Meet Cornelius

by Futuramakid.

DISCLAIMER: I own neither Meet the Robinsons or Kim Possible.

The Robinson house. July, 2007. 6 months since the adoption.

Cornelius nodded looking at his machine. The machine was obviously derivative of the memory scanner, as it used similar technology for a similar goal. He had finally completed his point of view machine. Behind him stood his girlfriend, Franny. The machine had spawned from a trivial argument of theirs that ended with the words "You just don't get it, do you?"

"So, Lewis," she said, "is the machine ready to be used?"

"It should, Franny," he said, "and now we can finally see who's right."

He puled the scratchbuilt helmets out.

"You ready?" he asked her, as they put them on.

"Any time," she said, "I trust you."

He pushed in the red button.

Suddenly, Franny's viewpoint entered his mind, and he saw it as she did. She was just as right as he was. At the same time, she experienced the converse. They removed the helmets.



"You go."

"No, you go."

"Ok, then. You were right."

"I knew it," she said, fighting the urge to say the same of him.

He chuckled. He supposed she did.

"Franny, do you know what this thing could do for negotiations?" he asked.

"No more guild strikes, heck, no more wars!" he said excitedly.

"Cornelius, that's great!" she said.

Unbeknown to them, a spy, code named Morpheus Pink, heard every word. This is exactly what Gemini needed. It would make an excellent recruitment device, with some modifications...


Wade browsed the forums. He noticed one up-and-coming poster there that seemed to be on his level. He seemed a bit full of himself, though. The screenname? FatherOfTheFuture.

The Robinson house. 2037. 6 months since the Doris incident.

Wilbur Robinson awoke with a start. He realized a problem that eluded him months earlier- Time Machine #2 is still in the present! Hmm, he thought, this would be a good reason to visit Dad in the past again... After all, he would need someone to pilot the other time machine back to the future... And he had missed his best friend.

The Robinson house. July, 2007. The Next Morning.

"It's gone!" Cornelius said, alarmed.

"What's the commotion, son?" Bud said, entering his son's room. His pajamas, like his normal clothes, were on him backwards.

"My latest invention! It's been stolen!" Cornelius explained to his father. He turned and noticed a hole cut in the glass. It was clearly the work of an expert.

"I have a feeling only one person can help me now," he said.

"Who's that, son?" Bud asked.

"Kim Possible," Cornelius said.

Middleton. The Bueno Nacho. A few hours later.


Kim pushed the accept button on her Kimmunicator.

"What do you have for me, Wade?" she asked.

"An important mission," Wade replied, "A friend of mine from has had an invention stolen, and if it does what he says it does, we could be in trouble."
"Who's the friend?" she asked.

"Cornelius Robinson," Wade replied, "a 13 year old kid with my level genius. The invention is a point of view machine. It enables a person to see others points of view for a short while. The way it was built, it has no real danger, but if a villain was to get a hold of it and re-engineer some of it, we could have a major crisis."

"We're on it, Wade," she said.

"He's taken the liberty of getting you a ride to Anderson Observatory for me. It's his mom, Lucille Krunklehorn-Robinson."

"As in..."

"Yes. The famous scientist."