Important, Read!: In this story, Bella is living back in the early 1900's. She is still seventeen and Renee and Charlie are still together. Bella's parents are going back to America and taking Bella with them. But when she has to make this horrible journey on the legendary unsinkable ship, the Titanic, she is not a very happy camper. But geuss who meets Bella in a twist of fate? Not so horrible anymore, is it? Ok, I have made this story a bit different than how things would have been in the book. In this story, Edward is not as attracted to Bella's blood as in the books. The scent is still there, but its not his heroine in this story. With a few exceptions, I wanted to follow the book as closely as possible. So, no, Alice isn't in this one (Sorry, if you're an Alice lover). It's just Carlisle, Esme, and Edward. This is supposed to be shortly after Esme was changed and the family decided to take a holiday on the Titanic's maiden voyage. Ironically, not the best way to enjoy yourself, but I digest. This first chapter may be short but this is a new stretch of fanfiction for me so bear with me. Now, I am sure you want me to just shut up already so that you can read, but you know what? You didn't have to read this if you were so anxious. So stop whining and get over it. Enjoy!

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"Come now, Bella, we'll be late," Renee called down to me as she started up the walkway toward the ship. Charles held her hand as they ascended. I followed more slowly.

This was indeed the largest ship of its time. It was not only big, but very fancy. What was that word Renee used: grand? That was it. I snorted in disgust; I didn't want to leave England. This was my home. Well, I wasn't born here. I was born in New York and moved to London when I was four years old. This was my home as far as I was concerned. But now we were heading back. Charles, I liked to call him Charlie, had gotten a business offer there. Now I was being dragged back against my will.

Renee and Charlie were my parents, but I never called them mother or father. I just preferred calling them by their names. It was just me. They didn't want me to seem disrespectful (it didn't bother them when we were alone), so I had to call them mother and father in public.

I'm sure that to most people the Titanic would be an eyesore and a dream comes true if only to ride on its maiden voyage. I saw it as nothing more than a metal cage to drag me back to America.

We reached the top of the walkway. A man in a fine looking suit looked at our tickets briefly and pointed us in the forward direction. We were staying in a first class cabin. Renee and I both knew that second class would fit our budget better, but Charlie said that if we were to travel on the Titanic then we were doing it in comfort.

I followed my parents down the hall and onto the higher decks. We finally came to state room B57. Charlie opened the door. I was determined not to act impressed since I was still upset about leaving England. But it was hard not to hide the surprise once the room was open. There were about five other people inside the room, bringing in luggage apparently from a second doorway.

I walked inside and strolled around the room. Although I didn't want it to show, I was stunned. The room was painted in the most beautiful shades of green and red. The fireplace looked to be marble and the furniture was stunning with the rest of the room.

I walked into the washroom and saw a very fancy bathtub and an almost endless variety of soaps on the counter. My mother strolled up behind me, "How do you like it?"

I shrugged, feigning lack of interest, "It's alright, but slightly overdone."

Renee chuckled seeing right through me, "Just wait until you see your room." She walked away to the incoming maids to speak with them. Charlie was already shifting through some papers he had brought with him at one of the tables.

I huffed and walked back out of the washroom. 'Just wait until you see your room.' Hell with the room, which was poor comparison to my curiosity on the rest of the ship.

I walked over to Charlie and sat in the opposite chair and stared at the paneling on the fireplace. Charlie looked up at me over his papers and smiled. He wasn't very perceptive, but it must have been obvious by the look on my face that I was overwhelmed by the hospitality of an ocean-liner.

I glared at him and stood back up, "Are you going to see the ship off, or am I going alone?" Renee walked into the room, "Please, Bella. Won't you just stay and prepare for tonight?" I walked toward the door.

I was curious, "Prepare for what?" I asked.

"We are having dinner tonight of course. We are going to the dining hall and you need to look more elegant than that," she motioned to the clothes I was still wearing; only a typical dress with an overcoat. I narrowed my eyes, "Are we dining with any company in particular?" I asked.

Renee nodded, "The captain has invited us to dine with him tonight. Isn't that exciting? We are also going to be dining with a nice young couple with a wonderful son of their own. And your age, too," she added with a smirk.

I groaned, "Who then?"

My mother shrugged, "I'm not sure. I only know they are very wealthy and are traveling to New York for a holiday."

Charlie shifted through his papers, "You're right, dear," he said to Renee. "I believe their names are Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme Cullen. I believe they have a son, around the same age. His name is Edward."

I walked from the room. I had heard enough. It was bad enough that I was seventeen with my parents already searching for a new husband for me, but using this ship where there was no escape to do so was an unfair advantage. I could see through them too.

I muttered to myself on my way up to the top deck. Once I was in the sunshine I saw many people from every class claiming a spot by the railings. The whistle blew and I felt a small lurch as the ship moved forward. I quickly ran to the rail. There were hundreds of people below us, yelling their goodbyes loudly. The people on the ship answered gleefully. I smiled in amusement, "Goodbye!" I cupped my hands around my mouth and screamed.

The ship was pulling farther and farther away from the harbor and I felt homesick already. When would I ever see home again?

As we pulled further and further from the harbor I took a step higher onto the railing. I had a sad smile on my lips as we got farther away. I took another step further as the land started to disappear but the farewells still echoed.

I leaned out, not thinking, and tried to catch one last glimpse of the land. But there was the sudden, slick sound like of cloth sliding over metal and I realized I had leaned too far. I scream escaped me as I felt myself falling forward.

My heart thumped in fear as I waited to suddenly meet the water below when I felt something hard and cold wrap around my waist. It pulled me back very quickly and I was slammed to the floor of the deck. I was breathing hard and shaking all over. The incident had only lasted a few quick seconds but that did nothing to ease the shock.

I heard a voice as smooth as velvet beside me, worried, "Are you all right, Miss?" I glanced up and blinked in astonishment. I must have fallen to my death, because I was looking at a Greek God.


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