It was everywhere. Staining his clothes and her clothes, making them seep with wetness. The smell was overpowering, as it poured from her body in streams of ruby. The blood. Kanna's blood, it was everywhere. Kabuto wouldn't be able to distinguish where her wounds were if it weren't for the large tears of swords that had been spread all over her body. It felt so overwhelming.

This was so surprising, she was fine one moment and the next she is half dead. He knew what he had to do though. He had to suppress the blood flow and save the small amount of blood that was left in her, but first he had to start her breathing. He wasn't sure how long she had been unbreathing, but at least she was still warm. Kabuto didn't know what would happen to him if Orochimaru's favorite student and potential lover were to die in Kabuto's hands. He would most likely end up dying also. Kabuto was thoroughly stuck between a rock and a hard place.

After a little while of CPR Kabuto had successfully reawakened Kanna from her death, but she was still in a coma. He had removed the sword on the spot from her back, which left him with a large hole that ever –so-slightly missed the girl's spinal cord. Kabuto felt like the luckiest man in the world to be so skilled at the art of healing. He didn't know what he would do if she died.

He undid her kimono, which was soaked in blood, and threw it to the side. He looked at the extent of her wounds and cringed at the severity of the gashes covering her body. Blood pouring from the various slash marks covering her lithe frame, with a slight trickle still coming from her mouth. It brought tears to his eyes. Even though he would most likely die if she died, he still hated to see her like this. It pained him, but he didn't have time to cry, he needed to do all in his power to prevent any happening to her.

He gently placed both his hands over the wound on her stomach. It was deep, very deep. He emitted a very steady flow of chakra. The wound very slowly began to weave back to its original form, skin and meat weaving together to make her ever perfect stomach, with a very fresh scar that stretched about six inches long.

Kabuto did this for each of the various wounds, which spread all over her body, but with each wound he grew more and more tired. With each healed wound a scar grew in its place. When Kabuto was almost done he looked at her last wound. It was the scariest thing he had ever seen, the gash on her back. It was massive, when he had dislodged the sword from her back previously he knew that if Kanna were to die, it would be from this wound.

Kabuto flipped Kanna onto her stomach and worked on all he small wounds, removing her bra to finish up her last wound. His chakra was running low, but this final wound was his final goal before he most likely passed out. He placed his hands over the large wound. He let his chakra flow, nothing happened. He let even more out, feeling light-headed. The slightest sign of healing occurred when the wound began to glow and weave ever so slowly, but by the looks of it he would be asleep before it fully healed.

He was fighting for consciousness when he let the floodgates of his chakra open wide, releasing all of the rest of his chakra out, in his last fevered attempt to revive the girl. He felt himself give way and his eyes rolled back, but she wasn't fully healed.

As Kabuto was about on empty, a firm grip was placed on his wrist. When he began to fall down to the ground in a tired slump, he saw his beautiful angel looking at him.

She tore the uncomfortable hands from her back and looked to find Kabuto pass out. She watched him lay down and watched him for a moment. She attempted to stand, but fell down immediately to her knees and a flurry of coughs erupted from her weak chest. Blood came up from her lungs and she coughed it up, almost gagging.

With emptying the blood from her lungs she felt better, but on her back, a large, open, fleshy wound, covered from her shoulder blades to her lower back, not yet fully healed. She inspected her half naked body, covered by only her panties and found heself braless. She was covered with scars. They were all over her body. Her once beautiful clean-slate body was now plastered with the marks, big and small ones. She growled, hating the sight.

She unsteadily rose from the ground. Feeling wobbly, but quickly reclaimed her composure. A large pool of blood was massive, surrounding her and the unconscious Kabuto. So Kanna quickly dragged him out of the pool, silently cursing his weight on her shaky arms. She stripped him of his shirt and did the same to her bloody panties, throwing them to the side and wearing his shirt as a small dress.

She slowly walked away. She shook wildly, and had a slight limp. For the few minutes that she walked all she could do was hope that the river was not too far away, she felt overwhelmingly grimy, her skin was dyed red by the pool of blood she had lain in, although she had no idea how long she had been like that.

After a good thirty minutes of her limping walk she came upon a river that was sheltered by trees and felt decently secluded. A build up of rocks caused for the water to pool in a small area, like a bath tub, she thought.

