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The three men sat in a close circle of armchairs, each one seemingly lost in his own thoughts in the silence that enveloped them. Not one looked at another, and all wore expressions of worry. The potential of heart break was enough to silence them all, and make each unwilling to break the soundlessness.

After several long minutes, Shawn began to speak.

"I don't know if you two will accept what I have to say, but hear me out first, and then make your judgments." He looked first at Hunter, who nodded solemnly, although his brown eyes were filled with sadness. Then his blue orbs fell on the Undertaker, whose expression betrayed no emotion, but whose eyes were glittering, and curved downwards with worry.

Shawn took a deep breath.

"Wait, Shawn," 'Taker interrupted, looking squarely at the Heartbreak Kid. "I think I can speak for both myself and Hunter when I say that whatever decision you've made, we'll be okay with it." He lowered his head slightly, looking away again. "I'm sorry I treated you so badly, Shawn, and know that I'll always love you."

Hunter was barely able to speak past the lump in his throat. "He's right, Shawn. Whoever you pick… It's your choice, and we'll accept that. And I'm sorry too." He closed his eyes slowly. "I promised never to hurt you again and…and I broke my promise. I'm so sorry."

Shawn smiled at them both, hearing his own heart thundering in his chest. Over the past week he had done a lot of thinking. A lot. He had weighed all of the options, and after a several sleepless nights, he realized that there was only one choice that he could make. Only one option would truly make him happy.

But how would Mark and Hunter react? That was what worried, no, what terrified Shawn. He'd made a promise to them both and now…

Shawn turned his attention to Mark first. "I've been around you for years," he began softly, a small smile coming to his lips. "And more than once we've beaten one another senseless. Long ago, I doubted that you had a heart. But this year, after the Royal Rumble, I found out that you do have a heart, and that it beats just like mine. I found out that you had a soul…a soul so different from mine, and yet so similar. Looking at you, being with you, I feel complete..."

The Undertaker's green eyes softened and he gave Shawn a sad smile. "I feel the same, of course," he said softly. "You're the other half of my soul, Shawn Michaels."

Shawn smiled at that, and then turned to Hunter. "Hunt, I don't even have to express how you also complete me. I don't think I can. We're like peas in a pod, closer than brothers. You're my best friend, and the first person I ever loved… We went through Hell and back with and for one another. We fought for one another, and against one another, but through all of those years my love for you only grew until I knew that I couldn't live without you. I still can't. We're bound together, Hunt."

"Of course we are," Triple H laughed lightly, wiping away a few stray tears. "And I don't ever want to be free of you."

"Considering all of that," Shawn whispered, eyes downcast. "I'd like for both of you to close your eyes and open your hands." He watched as the two men nodded and then complied, prompting Shawn to remove two objects from his pocket, hands shaking.

'Taker forced himself not to think as he closed his eyes, as he felt something cool and round placed into his hand, as he closed his fist around it. He heard the sound of shuffling, and then Shawn's voice, even lower than before.

"Okay, you can open your eyes."

Hunter looked down into his hand and saw a silver ring resting on his palm. He looked up and saw that the Undertaker had one as well, and was looking at Hunter with a confused expression that surely mirrored his own.

"My decision," Shawn said slowly, with great conviction. "Is that I choose you both!" His blue eyes filled with tears then, tears he had been holding back this entire time as he looked between the two men. "I'm sorry, but I realized that I loved you both too much to choose between you! Ric told me to follow my heart, and every time I tried to choose one, I would think that much more of the other! I love you both more than my own life, and I can't pretend to love only one of you! Even if I did, even if I did choose, I'd still love you both!"

With tears sliding down his face, Shawn lowered his head into his hands and let a few errant sobs escape as he stood between the two men. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I know you two wanted an answer, but this is the only answer I have. I love Mark. I love Hunter. I want to be with you both. And…that's all there is." He shook his head. "I'm sorry."

Shawn kept his head bowed, eyes closed, until a sound made him look up in surprise. He was sure that he was imagining it, but he could swear that he was hearing two sighs of…relief?

"Thank God," Hunter whispered, walking over to Shawn and embracing him warmly, somewhat startling the older man. "I thought I'd lost you for good." Hunter released him and then Shawn felt 'Taker embracing him, burying his face in the Heartbreak Kid's golden hair.

