Author's Notes: This little fanfiction is a sequel to my other story, The Day I Fall in Love. People were asking me for a sequel with Tokiya and Fuuko, but for now, I have Domon and Aki... which means, this will be a series. Kind of like a series. I don't want to put this by chapters because they would all be a story of their own. It will probably be a long time till I'd be able to write and Tokiya and Fuuko fanfiction since I'm still looking for the perfect song to use. Thank you for your patience and for the past reviews.

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Everything Is You

By Jealous Wabbit

I've been thinking of a way to phrase it

Seem to never find the words to say it

But it's true to say

I've been occupied by other things (I've been occupied by other things)


It's been a long time since I've last seen her. I never really expected her to show up at Recca's wedding, but I should have known. It's been a almost a month since she walked out on me for my stupidity, leaving her at home all the time because of my profession. I didn't realize then that she was much more important than any wrestling tournament anywhere in the world. My job is something I could easily achieve because of my built and the championships I've already won, but she is a rare flower, she was once MY rare flower.

How could I think that you wouldn't notice (you wouldn't notice)

The absence of our closeness

Realizing now

I will never let it happen again (again)

I am not afraid to say I am sorry for the things I've done and made her feel. For the things I have said to her before, but I am afraid that she will not believe a single word that will come out of my mouth the moment I tell her I truly am sorry that I still love her.

Now I realize

That you are my everything

And without you here beside me

It's like an angel without it's wings

The wedding was now done, time for the reception. Maybe I'd be able to ask her for a dance then I'd be able to tell her I was sorry, then tell her I love and let her know I need her. Easier said than done. I sometimes saw her looking my way during the wedding, looking away when I caught her. One glance I was captivated by her beauty


There he was, I've seen how he looked at me during the wedding. I saw the longing in his eyes, the hope and the regret. Would he ask for a 2nd chance? If he did I'd I wouldn't know. I wish it could have been easier than this.

Was I being too hard on him? I went into a relationship with him knowing, and fully understanding, the consequences of his chosen profession. Before, I easily accepted the idea of his World Wrestling Tournaments, travelling around the world, now I realized it was hard for me to be away from him for long. I longed the times when it was only me and him. It all started with being gone for a few days, and the more popular he gets, the longer the time he spends outside of our home. What if he's mad at me? He knows that I agreed with all these arrangements He even consulted me 10 times, I said it was alright the whole time, before signing his contract.

And now I realize (I realize)

That you are my everything

Now I know it

Should've shown it

And now I realize that you are my everything

I've been really dumb. Why didn't remember all these before I moved out? Before I said all those mean things, which caused him to say things he would never dare say.

Have I lost my hope, my savior my hero?

As I sit here contemplating

'Bout our love that's slowly fading

So insensitive

Didn't hear you calling out for me...(didn't hear you calling out my name..)

If i could change the past I would do

Everything to show I appreciate you


I sighed. "I really miss her, Miki," I looked at her as I spoke. I heard her breathe sharply.

"Domon-kun, if you don't do anything about this, Neon-neechan would be really mad at you. Of course, she's already mad at you with the fact that you guys fought in the first place," she said then rolled her eyes. "It makes her angrier when she sees Aki-chan brood about you the whole day."

I looked at Aki's sister and then at her. I gathered all my courage to ask her for one dance. This made me think, how come asking her to move in with me felt easier than asking her for a dance?


I saw Neon-sama glare at me as I sighed for the 10th time. It's not that Neon-sama disapprove of Domon-chan, she just think I'm wallowing myself with self-pity every time I sigh for something form my "past." I sigh even more. I can't believe Domon can be "a thing from my past" before he was always the one who I wanted to build my future with. There goes another dreamy sigh escaping my lips. I look at Neon-sama, good thing she was busy with other things that she didn't notice me sigh 2 times in a row.

"Hello, Aki. You don't mind if I borrow your sister for a dance?" Kurei-sama looked at me with his now laughing-eyes.

I shrugged, "Kurei-sama, why ask me? Ask my sister, you know I wouldn't mind." I winked at both of them as they blushed. I find it cute how they deny their feelings. For crying out loud, they've known each other for way more than 10 years. It's a known fact that Kurei-sama is captivated by Neon-chan and Neon-chan deeply cares (and is in love) with our Kurei-sama. Of course this is a proven fact. One slip from Kurei-sama telling Recca-kun and Kaoru-kun during dinner cost him his little secret. Did he really expect Recca and Kaoru to keep that secret to themselves? You gotta be kidding, the whole world knew about it in less than a day.

My breath then got caught in my throat as I see Domon approaching our table. Approaching me. What do I do? Do I look good enough? What if he says he never wants to see me again?

Open up your heart

Let me help you fall in love again

My friend, 'cause now i


Domon held out his hand in a gentlemanly way, "May I have the pleasure of this dance with m'lady?"

Aki could see the tenderness in his eyes, maybe there was a chance for the 2 of them, maybe everything can go back to the way things were before. "maybe I should agree to this dance with him before thinking of something else,' she thought. "The pleasure is mine." Then held out her hand for him to take.

He took it and bent down to kiss the back of her palm. She then lead her graceful form to the dance floor as a song, a song meant for them, played in the background.

Now I realize

That you are my everything

And without you here beside me

It's like an angel without it's wings

(Now I) and now I realize

They danced slowly to the melody of Boyz II Men. Almost all their friends are staring at them, thinking if this could be a new beginning to their old relationship. Domon seemed oblivious to the stares everyone was giving them, but Aki blushed as Fuuko winked at her as they danced around them. Even Mikagami seemed interested in this little display that he offered Aki an encouraging smile.

Domon looked at the top of Aki's blue head. It's been long since he was this close to her smell her scent of lavenders, lilies and whatnot Then a resolution formed in his head I will never hang around Recca ever again. That guy with all his Hime-mushiness is going into my head.' He thought, what do I tell her? Aki, I'm really sorry forgive me? That sounds really lame.'

That you are my everything

Now i know it

Should've shown it

And now i realize

That you are my everything

"Penny for your thoughts," Aki queried as she heard him sigh for the nth time.

"Oh I was just thinking about us" his voice trailed away as he realized the words that tumbled out of his mouth.

She looked up at him as hope flickered in the depths of her eyes. "Us? What about us, Domon?," Aki asked softly.

Domon's eyes darted around the room. He didn't even know what to say to her. Nervous sweat trickled down his nape. It's true. It's hard to say I'm sorry.'

"What if I say I was thinking of a way to ask for forgiveness?"

"What if I say I was thinking the exact same thing?"

Now i realize

That you are my everything

And without you here beside me

It's like an angel without it's wings (like an angel without it's wings)

They looked at each other's eyes and the sound of their laughter soon rang around the whole dance floor, causing people to look up.

Aki looked up at him again, a little uncertain "Were you really thinking about that?"

"Of course. I realized my mistakes, and want to work things out with you again," he stated, "that is if you want to work it out."

Suddenly, she felt him get all tensed followed by an almost breathless "I really love you, you know? I missed you."

He saw her tear up, and gently he wiped away the tear. She looked up at him again, "I missed you, too, and I also love you, now, more than ever."

(And now) and now i realize

That you are my everything (you are everything)

Now i know it (now i know it)

Shouldve shown it (should've shown it)

And now i realize that you are my everything

As the dancing continued, all their friends sighed for the happy ending. The newly weds gave them their 2 thumbs up as their friends who were once in love with each other are now in love again.

Now, they are waiting for a certain blue-flame master and a certain red-head fess up to their feelings If not, I guess they'd have to use force and be Cupid.