She took off Kabuto's purple, blood stained shirt and threw it to the ground, now completely naked to the world and lowered herself into the cool water. A painful hiss escaped her lips when the wound came in contact with the water, but as she grew used to it the water cooled the burning wound.

Kanna sat in the water, which came to right over her breasts. A contented mood came upon her and she relaxed backwards, laying her head on a rock, being careful not to touch her tender back to anything. She started to scrub her skin, watching the pink flow from her body and down, out of her makeshift tub. She went under water, wetting her long black locks. When she surfaced it was plastered to her body. She moved it, so as not to let it irritate her back, and placed it on her shoulder.

When her skin and hair was thoroughly clean she sat back down and sighed. Kanna became immediately aware of eyes watching her; she felt a presence to her right. The presence was familiar, thankfully.

"Orochimaru." She whispered. Kanna looked to find him walk out into the small clearing, a smile gracing his pale face. He was in his green, Leaf Village vest, with his long hair trailing down his back in a pony tail that reached halfway down his back.

"Room for two?" the hissed words made Kanna shivered and she nodded in reply. Orochimaru slowly relinquished his clothes, taking them off slowly article by article, never taking his eyes from hers. She watched him with hungry red eyes, making sure to not miss any move he made, until he was completely naked, like her. She gulped, seeing all of his flesh made her feel hot and she smiled at the feeling.

He lowered himself into the water; standing in front of her while she sat in awe. He dropped to her level and kissed her with built up ferocity. When Kanna pulled away for a panting breath, and Orochimaru took the chance to feel around her neck with his tongue, making her intake of breathe fast. He kissed and licked her neck, gently sucking when needed.

Kanna released a sigh when he released her neck, but a scream wracked Kanna's throat when his arms wrapped around her small body. Snapping out of his lust-filled trance Orochimaru flinched and pulled her standing by her shoulder.

"What is wrong with you Kanna?" he asked, a slight hint of worry lacing his words. She looked away, embarrassed by the way she had reacted, but the pain that filled her body when her wound was touched was overwhelming.

"Turn around, Kanna."


"I said turn around!" Anger now imminent on his face.


With one swift movement Orochimaru picked the girl up and flipped her around. Everything was quiet; Kanna didn't dare move for fear of what he might do to her. After a little while of this quiet she turned to him.

"Orochimaru?" He just stood there, but finally looked down at her scarred body, looking at her with eyes filled with mixed emotions of pain and anger. He trailed his fingers along the large scar on her stomach for a second, and slowly brought his hand to her face. His cold hand caressed her face for a moment as he looked into her eyes before he spoke.

"Kanna… your body… what did you do to your perfect body?" his voice sounded as if he was pleading. Kanna looked away, but his hand brought her eyes back to his.

"The priests found me… they were so strong … I killed them all, but one did this to my back before he died. I'm sorry Orochimaru, I won't disgrace you with my broken body." Kanna made a move to leave, but his arms captured her, wrapping around her body, but missing her back, holding her bottom instead. His lips covered hers, kissing her slowly and passionately, his tongue tasting hers. After the initial shock she returned the slow kiss, opening her mouth for his tongue's scrutiny.

"You scars look delicious, I'll make sure to lick everyone. You're perfect any way you are, now that I know how every inch of your body looks." He went back to kissing her, with an even more passionate kiss then before, making her moan

Kanna felt around his body, feeling his abs, touching each individual muscle, she felt around his hips, making her way around his back. Kanna gripped his strong shoulders as she placed a fiery kiss upon his lips. A band of fabric kept Orochimaru's pony tail in a tight, orderly fashion. She ripped it out, letting his hair cascade down his back.

Kanna broke the kiss and gave him a devilish grin, causing his eyebrow to lift. She reached around his waist grabbing his firm butt and gave it a good squeeze, making Orochimaru give a slight jump. He laughed slightly and lifted her into his arms and sat down on the rock she had been sitting on and placed her on his lap, with her legs on either side of him.

The pair resumed their fiery kisses with even more vigor. He laced one of his hands in her wet hair and put the other under her butt. Kanna forced her tongue into his mouth before he had the chance to do the same to her and swirled it around, trying to feel every inch. His tongue met hers and tasted each other in a wet dance. Kanna pulled away again and went straight for his ear. She took the lobe in her mouth and ran her teeth over it, while doing the same with her tongue. She moved up to the pointed top and sucked, a groan coming from Orochimaru's mouth.

