Orochimaru's Burdened Love

Chapter One

Orochimaru slowly strode down a road in a small village on his way to his secret hide out. As he passed by a group of villagers with worried looks on their faces he overheard them say things about girl, strong, death, and kill. "What is this you are talking about?" he said in his snakelike voice. "There is a young girl in our village and she has gone crazy!" One man yelled.

"She is the pride of our village, young and beautiful she has always been very kind and peaceful, but all of the sudden she went crazy and is killing our people!" an old man said. "Please help us stranger!" a brown haired man pleaded. "We can't kill her we will pay heavily!" a man yelled.

He thought to himself "I could use some extra money and maybe a new minion, this could be fu…" Loud screams interrupted his train of thoughts as the men ran and a girl around the age of ten came up with a bloody body in her hands and an evil smirk on her face.

The girl wore a black kimono and a red ribbon cinching it at her waist. There was another red ribbon tying her long black hair in a high pony tail. The odd thing was that two ribbons were on her wrists. The oddest part was that the ribbons on her wrists were almost floating up, while they were still connected to her wrists and moved with her hands almost like she controlled them. She was very beautiful just like what the men said, but she had an odd ghostly appearance.

"Fight me." She looked up into his face and smiled and he could see she had bloodstained fangs, still dripping down the side of her mouth. She chuckled then ran at him with speed far too fast for someone her own age. He dodged her by a hair as she flung the floating ribbons at him with a flick of her hand.

He was slightly unnerved by the odd girl, but masked it behind his stone face. "Quit running and play with me, I want to taste your blood!" she giggled. He kept dodging her attacks silently measuring her speed and chakra. She just kept lunging at him with lightning speed. Finally, he let her attack him to measure her attack. She spun, whipping the ribbons around her, cutting his whole body. He was surprised to see the ribbons were sharp and were very good weapons. They definitely were not normal, like this little girl.

"So you want a fight?" he spoke. "What have I been saying this whole time?" she retorted. He sped at her at a fast speed and tried to strike her, but she was too fast and dodged him and stuck her ribbons in his back, causing a sharp pain. Surprised, he stepped it up a notch going at her like a snake in water, fast and light. He kicked her across the face, hard.

The look in her eyes could make people drop dead. She spat out blood and her eyes slowly changed from a light red to dark crimson and she went after him. She missed a few times as he blocked, then she got him by the neck and as her ribbons slowly slid around his neck about to choke him. Before they had clasped he slid his two fingers underneath and pulled, but to his amazement the ribbons were strong and sharp and cut his hands.

As he struggled with the ribbons attached to her wrists she sniffed his skin and just as she was about to bite he pulled the ribbons off and kicked her in the stomach and she went flying. She ended up sprawled on the ground a few feet away.

"Girl, you are strong" "Become my minion and you could get stronger, come with me and train and get powerful enough to maybe even defeat me soon." He spoke to her in a light tone as it was obvious she was becoming slightly tired and was spitting up blood.

She hissed and ran at him landing a hard blow to his cheek. He was unaffected in the slightest bit. He punched her hard in the gut and ounce again she went sprawling. "Why would you want a lowly person like me with you?" she spoke between coughs. "You are strong, much stronger than any person even close to your age, maybe even stronger than my other minions." He spoke. She kept getting up and hitting, punching, and stabbing with her ribbons for another good hour, just to be sent to the ground.

Finally, she couldn't get up and even he was breathing hard. "Take me as your master, girl, become stronger, and use your abilities to their full potential. Come with me." "I will come, but you must call me Kanna. That is my real name." With that she passed out and he carried her to a motel and laid her down as he thought to himself about how to deal with this new burden.

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