Summary: Naruto's a Merman who lives in the kingdom of Atlantic with other fellow Merpeople. He is Prince along with his older brother, Kyuubi. Sasuke's a Human who lives in the kingdom of Konoha with other fellow Humans. He is Prince along with older brother, Itachi. Naruto wants to become Human to meet Sasuke. Sasuke has to find love before five months are up, or he has to marry who his father wishes.
Warnings: Cursing. Mixture of 'Naruto' and 'Little Mermaid' but not really. I made part of the story line up. Bad Grammar. Bad Spelling. OOC(Mainly Shino and Shika... and others, but those two like never talk in the series... and I made them talk, lol.)
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Couples: SasukeNaruto. ItachiKyuubi. KakashiIruka. ChojiIno. LeeSakura. KibaHinata. ShikamaruTemari. NejiGaara. ShinoTenten.

Chapter One

Mermaids and Mermen... A folk tail, right? That's what everyone believes up on land. The legends of Mermaids and Mermen are an old falk tail in the plesent town of Konoha. Konoha is a small town beside the Atlantic Ocean. There is one castle up on the highest hill in Konoha. King Minato, Queen Mikoto, Prince Itachi, and Prince Sasuke lives there along with their workers and so forth.

This folk tail about Mermaids and Mermen started when Fugaku and Mikoto were just five or six, and that was over fourty years ago. Ten years ago, when Sasuke was just eight, he heard this stroy for the first time. Itachi was ten then, and it was his first time hearing this story as well. Of course, since they were just kids and believed most anything they heard, they believed in Mermaids and Mermen. Sasuke and Itachi would wait everyday by the shore for something to happen, but nothing ever did. One day Sasuke was out at the beach, sitting on the hot sand, and skipping shells into the sea. He threw one and another came back. He swore his saw something, no someone out there. This boy had blonde hair, but Sasuke couldn't see anymore because the boy quickly moved away. He did one other thing about this mysterious blonde boy, he had the bluest eyes Sasuke had ever seen. They matched the color of the sea itself. This boys eyes were lighter than Ino's, a friend of Sasuke's, and she had really pretty blue eyes. As soon as the boy ran-swam away into the sea, Sasuke rushed back to his castle to tell his mother and father what he had seen.

His father didn't like Sasuke lieing to him. He thought Sasuke was doing to much imagining instead of learning the ways to rule the kingdom one day. Fugaku ordered a wall to be biuld ten meters out into the ocean, all the way around. It didn't stop Sasuke. When he was left alone for his studies, he'd run outside and go under the gate. The gate was made a brinks, but it had a few openings at the bottum where water could come in and out of the town. Sasuke would swim under that. He'd wait out for ten minutes each day, waiting to see this boy.

One day Sasuke was nine and he brought Itachi, who was eleven now, with him. Itachi didn't believe Sasuke about this boy until Itachi saw him for himself. This time there was two. The one blonde haired boy with blue eyes Sasuke had seen before, and another boy with strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. His eyes looked almost every color to Itachi. There was a hint of blue, green, brown, and grey.

That same day when they went home to their studies Kakashi, their guardian while their parents where away, was in the room. "Where have you been?" He had asked them.

"Out." Itachi had replied.

"Where?" Kakashi had asked wanting a more specific anwser.

"Over... the gates..." Sasuke mummbled. "Kakashi-san. Do you believe in the Mermaids and Mermans?"

"I do." Kakashi said smiling. "But you're father doesn't."

"Why?" Both Princes asked their guardian.

"Because he thinks their myths, false fairly tails, something a future king shouldn't think about." Kakashi explained.

Another day, Sasuke was still at the age of nine, his father cought him out on the shore. Sasuke was in trouble and ever since then, he's had an eyes on him. His father cleared his mind of all this 'Mermaid and Merman' stuff. He no longer tried to sneak out and meet this blonde haired boy, and neither did Itachi about this other blonde boy. After all, they were eighteen and twenty now. They had to be finding a princess soon.

"You want me to marry her?" Itachi asked in disbelief as he saw his future wife. She was eighteen years old, and a chilhood friend of Sasuke's. Her name, Sakura Haruno. Sakura was part of a very wealthy family.

