She sat upright, startled awake from her dream. She knew it was nothing; she had them all the time, continuously taunting her. She shivered as she focused on the dream she's been having for the past 3 months.

"Hermione…" he whispered "You're beautiful." He tells her as he kisses her neck and moves along her naked form. She closed her eyes in pure bliss as he takes her taunt nipple in his mouth, biting and sucking, eliciting a moan from her kiss-swollen lips.

She shook her head. She never realized that a man like him, someone who had hated her before he even knew her, could make her moan even in dream. She felt the memory of the dream trickle back and she found herself laying back to feel it claim her once more.

"Oh gods… please… more…" Hermione quietly begged. She felt him shift his weight over top of her, nudging her legs open with his knees. She opened for him willingly, awaiting the pleasure she needed to feel. He smiled down at her, and taunted her entrance with his swollen member. She bucked her hips trying to reach him, but his arm was around her, holding her down.

"Now, now, Pet. Just wait… you'll see." He murmured in her ear seductively. He kissed her neck, biting his way down to her sweet spot between her neck and collar bone. She moaned again, giving him the "go" sign. He thrust in her suddenly, filling her completely. She gasped and hissed his name in pure pleasure.

"Oh gods… what is my mind doing to me?" Hermione whispered to herself. She moved to the window in her Head Girl room, wrapping her arms around herself. She knew she had to focus today, there were only a few weeks left until her N.E.W.Ts. She dressed quickly and checked the clock. She had an hour before breakfast started. She had always been an early riser, and always decided the best thing to pass the time was to read and study. She got dressed and then took out her Potions text to re-read the chapter she had already read the previous night.

The hour passed quickly, and she grabbed her bulging school bag and headed for the common room, finding Harry and Ron there, yawning loudly.

"Morning, boys," Hermione smiled to them. "Have a good sleep last night?" She laughed as they yawned again and glared at her.

"Glad to see someone around here is awake" Harry barely got out, as a shuddering yawn passed through him again. They made their way down to the Great Hall and sat down at their Gryffindor table. Harry and Ron both reached for the coffee to wake them up as Hermione grabbed the pumpkin juice and piled her plate with fruit. Ron grabbed every kind of food that was in front of him and began stuffing his mouth with as much as it could fill. Harry filled his plate, but he actually had some manners when he ate. The boys discussed Quidditch and Hermione read her Transfigurations text book. Checking her watch, Hermione told them it was time for their first class of the morning; Potions. Ron stuffed his mouth one last time as Harry got up and Hermione led the reluctant boys down to the dungeons.

They arrived and took their seats only moments before their professor came in and slammed the door. Everyone immediately silenced in terror, a trait Severus Snape was glad he could inflict upon his students. He quickly set up their instructions, and the students got to work.

Hermione was of course, the first to finish and walked up to Professor Snape and handed in her sample. She was greeted with his usual sneer, turned on her heel and went to her seat quietly. The end of the class same quickly for her, as she read her Potions text some more and the rest of the class finished their potions.

"Miss Granger, Mr. Potter, and Mr. Weasley, you are all to stay behind after class a few moments." Professor Snape glared at them as if daring them to deny him.

"Yes, Sir." Was their military reply. The bell sounded and the rest of the class was dismissed, the Golden Trio staying behind.

"Obviously, you want to know why you're being kept here," Professor Snape began, taking his time, again daring any of them to speak. They knew to keep silent so he continued. "We have a new Order member. He has been cleared of all charges and is currently being kept safe at Grimmauld Place. You will not," he started again, putting emphasis on the word 'not', "give him any grief. He has lost much. You will not like who it is, but I am not asking you to like him." The curiosity got hold of Ron too quickly for Hermione to stop his question.

"Who is it?" Ron asked and Professor Snape raised an eyebrow. Ron quickly corrected his mistake and added a quiet "sir". Snape seemed to catch each of their eyes and hold it for a long time before answering them.

"Lucius Malfoy." Professor Snape told them. At once Hermione felt sick to her stomach, Ron and Harry began their protests, yelling at Snape that Malfoy would never be on their side, that he would betray them. Hermione hardly heard the boys yelling their protests; she was too overwhelmed in her own thoughts.

