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Sakura smiled happily, resting in Naruto's arms as she glanced around at all her friends.

"Aw, Ino, it was so nice of you to throw me a surprise birthday party!" she gushed, glancing around at the lights and the huge pile of presents.

Everyone had come. Everyone, as in, well, everyone.

Ino just rolled her eyes and dragged her out of Naruto's arms.

"Well, I threw you the party so you wouldn't spend all your time in Naruto's arms on your birthday, but I can see that part is NOT working very well. So...DANCE!"

Ino threw Sakura into the pulsing crowd, which separated and started screaming

"Birthday girl! Dance! Dance! Dance!" except for Sasuke, who just smirked in a corner. Poor Neji was being dragged around by Tenten, who beamed at Sakura happily and gave her a thumbs up. Sakura laughed and started dancing to the beat, winking at Naruto and twirling around.

She spun around three more times but was suddenly engulfed in Naruto's embrace as he joined her on the now overcrowded dance floor. Over his shoulder she could see Kakashi and Gai drunk, loud, and dancing uproariously. She stifled a chuckle as the song turned to slow dancing.

Naruto stepped back and got down on one knee. Sakura's breath caught as she remembered the day they were engaged.

"Sakura...maybe I have this dance with the loveliest woman in this room?" Sakura's eyes filled with happy tears before the sweet moment was interrupted.

"Actually, I think Anko's the hottest!" Kakashi giggled, stumbling in between the two. Gai ran after him.

"No, Kurenai's the prettiest!" Said kunoichi both blushed deeply and giggled, starting to whisper to each other.

Sakura grinned and was about to accept Naruto's request again when Neji's calm, cool voice came floating across the room.

"NO, Tenten, I did not nod in agreement when Naruto said Sakura was the prettiest girl in this room. You know who I think is...," he winked at her suavely.

Tenten blushed and muttered something inaudible back. Sakura started laughing so uncontrollably that she had to grab onto Naruto's shoulders for support, and he stood up and spun her around, settling into a slow dance.

Sasuke and Kamari swayed next to them, and their eyes met.

They shared the same soft smiles and then Rookie 9 plus Team Gai piled all around them, forming into a huge group facing the camera.



"ouch, Lee, next time please tone down the wattage of your smile. It really hurts my eyes to look at this picture."






"I'll catch the dolphin! I've always wanted one as a pet..."


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