"I'm so happy," he said in a soft voice. "I was sure you wouldn't pick me."

Now Shawn was simply confused. "What?" was about all he managed as 'Taker planted a soft kiss on his lips, and then Hunter did the same. "What?"

"Shawn, don't you get it!" Triple H said with a bright smile, eyes misting. "We thought we lost you, and in the interim we realized…that you're more precious than anything, even our jealously."

"Your happiness comes first," Mark added. "And if it makes you happy to be with us both, then I'm cool with that." He took Shawn's chin in his hand, looking deeply into those liquid blue eyes. "I want you to be happy, because I love you. And, in all honesty, you've made me the happiest man in the world right now." Hunter coughed, and 'Taker smiled. "Well, one of the happiest."

Shawn shook his head, trying to intake it all. "You mean…you two aren't mad at me? You don't think I'm a stupid slut? You're not going to break up with me?"

"Hell no!" Hunter exclaimed, taking Shawn by the arms. "Shawn, when you ran away, I was terrified, and I realized that you loved 'Taker, really loved him. And if you loved him…you should be with him. I'm just…I'm just relieved that you love me too." He embraced Shawn again. "If you want us both, you can have us both, as long as I can be with you," he added in a whisper.

A sudden wave of lightheadedness passed over Shawn and he touched his forehead. "I'm going to faint," he said softly with wide eyes. "Or maybe I'm just dreaming… Yes, this is a dream, and when I wake up, you two will be mad at me…"

"How can we convince him that he's awake?" Triple H asked the Deadman, who smiled suddenly.

"I have an idea." He gently turned Shawn's face towards him a planted a soft, burning kiss on the Heartbreak Kid's open lips. Shawn groaned and closed his eyes. Suddenly he felt Hunter's lips on his, face turned the other way, and a low moan escaped him. His mind went back to the ride the three had taken in the limo that one time, but Hunter and 'Taker had been drunk then…

"Believe us now?" the Game asked in a sexy whisper. "See? We learned how to share. For real this time."

"Yeah, Shawn," the Deadman whispered, breath tickling Shawn's ear he was so close. "We three, we don't have a lot in common, really, but…we all just want to be loved."

Shawn's eyes opened at that, and he looked at the two men in awe. "This isn't a dream," he whispered. "You two really love me… You love me enough to stay with me, even now…" As much as Shawn hated crying sometimes, right now it seemed like the only thing he could do. Tears gathered again, and he tried blinking them back. "I can't believe it…"

"Believe it," Hunter said dramatically, and now he pulled away from Shawn to strike a pose. "You are now officially the luckiest man in the WWE, boyfriend of both the Game and the Undertaker."

"And of course," 'Taker added with a mischievous grin. "If there's anyone who's not down with that…"

"Well, we just got two words for them!"

"…Or three."

There was a long silence, and suddenly Shawn burst into laughter, as much as from the antics of his boyfriends as from sheer relief. He still couldn't believe it! Just when he had given up all hope of ever being happy--he had expected them to pummel him at the very least, and then possibly pummel one another again--there was suddenly more happiness than he knew what to do with.

After so much sadness…now there was love. The dream he hadn't dared to dream was now a reality, and he was looking across the room at the two men he loved more than anything, and they were both his.

"I love you two so much," he whispered, feeling his eyes mist up again, crying as he laughed.

From his hiding place in the hallway--behind a door no less--a large smile crossed Kane's face. "About damn time!" he said quietly, sighing with relief. He was truly happy for his big brother; happy that he had finally found love. "I thought those idiots would never work it out."

"Bah, I knew they'd do it," Beth said from her hiding place by his side. "I mean, they're all insane, of course, but aren't we all?"

"Indeed," Raven said from behind a well-placed plastic hotel plant. "We are all insane. But those three together are going to raise some serious hell." He laughed sadistically. "I can't wait to see it!"

Kevin Nash, who hadn't bothered to hide and was standing by the door with his ear to it, only shook his head. "Hey, maybe since they worked all that emotional shit out, Shawn will let me have a turn with his boyfriend now."

"I hope you're not referring to my brother," Kane said with a growl. Nash only smiled.

"Hell yeah, I'm talking about that sexy big brother of yours…" His eyes roamed up and down Kane's body. "Hmmm, but I'd be willing to go for Baby Brother too…Tell me, Kane, you ever been with some whose nickname was 'Sexy' before?"