"That is ENOUGH!" Professor Snape yelled at the boys. He looked at Hermione with a calculating eye, noticing how pale she was, and her surprised wide eyes.

"You will come to accept the situation. Dumbledore trusts him, so you should too. He has suffered much during the war, let him be" Professor Snape hissed at them, making his voice softer as he spoke, venom tracing his words. "Miss Granger, please stay behind for a moment. Boys, you are dismissed." Professor Snape waved his hand at the boys as the door flew open, and closed as the boys left.

"Miss Granger, you're too quiet for your own good, what is it that you wish to ask?" Professor Snape stood tall and looked his nose down at her. She suddenly felt very small against his gaze, and avoided his eyes, knowing if she kept her gaze from his eyes he could not use Legilimency.

"No questions sir, just concerns." Hermione told softly. She wouldn't tell him the truth, she couldn't. How could she tell her Professor that she had been dreaming about the man who hated her for all her years, even before he had known her?

"What concerns, Miss Granger?" Professor Snape spat at her, causing her to look up at him, and look quickly back down. She fumbled with her robe before answering her professor.

"Well, Sir… Mr. Malfoy has put himself and the Order in grave danger. Turning to the light was a good choice, but now we have many more risks to think about." She lied bravely.

"Indeed. You are dismissed." Professor Snape waved his hand once more, and Hermione left through the open door. She raced to her next class, afraid to be late. She arrived at Transfigurations just as the bell sounded. The rest of the day went by quickly, Hermione concentrating on her school work. At dinner she told Ron and Harry about what had transpired between herself and Snape.

"Why was Snape-" Ron was cut off by Hermione's glare. "Professor Snape so concerned. I wonder if he's up to something. It's not like the bat of the dungeons has a heart!" Ron finished as him and Harry burst into laughter. Hermione scowled at the boys, really, they had no respect what so ever! Hermione found herself lost in her own thoughts as she talked animatedly with the boys (honestly, they need another topic other then Quidditch). She didn't think Professor Snape would tell Mr. Malfoy about her concerns, she had a good enough excuse for them. Hermione shrugged it off and followed the boys to the common room.

After doing a few hours of homework, Hermione decided it was time to head for her room. Her body was aching for a nice hot bath, and a good night's rest. She bid the boys goodnight, and went to her Head Girl's room. She silently thanked having the room and the bathroom to herself as she drew the bath and got undressed. She climbed into the hot water and let her body relax.

She fell asleep quickly, and her dreams came just as swiftly.

Hermione found herself walking down the familiar hallway in Grimmauld Place. She looked down at herself and was startled to realize all she wore was a flimsy white nightgown. She shrugged; no one was ever awake when she was. She turned the corner and saw a sliver of light coming out of the library. She walked silently and pushed the door open softly. She gasped when a voice all too familiar came to her ears.

"Up a little late don't you think, Miss Granger?" Came the cold voice of Lucius Malfoy. She glared at him and he spoke again. "Couldn't sleep?" He asked, his voice a little bit softer then it was before, but still cold and menacing.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy." Hermione quickly answered, trying to sound as brave as she could. Her voice came out barely above a whisper. She quickly went over to a bookshelf and could feel his eyes upon her, so she tried to distract him. "I have trouble sleeping sometimes, and a good book always helps me relax." She told him still softly. As she was reading the titles she heard movement, but didn't turn around.

"Miss Granger, you're not properly dressed for a midnight saunter," Lucius Malfoy spoke barely above a whisper. Hermione felt his warm breath on her neck and she shivered as gooseflesh erupted. She knew then and there that things were going to get out of control, but she couldn't think of a way to get out of it. The know-it-all didn't have an answer.

"No sir," was the only thing she could come up with as a reply. She felt his soft chuckle against his skin and heard him move behind her. She was aware of how close they were when he pushed her hair aside to teasingly press kisses against her neck.

"I want you Hermione…"

That was the last thing Hermione heard as she awoke with a start. She moved and realized she was now in her freezing cold bath. She quickly finished and climbed into her bed, exhausted from the day. She avoided sleep, afraid of dreams. Finally, Hermione fell asleep and slept dreamlessly for the rest of the night.