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Clouds and Kisses

Temari P.O.V

I looked up at the clouds, I've been here for exactly one hour and I was pissed. Where the Hell is my frickin' guide. Crybaby's probably too bloody lazy to come. I know exactly where he is and I'm gonna kick his ass. I headed toward the hill, jumping from tree to tree.

I froze in the tree, forgetting all about the things I had planned to say, to threaten. I watched them, on our hill, doing what we used to do. She caressed his cheek, whispering sweet nothingness in his ears. Her bright blue eyes locking with his dull black ones. He whispered something in her ear, she laughed, he kissed her. It wasn't anything really, just a peck on the mouth, barely a second. Like our first kiss.


Normal P.O.V

Shikamaru was showing his signature position, lying down with both hands supporting his head, typical Shikamaru, when all the sudden a too familiar voice yelled, "Oi, crybaby!".

"What troublesome woman?"

Temari then swiftly pulled out her fan and whacked him in the back of his head. "You are my guide baka!" Temari told him, growing more and more irritated by the second.

"Ouch...Why did you have to hit me? Find your way by yourself troublesome woman."

Temari, having reached her limit, grabbed for her fan, raised it and hit him again. She glared at him and if looks could kill he'd be six feet under. She began to leave muttering inaudible profanities.

Shikamaru rubbed his head with his hand and called her back.

YOU BETTER NOT WASTE MY TIME NARA! I HAVE IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS FOR THE HOKAGE! IF YOU EVEN-" she ranted, only to be silenced by his lips slamming into hers. Their lips parted and she looked down, a tinge of pink on her cheeks.

"There troublesome woman. Now I know how to shut you up." he declared almost proudly. Temari, realizing that she was blushing, turned her head and tried to remind herself that he was nothing but a chauvinistic pig, stuttered for a retort.

"Y...you...I. why..." she stuttered out, only to be interrupted yet again.

"Lost your voice woman?" Shikamaru teased, smirking just to annoy her. Spulled out her fan and smiled wickedly.

"You're dead Nara!" she threatened in an icy tone, sounding a lot like Gaara. Shikamaru's smirk faded and his expression changed to fear.

Shikamaru was hospitalized for five days.

That scroll never got to the Hokage.

End Flashback

Temari P.O.V

I wiped my eyes on my sleeve and turned around, fully ready to leave.

This is my last visit.