Glen blushed beet red as Beth and Raven began laughing hysterically from their hiding places.

Epilogue: One week later, Shawn's hotel room

"…And the final rule: If two of us are sharing a secret from the third, it must remain a secret, unless the two agree to share it." Shawn smiled and closed the notebook entitled "Modified Rules." Triple H, familiar with the rules, simply nodded, and poor 'Taker was scratching his head at the end.

"So," the Deadman asked after a moment. "If you and Hunter are keeping a secret from me…I can't know until you both decide to tell me? That seems kind of random."

"Oh, but it isn't," Shawn said with a laugh, looking at the Game and winking.

Hunter gave Shawn a bright smile, and gave a small nod to the Undertaker before heading out. "I'll give you two some time alone," he said with a snicker before heading out the door.

The Undertaker watched him go with a raised eyebrow before turning back to Shawn. "What are you planning?" he asked carefully. "You have 'trouble' written all over your face…Wait a minute…You two have a secret already!"

"Whatever are you talking about?" Shawn asked innocently, reaching into the pocket of his jeans. Suddenly, his expression became serious, deadly serious, and he dropped to one knee, holding something tightly in his left hand. 'Taker's eyes widened.

"Shawn, what are you…?"

"You know I love you," Shawn began honestly, taking Mark's hand in his free one and kissing it lightly. "And I know for certain that I'll never stop loving you. Ever. So I think the time is right for me to give you something…" His left hand clenched around whatever it was holding and he couldn't help but smile seeing his boyfriend's jaw drop to the floor.

The Undertaker was utterly and completely stunned as he stood there, staring at Shawn Michaels, and found himself unable to move. "Shawn you're not…" His throat went dry and he swallowed hard, unable to form a single thought.

"I want to give this to you now, I mean, why wait?" Shawn said softly, smile still playing on his lips.

"But what about Hunter!" Mark blurted out before he could stop himself.

"He knows already, and he's cool with it. But this isn't about Hunter right now." Shawn brought his left hand forwards. "Mark, you're one of the greatest things to ever happen to me…"

"You're not…going to…" 'Taker clear green eyes, already wide, threatened to fall out of his head as Shawn slowly opened his hand to reveal…

A key.

A goddamn key.

"Gotcha!" HBK said with a mischievous smile, falling to the floor and going into a laughing fit at the look on Mark's face.

"That's not funny!" the Undertaker yelled when he could breathe and think again, putting Shawn in a side headlock, blushing. "You're evil!"

Shawn was still laughing even as he managed to slide out of 'Taker's grasp, putting some distance between them. "Aren't you even curious about what this is a key to?"

The Undertaker, still beet red, shrugged. "Let me guess…the key to your heart, or something ridiculous like that?"

"Cute," Shawn laughed. "But no." He tossed the key to the Deadman, who caught it easily. "It's the key to my house. I…I want you to move in with me." The Heartbreak Kid looked shyly away. "Hunter has a key too, and a room. I know we don't get much time off, but when we do… I want to spend it with you too."

'Taker looked down at the tiny metal key in awe. "Shawn…thank you…" he said in a low voice, going over to Shawn and hugging him warmly. "This means the world to me…" He kissed Shawn's lips lightly, smiling. "God, this makes me so happy… I can move it tonight, if you want."

Shawn shook his head. "Hmm, I think you're going to be otherwise occupied tonight," he said with a wicked grin. "There's a bed in a hotel room with your name on it. And I doubt you'll feel like moving in when I'm done with ya." He let his arm slide around Mark's waist, grin widening as he saw the blush on his lover's face. "In fact, I don't think you're gonna want to move at all…not for a day or two, at least." He suddenly turned towards the door. "Alright, Hunt, stop recording!" he called out.

The Undertaker's jaw dropped again. "He was recording all of that?!" he asked, panicking. "If Kane sees that…" He ran over to the door, throwing it open just in time to see Triple H sprinting down the hallway, laughing his ass off the whole way, heading straight for…

Kane's room.

"Helmsley! No!" the Deadman called, taking off after Hunter. "Nooooooooo!"

Shawn, meanwhile, was on the floor in his room, rolling around the carpet, again, laughing hysterically.


To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.

--David Viscott

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