"And you want I to marry her?" Sasuke asked as he saw his future wife. Her name, Ino Yamanaka. Another one of his childhood friends. Sakura and Ino were both cousins. They lived together with Ino's father.

"Hello Itachi-san." Sakura said bowing to the older boy.

"Sasuke-san Ino." said bowing to Sasuke.

"MOTHER!" Both Uchiha Princes yell in unison.

"How can you expect us to marry these girls?!" Itachi asked his parents, the King and Queen of Konoha.

"You think you can find someone better?" Fugaku asked his son.

"And if we can?" Itachi snarrled back at his father.

"Don't use that tone with me." His father hissed.

"If we can find somone in five months, you have to cancle our weddings with them." Sasuke said refering to Sakura and Ino.

"Agreed." Their father said to the two boy, then walking out of the room. Mikoto sighed and followed her husband.

"You know we don't want to do this more than you do." Ino said.

"We've already found someone, but out parents won't accept them because they aren't part of a royal kingdom." Sakura finished her cousin.

"You're in love with a commener?" Itachi asked both the girls.

"There's this one man, Choji Akimichi. He's not fat, but kinda chubby... He's a chef here at the castle." Ino said blushing.

"And Lee-kun teaches Martial Arts in the town. He's really strong and very sweet." Sakura said in a romantic voice, also blushing more and more with each word.

"Then we have to find someone within five months we want to be out wife..." Sasuke said.

"Or husband." Itachi said with a wicked smirk.

"Wonder how father would react if you told him you were gay..." Sasuke said with a chuckle.

"I think he would just ignore it." Ino said smiling.

"Anyone can tell Itachi-san's gay. You're father's just blind as a bat." Sakura said joking around.

"Know what we should do..." Ino said thinking.

"What?" The other three asked.

"Grab Hinata, Neji, Temari, Gaara, and Tenten, then head to the shores." Ino said smiling brightly. "Even invite Choji and Lee." Neji, Hinata, Termari, and Gaara were also very part of a wealthy family. They'd all been friends for a long time.

"You know we can't go over the wa-" Sasuke started.

"Come on Sasuke." Sakura interupted. "You used to go over all the time."

"Just one more time!" Ino pleaded. "We'll get some alone time with out boyfriends! Please Sasuke!" Ino begged. Sauske turned to Itachi who was smiling.

"You know you wanna go over there." Itachi said. He leaned in and whispered something into Sasuke's ear, only he could hear. "Maybe he will be there." And leaned back up to his straight possition. Sasuke hadn't thought of him in a while. Had Itachi always been thinking of the other blonde he saw ten years ago?

"Fine..." Sasuke muttered. Both girl squealed.

The four, Itachi, Sauske, Sakura, and Ino, met up with Neji, Hinata, Gaara, Tenten, and Temari at the deserted part of the wall. "Y-you sure we should go under?" Hinata asked shyly.

"We're all royalty. They can't punish us that much if we're caught." Sakura said with a wicked smile.

"Gonna come Gaara?" Neji asked his friend, who just nodded. Gaara never talked much to anyone except a few of his close friends. Yes, Neji and the others were close friends, but he rarely talked. He wasn't shy or anything like Hinata, he just didn't feel like it.

The eight swam under the wall and Sakura and Ino met up with their boyfriends. Since they were all wet, they decided to go swimming in their clothes. The guys were in nice long black pants, and white collered shirts. The girls has dressed on with a jacket over top. They all left their clothes on and jumped in. It was hard to move around for the girls so Sakura came up with an idea. She ripped her dress at the bottum all the way around so it came up to her knees. Then she ripped the sleeves off the dress as well. She did that to all the girls dressed. For the boys, she made them take off their shirts. They had all taken off their shoes before they swam under the wall.

"SO MUCH EASIER TO MOVE!" Sakura yelled sitting down next to Lee in the sand. Lee was lieing down all the way in the sand, not caring about getting sand in his hair, and Sakura had her head on his chest, while his arm was around her pulling her in. The same with Ino and Choji. Neji and Gaara were sitting against the wall. Itachi, Temari, and Tenten sat ontop of the wall. No one came by this area so it was okay. Sasuke was sitting on the shore, his feet in the water with Hinata.

