I love Machi and Yuki I hope this idea hasn't been used before...

He was just too perfect, Machi thought as she worked on some papers. Sure, all the other times she saw Yuki he was attractive, but she could tell from whatever he was doing that he was flawed. With him just sitting there, looking at a paper, it was impossible to tell that he had imperfections.

Yuki's shiny, strangely silver-ish hair fell elegantly around his face, framing is smooth, unblemished skin. His long eyelashes were lowered and fanned out, like butterflies kissing his cheeks. Yuki's eyebrows were knit together in concentration, and a pencil gently tapped on his pouted lips.

It was infuriating! Do something! Machi screamed telepathically. Yuki, unfortunately, could not hear. He blinked, and his eyelashes kissed his cheeks once more. It was one thing to tear apart a neat room and break chalk to dust, but she couldn't just start punching him. And she certainly didn't want to, either. What to do?

Before she could even think, Machi jolted up. Her chair made an abrupt scraping sound, and Yuki looked up.

"Is everything all right?" he asked.

Machi did not acknowledge that she had heard him say anything, but that didn't bother Yuki- he was used to it.

She walked towards his desk, and stopped once she reached it.

"Yes?" Yuki asked.

Machi frowned, bent over, and kissed him roughly. To her surprised, he kissed back. She pulled away, red as a beet.

"Why'd you do that?" she asked.

Yuki was blushing, too, and it wasn't pretty. His face was a splotchy red and his eyes were wide.

"Really, Machi, I should be asking you that." Yuki choked, "You started it." As soon as the words escaped his mouth, he couldn't believe he said something so childish. I have got to stop doing that.

Machi's face contorted into a look of annoyance. "You were too perfect," she snapped.

"What?! How does that make sense?! I'm not perfect."

"I know! You always look like Yuki when you're up and doing something, but when you're just sitting there…ARGH!"

Yuki stared blankly at her. "I really don't follow."

"You're too attractive when you're just sitting around! I had to dosomething about all that perfection, it was driving me insane!"

"So you kissed me?"

"It makes sense. Someone as imperfect as me should be able to blemish your perfection."

"Oh," Yuki murmured. He glanced up at Machi, fuming silently. "Well," he cleared his throat, "Feel free to make me imperfect as often as you like."