-1Chapter 15: The Epilogue

Disclaimer: I do not own Sky High or any of the characters related

Well after the more professional hero's came and took Royal Pain away to a super villain prison. Lash, Speed, and the copy girl were all locked away in a prison that negated there powers, they would get out by next year school year but they would have to redo this whole year. We were given the award that was suppose to go to The Commander and Jetstream. The homecoming continued without any other problems my sister and Will hooked up and were dancing outside in the air thanks to Sarah's wings and Will's ability to fly apparently. The rest of the year went by pretty fast with nothing anymore exciting to happen during it. Finally the end of the year came and we all graduated at the top of our classes. Megenta made it to hero classes along with Layla so we were going to be in the same classes next year which made us super happy. But right now it was summer and we were going to enjoy it.

Author's Notes

Alright there it is the epilogue the end of this book. Hope everyone liked it!! Again I want your idea's if I should continue a sophomore year. Also I am right now giving anyone and everyone permission to use my characters in there own story if they so wish that's what this is for after all.