Kakashi popped up out of nowhere. He didn't say a word to the kids. He just sat down against the wall with Itachi, Neji, and Gaara. Kakashi was alawys cool like that. He didn't care what Sasuke and Itachi did, as long as it wasn't harmful to them.


"Naruto! Kyuubi!" Iruka yelled swimming after the boy. "Get back here now before I get your mother and father!" He warned the boys. "Shikamaru! Kiba! Shino! Get back here now you five!" They stopped.

"What?" Naruto wined.

"Where are you all going?" Iruka asked crossing his arms. "Didn't your father tell you not to go to shore anymore?"

"We haven't been there in years Iruka! Besides, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Shino have only been once. Me and Kyuubi have been millions of times! We wanted to show them up there! Please 'Ruka!" Naruto wined.

"Wining doesn't help Naruto." Kyuubi whispered. "Why don't you come to make sure we don't do anything wrong!?" Kyuubi offered.

"YEAH!" Kiba yelled.

"You're parents won't be happy with this." Iruka mummbled.

"They don't have to know..." Shino said.

"Parent's never pay attention." Shikamaru said.

"True..." Iruka said. "Fine. Not long. We go up. Take a look. Come back before anyone notices." Iruka explained clearly.

"Got it." They said in unison.

"And no interacting with humans! Don't let them see you at all... Naruto... Kyuubi..." Iruka mummbled the two boys names.

"It was an accident! I was eight! Ten yeard ago Iruka!" Naruto complained.

"But Kyuubi was ten. He knew what he was doing."

"Did not! Don't blame me. I was just following my little brother." Kyuubi said making up a random excuse.

"Of course Kyuubi..." Kiba said sarcastically. The others laughed.

The six headed up to the surface. Iruka was first up to check the coast. "Humans..." Iruka mummbled.

"Lemme see!" Kiba yelled. He quickly peered around the rock they were all behind. "She's pretty..." Kiba said blushing as he looked at the one girl at the shore.

"Who?" Shino asked jumping ontop of Kiba to see. "The one on that... wall is kinda cute." Shikamaru joined in.

"The blonde?" He asked.

"No, the brunette." Shino replied.

"No, the blonde." Shikamaru said.

"Whatever..." Kiba said. "The little one in the front's cute."

"Kyuubi!" Naruto almost shouted. "Are those two two boys? The one on the shore and the one on the wall?!"

"They are!" Kyuubi said excitedly.

"Know them?" Iruka asked curiously.

"They're the ones we saw ten years ago!" Naruto explained excitedly. The five boy were piled ontop of each other, trying to get a look at the humans.

"Okay, you've seen now lets' go." Iruka said tugging on Naruto's fin slightly.

"Look Iruka. A man your age!" Kyuubi said smiling. Iruka quickly looked. He had gray hair and a scar over his left eyes.

"Gosh... Gays..." Kiba sighed.

"What did you say!" Naruto asked tackling Kiba. Naruto was ontop of the others adn when everyone topppled over, it coused a splash which attracted the attention of certain humans.

"Who's there!" Itachi standing up aproaching the shore where Sasuke and Hinata now stood. Everyone else gathered too.

"Hello?" Kakashi yelled. No reply. "Must have been the waves hitting the rocks." He said with a shrug. Everyone else agreed and went back to their spots.

"RETARD!" Kiba yelled to Naruto underwater.

"Sorry..." Naruto said not really meaing it.

"Naruto, you almost got us spotted." Iruka said angerly.

"So? Why can't people know of us? We know of them." Naruto spat back at Iruka.

"Because we're different to them, as they are to us." Iruka said calmly. "Come on. Let's head back."

"No." Naruto said. Everyone looked at him like we was crazy.

"What?" Iruka asked.

"No." Kyuubi said joining Naruto.

"No." Shikamaru said.

"No." Shino.

"No way. We ain't leaving!" Kiba, of course...

"You want me to tell your parents?!" Iruka yelled furiously.

"I don't think you would Iruka. You wanna stay as much as we do." Kyuubi said.

"Look... Don't get caught. I'll be back in thirty minutes. Okay? Thirty minutes. That's all. No longer." Iruka sad giving in. He always gave in. That's why they loved him, but he was also a good gaurdian.

"THANKYOU IRUKA!" They all yelled and swam back to to the rock.


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