Just a quick post:

Wow, it's finally finished. Well I have to say that this is by far the best story I have written. I had so much fun writing this! And all of the support from you loyal reviewers was a constant inspiration. I had such a wonderful time with this story.

Also, I decided not to make a sequel. I figured that I ended the story very nicely and just continuing it might mess it up. I like it just the way it is. But that doesn't mean I won't think about adapting Twilight to some more movies. I am going to focus on some other ideas at this time, but I am going to store away the idea for the future.

I have set up a brand new poll on my profile. I had a huge brainstorm of storylines and I need to know which one to start with. So place your vote. I am going to write the top three in order by popularity. So please vote, it will only take a quick minute!

Thanks so much, guys! I hope to see reviews from you guys in my later stories.

And p.s.- I have gotten a lot of messages from people who had wanted to write a Titanic/Twilight story, but then found mine and decided to let the idea go. Don't give up! You can see from this story that they are popular, and I am sure that many readers would like to take another trip with Edward and Bella on the Titanic! Don't let this story discourage you, and I'll bet I'll be one of your readers too. Do your best!