A new writing project!

I'm thinking of this being a three, four chapter story. I don't know how this'll go, though. We'll see!


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Kurosaki Ichigo collapsed onto his bed. Thanks to a sudden slew of Hollows that needed to be dealt with, his entire afternoon had been wasted. His teacher had been kind enough to choose the day after tomorrow as the due date for all the projects she had assigned, much to the horror of her protesting students. Being the devoted student he was, he had procrastinated, along with the rest of his classmates. Now he had only two days to complete work that was supposed to have been finished over a span of two weeks.

He sat down in his chair, grudgingly picking up his pencil. He scrawled his name at the right hand corner of his project paper. Little did he know it was the last mark he would make for the rest of the evening.

Writing utensil poised, he aimed it, ready to while away the hours with boring, pointless work.

The room suddenly went dark.

Surprised, he dropped his pencil with a clatter.

The paper's words became visible once more.

And vanished again.

He blinked, temporarily nonplussed. The light went on and off three times in quick succession, annoying him to no end. He needed to work, and the light bulb had chosen the worst time to beg for a change.

Scowling, he rose, beginning to gather up his school materials. He would work downstairs, and pummel his dad if Isshin tried to disturb him.

Just as he stood up, his arms full, he heard it.

A soft sigh of awe.

He slammed everything back onto the desk, realizing who the culprit was. He should have known. "RUKIA! Damn it, stop playing with my light switch! I have work to do!"

A petite, pouting dark haired girl stepped into view, looking frustrated. "Don't you understand how marvelous an invention this is? With one miniscule movement, light is bestowed to the user! You're so ungrateful, Ichigo!"

The strawberry groaned. He had completely forgotten about Rukia's latest human obsession: electricity, particularly light switches. She pestered him with questions around the clock, even poking him awake at three in the morning to ask if electricity was made from reiatsu. Normally, he answered her with short replies, and unloaded her onto poor Karin and Yuzu if she got too annoying or detailed.

"What the hell do you want?"

"I just wanted to know if-"

"NO! I have projects to do! And so do you, in case you've forgotten!"

"I haven't forgotten! I'm doing it right now!"

"No, you're not! Last time I saw you, Yuzu was stopping you from sticking a fork in the toaster! Do you want to die again, you idiot? Was it that pleasant of an experience?"

"Shut up! I really am doing it! Or, at least… someone's completing it for me…"

"Which poor soul did you rope into doing that?"

"Nee-san? I don't understand what this means…" A stuffed lion came in, papers clutched in its paws.