"You think you have skill with your tongue, girl? Well you don't know anything." the whispered threat made Kanna shake with anticipation. Orochimaru's very VERY long tongue uncoiled from his mouth and ran over her neck, licking her throat and collar bone. It slowly made its way down her shoulders and stopped at her left breast, feeling over her hardening nipples. Kanna's breathing was reduced to nothing but short gasping pants.

"Oh, Orochi." She breathed out heavily. The feeling overcame her in waves. She opened her eyes and saw the smile on his face as he did his work. Kanna wrapped her arms around his strong back and pulled their bodies together, she could feel the hard mass beneath her and moved her hips into it, making him intake his tongue and groan loudly.

Kanna kept up the rhythm with her hips and continued her assault on his mouth. His labored pants grew with the rhythm of her body and tongue. He took his hand out from under her and made his way to her womanhood. He teased the outside, making her gasp and stop her rhythm, he kept this up until she gathered herself again and kissed him with the ferocity of a demon.

"Orochimaru, quit teasing me and just do it!" her request made him smile. When her plead went unheeded she kissed him harder and snaked her arm down to his shaft, gripping it firmly.

"No." Kanna's eyes went wide and she snapped out of her stupor, releasing the kiss and looking at his eyes.

"No?" Orochimaru took her hand from his burning member and removed his from her warm folds.

"Kabuto is coming. I sense him. I must leave." Orochimaru got up and took her off his lap and replaced her to the previous spot she had sat in.

"But Orochimaru! I need you!" He flinched at the words, but continued out of the water.

"We will finish this soon, but you are not to be hurt again. Do you hear me? Which means no fighting in the Chunin preliminaries."

"No! I must fight! Orochimaru! Don't do th-" she was cut off by Orochimaru.

"I said no!" the barked order made Kanna flinch and look away. Orochimaru was fully dressed now, having dressed during their argument and came to the edge of the water and leaned down to her face her.

"You must obey my order, now kiss me before I leave." She turned to his face, measuring the amount of truth that he had said. She found that in his eyes she saw the caring love that she had seen in his eyes and that he meant what he said. She kissed his lips and a second later he was gone.

"Goodbye, my love." Nothing but the air was there to listen, but somehow she knew that he had heard. She sat there for a moment, sadness overcoming her, but her thoughts were interrupted.

"Kanna?" Kabuto came out into the clearing, shirtless, but holding her pack. He gave her a small feeble smile but sat the pack with her clothes at the edge of the water and went to sit at the base of a tree, facing the opposite direction.

"You must be feeling better to have walked all the way out here. I woke up and you were gone again. I don't think I've ever been so worried. Nor have I ever used that much chakra on a healing, I am actually surprised you didn't die, the sword that was lodged in you back was massive. How are you feeling now?"

While Kabuto had been talking Kanna had dressed in her kimono, being careful not to touch the wound on her back, not even putting on a bra. She came to stand in front of him and he stood up facing her, smiling sweetly and in a very genuine way, which isn't like him at all.

"I'm feeling much better. Thank you very much, Kabuto. I'm in your debt, although my back is still very sore."

"May I see it? I have enough chakra to stop the pain." Kanna turned and undid her small kimono, holding it up so nothing would show, but so the large mark could be seen. She looked over her shoulder as he ran his warm hands over her back, wherever his hands went the pain was soothed and she sighed in relaxation.

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes, very. Thanks." After a few minutes the pain had been taken away and Kanna actually felt much better for such a short treatment, but didn't want him to stop.

Kabuto felt the vibes she was giving and brought his hands with the very light flow of chakra to her shoulders and slowly rubbed them. Kanna sighed, the feeling lulling her. He wrapped his arms around to the front of her, her fresh scars that once had a slight ache felt as if cool water had been run over them. He stopped the flow of chakra going through his hands and they stood there for a moment, in a warm, soft hug.

Kabuto lay a sweet kiss on her cheek and let her go.

"Come. We need to go." He smiled at her while she tied her kimono and they walked with each other to the meeting spot with the other ninja.

Kanna thought "Something is different about Kabuto…"

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