A/N: Konichiwa, minna-san! Here's another little snippit of mine. This is actually something I might write more bits of here and there. The short basis of the story is this: InuYasha, a normal, human, high school student in Tokyo visits an takes a job at an old shrine in his neighborhood to help out the old priestess Kaede(per his mother's 'request'). While cleaning out the ancient well-house he falls into the well and gets transported to some weird magical realm (ha! Fooled you didn't I?). The magic in the well, which seems to have a mind of its own, helps him out by giving him a way to blend in with the locals (he now looks like the hanyou we love). This starts not long after he pulls him out of the well. Just know that he has already found out about his change in looks thanks to some conveniently place puddle of water/pond or something.

Disclaimer: Everything you happen to recognize from the show/manga belongs to Ramiko Takahashi-sama, everything that seems new belongs to me…sort of.

Magic and Mayhem


He couldn't believe it. Where their had once been an old shrine overlooking the massive, modern city of Tokyo, now stood a large forest made up of enormous trees, some bigger than he'd ever seen. Thick vines twisted around each other and hung from high, leafy limbs. The floor was covered with green grass, moss, and the usual organic debris. It was shaded and cool, with beams of sun streaming through the canopy of greenery high above. There was no other explanation. He had to be dreaming. Then again…when was the last time he dreamed up a place that seemed so…magical.

InuYasha snapped out of his thoughts and shook his head. 'Listen to me. I sound like a six year old girl.' His golden eyes scanned the scenery again. "This is weird." he said distastefully, and began walking forward slowly, weary of his new surroundings. The fallen leaves and twigs crunched beneath his sneaker-clad feet as he rounded another tree. The faintest sound of laughter reached his now triangular shaped ears making them twitch sporadically. Good, that meant there was some form of intelligent life around here. Now if he could only find out where the sound was coming from… Another small giggle caught his attention. Keeping tabs on the well he came through, the now silver haired boy moved in the direction of the gleeful sounds, stopping at one of the larger trees several yards away. The sounds stopped and he looked around in confusion.

Suddenly, a high pitched shriek broke the relative silence of the forest. InuYasha looked up for the source to find a large something falling towards him. Instinctually, he raised his arms and caught it with an 'ooff'. It turned out to be a she as the dog-eared boy focused on the teenage girl now sprawled in his out reached arms with her eyes tightly shut in anticipation of making contact with the hard ground. No older than six or seventeen, she had mid-length, onyx hair, fair, creamy skin, and clothed in only a short green and white kimono wrapped tightly around her slim form. InuYasha absently thought how all in all, she was very good looking as first one, then both stormy blue eyes blinked open with a look of amazed bewilderment. She looked around her, then down at her self suspended in midair, then up to the person holding her there. Their eyes met and her countenance brightened instantly.

"Thanks for the save!" she chirped joyfully.

InuYasha just stared at her for a moment. Then his features hardened into a glare. "Where the fuck did you come from?" he asked in his usual annoyed tone.

She blinked at him. "The tree." she stated in a matter-of-fact voice.

His annoyance grew with her tone. "What the hell were you doing in a tree?" not that he cared.

She gave him a look. "Climbing it, what else?" she answered as if he should have already known.

Now she was getting on his nerves. "And why would you want to climb a tree?"

She huffed at him. "To get to the top, of course!" she tried to raise her arms in frustration, causing her to nearly slip through InuYasha's arms before she was able to awkwardly regain her balance.

'Ok, that's enough!'InuYasha's patience was running out. "Riiight," he drew out the word, "I'm just going to put you down now." He lowered the strange girl out of his cradled arms, to which she gratefully stepped back onto solid ground.

Standing firmly, once again, on her own two, bare feet, the girl straitened up and held out her hand. "I'm Kagome!" she said, her blue eyes dancing happily.

InuYasha eyed her and tentatively gave her hand a small shake. "InuYasha."

Kagome opened her mouth to say more, but was interrupted by a shill cry of her name from back up in the tree. "Kagomeeeeeee!" A small…creature came running down the trunk of said tree and promptly leapt into said girl's arms. "Kagome!" it squealed again, far to loudly for InuYasha's comfort, "Kagome, I got to the top, and I heard you scream, so I had to run aaall the way back down to make sure you were alright!" the red haired thing took another breath, "So, are you alright?" it asked worriedly.

Kagome smiled. "I'm fine Shippou."

InuYasha stared at the new arrival. Was that a tail? "What…is that?"

Kagome smiled again and held out the creature whose name was apparently Shippou. "InuYasha, this is my little friend Shippou."

The silver-haired boy sighed. "Yeah, I got that much. But what is he? A talking squirrel?"

The raven haired teen giggled. "No silly, he's a kitsune youkai. Like how you're and inu hanyou."

InuYasha looked at her as if she were, well, crazy. "I'm a what?" he asked incredulously.

Kagome blinked at him. "Well you look like a hanyou."

"I look like a freak." he griped.

"Well I think you look cute." Kagome said with finality, "Just look at these ears!" she giggled and snagged one of the furry appendages giving it a thorough rubbing.

InuYasha relaxed a little at her ministrations. 'Wow, that actually feels pretty good.' he felt a purr wanting to start up and his eyes shot open, 'Wait! No! Touching the ears is bad!' He swatted her hand away hastily. "Would you quit that." he growled. 'Damn that's going to take some getting used to.' Kagome giggled again. He glared at her. "So what, are you? Just a human or something?"

"Kagome's not just a human! She's a miko!" Shippou piped up.

Kagome quickly covered his mouth with her hand. "Shippou! How many time have I told you not to go shouting that around?" she admonished, "You could get me into some serious trouble!"

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