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The Witch Trial

The chief justice looked down at the woman in his stern, yet only half interested manner. "Well then, Miss Mureshi, you have heard the testimony of those against you. Have you no one to call upon to speak in your defence?"

To the untrained eye it would seem she was as composed as ever, standing there in front of her seat on the bench below the jurors. But, to InuYasha and Kagome, she looked tired and broken as she stared down at the floor boards, her hair, which was normally so well kept, now hanging haphazard from beneath her bonnet, dull and limp. She did not raise her eyes to the judge as she answered, "No, Your Excellency," in that well known, cold, indifferent tone.

The judge's eyebrows rose slightly at this. How did she expect to uphold her plea of not guilty if she had nothing but her own word to defend her?

"'Tis because no one would come," a disembodied voice sneered in a high-pitched whisper, "Who would care if Kikyou Mureshi were hanged?"

The judge glared. "Order. Order will be held in the courtroom Miss," he drawled lazily, "If this is true, and you indeed have brought no witnesses," he gestured to the large number of spectators in the room, "Is there no one seated here that would come forth and speak for you?"

Kikyou raised her sorrowful eyes and turned to the crowd, she lightly scanned the many men on the benches, briefly holding the golden gaze of the one person she had called her friend in earlier years, before turning back to the high backed chair of the judge. " No, Sir-"

"I will speak for her."

There were many gasps and disbelieving snorts as all eyes turned their focus to the back of the room where the strong voice had come from. Many eyes widened as they were met with the very confident looking Kagome Higurashi standing, waiting to be recognized.

"Miss Higurashi, were you not earlier used as a witness against Miss Mureshi?" the judge asked, his tone inquisitive.

"I was asked here, Your Excellency, as a witness to a confrontation between the accused and another witness, not to help convict her."

The judge sat forward in his seat, now fully interested in the goings on. "Very well, then. Mr. Sheriff, if you would formally call the witness, please."

The sound of the long poll hitting the floorboards echoed through the hall again. "The justice calls Miss Kagome Higurashi of Williamsburg, Virginia to stand as a witness in defense of Miss Kikyou Mureshi in this trial of alleged witchcraft," the sheriff boomed, seemingly unaffected by the new events.

Dutifully, the young, raven-haired governess strode to the open space at the front of the room, ignoring the hateful stares and astonished whispers. She only briefly met InuYasha's gaze, to which he nodded his encouragement, before stepping in front of the raised judge and jury platform. Even Kikyou herself looked stunned as she moved aside to admit the girl.

As the whispers continued, their volume increased, causing the judge's patience to thin. "I will have order in this court!" he bellowed irritably, "Why is there such commotion just because this girl wishes to speak in defense of the accused?"

"Forgive them, Your Excellence." Kagome spoke up, giving a small curtsey to the judge as he turned his gaze back down to her. Dark blue eyes confidently met his, and she continued. "Being not of this town, you would not know the everyday goings on. It is a known fact to most of Williamsburg that Miss Kikyou and myself have certain…grievances betwixt us, and I am unable, regrettably so, to hold my tongue at times when her demeanor arouses my temper."

The judge's eyes widened in surprise at the confession. "And yet you would speak to defend her?"

"I would, Sir." She replied solemnly. "Her demeanor may be disagreeable at times, but I swear to you, she is no witch."

"Well, proceed then." He motioned for the bible to be brought forth. Kagome placed her right hand upon it and her left in the air as was custom.

"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" the sheriff recited.

"I so swear." She turned back to the judge and he gave her a nod to begin.

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