calculating, but once they fell upon her, they would notably soften (not much, but enough for her). It made her feel like she was the luckiest woman in the world—having those eyes directed at her. Kagome smiled to herself, she was acting like such a lovesick puppy. But she couldn't help it! (She chuckled a bit to herself). He was just so handsome and all hers.

Hiei turned his eyes toward Kagome silently asking her what she found so funny. Kagome just smiled up at his gorgeous face and leaned in to kiss him. Hiei, not one to question his luck, closed the space between their faces and closed his lips over hers. It was a tender kiss, one of reassurance.

As soon as their lips seemed to touch though, a loud crash was heard. Both Kagome and Hiei looked in the direction of where they heard the crash and found Koenma on the floor, his chair slowly rolling to a stop some ways off, pointing a finger between the two with bulging eyes and a slight stutter as he tried to speak.

"I-Im-Im-Impossible!! I didn't just…?! Th-There's no way…?!" He looked toward the other spirit detectives for confirmation. "They didn't really… He…?" His eyes once again looked over to the couple and then back at the other spirit detectives.

Kuwabara was outright laughing. He was holding his stomach as tremors continued to rack throughout his body. As tears started to come out of his eyes, he went to his knees and started pounding on the floor. Yusuke looked at Kuwabara and admitted that he too found it funny, but the fact that it was Hiei and Kagome kissing that had Koenma dumbstruck was enough to ruin his mood. Though he did crack a smirk at Koenma's face. It was priceless.

Kurama was tempted to run a hand over his face if it wouldn't ruin his reputation. Really, Koenma was just so hopeless sometimes. He would admit, seeing Hiei show outward emotion when you thought he was an ice burg would have anyone awestruck, but that didn't mean you had to make a scene out of it. Kurama just let out a sigh and shook his head in silent disappointment, a small chuckle coming out as he did so.

Hiei rolled his eyes at the rekai prince and turned to Kagome's confused eyes. He just shrugged at her and leaned back against the wall he was previously on.

Kagome brought her hand up to her mouth and bit her fingernail in confusion and embarrassment. Her eyes looked over at the rekai prince who was just starting to compose himself. She didn't understand why it was so surprising that Hiei and she had kissed. She would admit that he was a little on the cold side, but he could be really sweet at times. Kagome's eyes glanced back to Hiei as she thought about how much he really shared with the others; did he keep so much to himself? She would explode if she ever tried to. Eventually Kagome realized that she had been nervously chewing her fingernail and forcefully pulled her hand away from her mouth with a slight blush on her face.

Once Koenma was back in his chair, he cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "Before I get into the details of this assignment…" he glanced in Kagome's direction curiously, "I'd like to know who you are exactly."

Kagome straightened out under his gaze and smoothed out her dress unconsciously. It was unnerving to have everyone's attention on you so suddenly. "Um… well, my name is Kagome Higurashi, Yusuke's cousin." Kagome gave a slight bow upon introducing herself.

Koenma nodded his head and then looked between Kagome and Hiei, still unable to comprehend what was in front of him. "And you relationship with Hiei is…?"

Kagome blushed a bit and threw a glance at Hiei, silently asking him to help her out. He just pushed off the wall and put his arms around Kagome's waist from behind, softly kissing her neck. He looked back at Koenma and addressed him with a bored tone. "It should be obvious by now." Kagome leaned back into him, closed her eyes, and let out a contented sigh. It was really nice to back with him again. She snuggled closer into his warmth.

Koenma was left sputtering at the response he got. He turned his chair away from them and toward the rest of the group to escape his embarrassment. He coughed into his hand as he again recomposed himself. "Yes, well, back to the assignment." Koenma turned around as a huge monitor lowered from a hidden compartment in the ceiling. It flashed on to reveal the face of a man with uncaring, cold black eyes. His hair was a pure white color, the top of it pulled back and spiked at the end. The rest of his hair fell freely down to stop at the middle of his back. The color of his skin was more on the tan side, but not overly brown. His eyes mixed with the smile on his face gave her an unsettling feeling.

"We're not to sure what his name is yet, but we have reason to believe that he owns the team that will be entering this year. We have no pictures of his team, but we're assuming that they are all demons." Koenma turned around as the monitor went back into its hiding place. "I need you to keep an eye out for him and report to me once you locate him. It is essential that we learn what it is he's up to."

Yusuke grunted. "Sounds easy enough. If you done now, I'm leaving." And with his words he turned around and went in search of Botan for a portal. Koenma "hmphed" and yelled for ogre as he set back to work.

Kagome looked at Koenma one last time and followed after Yusuke with Hiei not too far behind her. "Yusuke, wait up!"

Once they were out of the portal and once again in Yusuke's apartment, Hiei grabbed Kagome around the waist and jumped out of the window. The faint sound of Yusuke's shouting got fainter and fainter the further he got from the apartment. He felt Kagome wrap her arms around him as he sped through the trees.

When Hiei had first reunited with her, he was already going through some rough sexual tension. He had virtually remained celibate for a little over 500 years. And when he was interrupted while he was just starting to get aroused, he had gotten seriously pissed at everyone's timing.

Intent at getting some real alone time with her, he was heading toward the apartment that rekai had provided for him. Koenma had offered it to him saying that he needed somewhere to stay while in the human realm. He didn't want Hiei to scare any more human's then necessary when they found him sleeping in their backyard. Hiei had simply scoffed at him and let him do as he pleased. Not like he would use it much.

Hiei lept from tree to building as the park behind Yusuke's apartment thinned out. He was glad that his apartment was so far from Yusuke's at times like these. It would help slow him down. When his apartment building came into view, Hiei landed on the balcony and made his way into his apartment with a now sleeping Kagome in his arms. He sighed to himself and looked at her face. She looked so innocent as she slept in his arms, burrowing her face further into his chest.

He sighed again and brought her to his bedroom. He would hold off a little longer if only for her. After tucking her in and kissing her lightly on the forehead, he went back into the living room and fell onto the coach. In a way he was glad she was asleep when he had arrived. His small apartment was a mess. Cobwebs hung from the ceiling, and clothes, among other things, littered the floor. He had just kept putting it off for so long that it never got done. After all, house chores were below him. But with Kagome back in his life… he didn't want to make any bad impressions. His kitchen was virtually spotless though, seeing as he didn't eat much food, let alone store any.

Hiei pushed off the sofa with a grunt and got to work.

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