"Poor thing." Willow thought to herself out loud as she passed an alleyway walking home. She pushed herself to keep walking but her inner instinct kept pulling her back. She chewed on her lower lip trying to weigh the options in her head.

Well, if I do this he'll either think I'm just as crazy as her, or I could possible save his life because she doesn't seem to be giving up. She sighed and ran towards the alleyway.

A bulky figure and a small timid looking girl stood as she over heard their conversation in passing. The desperation in the bulky guy's voice is what caught her attention. He looked scared for his life as the girl who appeared to be at first glance sane had a death grip on his arm. The only thing that separated her from him was a bending pizza box.

Willow sighed and ran in to his rescue, thinking that over thinking the situation was just going to waste more time and they might need that later. She jogged over to him with a warming smile and slightly nudging his arm as she came to stop.

Michelangelo tried his best to break away from the girl's grip on his bicep as he looked towards the shadows of the alleyway, his brother's not in sight. They were there, he could hear the snickering.

"I've been watching you…" The girl cooed as her grip went tighter on Michelangelo's arm. He winced, but she wasn't putting nearly enough pressure on him to be causing harm, it was her eyes. The lack of clarity in her eyes was scarier than her words. "You're very intimidating. I like intimidating. You and your other three creatures seek out the night fighting with it as one. It's extremely dangerous and exciting." She said as the moved closer. Michelangelo felt his heart jump into this throat as he heard the cardboard he gripped in his hands bend once more to the pressure she was putting on it.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw her. Another girl, she looked normal, but then again so didn't this one. He sighed preparing himself for a tag team effort to take him down and kill him in some kind of weird babe sacrifice to the Gods of New York. She wore a black zipped up hoodie, with the hood over her head hiding her brunette hair, streaked with blonde. Her bangs fell into her eyes as she jogged towards him and the crazed girl. Her smile was soft and gentle, making Mikey loosen the tension in his shoulders.

"What's going on?" Donatello asked trying to position himself to look over Raphael's shoulder.

"I don't know, there's two of em' now. Haha, Mikey's a chick magnet!"

"Hey baby!" The girl with the ripped blue jeans and black zipped hoodie said as she nudged Mikey out of the crazed girls grip. The look of lust was removed quickly from the girl standing before Michelangelo changing to hurt and anger as she laid eyes on the girl coming up next to him. "Oh! I see you got the pizza! Awesome. I'm so excited about our movie night. Who's your friend?" She asked keeping her warmed expression on her face as she turned her attention to the girl before her.

"I'm Tabitha." She hissed her arm releasing from Mikey's and going to her side.

"Hi, I'm Willow…Hunny, what are you doing down an alleyway? Don't you know the crazies are out?" She asked with a smile towards Michelangelo as she gave him a wink. He smirked and finally broke away from the hold as Willow hooked her arm around his.

"Yeah, I don't know what came over me. So what movie you get for movie night?" Mikey asked with a raised eye ridge. She looked up at him hesitant as the other girl stood, over hearing their conversation with her glare locked on Willow.

"Uh…haha…That's a good question pumpkin! Let's go home and I'll show it to you…" She said pulling Mikey with her as Tabitha started to move closer to them again.

"Don't hafta tell me twice babe." Mikey said as he followed the kind hearted girl willingly out of the darkened alleyway. He sighed with relief as he looked behind him seeing Tabitha was gone. "Wow…thanks." He smiled looking at Will who let go of his arm.

"No worries. I had nothing better to do anyways and I thought since I saw the sign of shear horror on your face it would be nice of me to do something other than just walk away and ignore it. Something like a conscious or something weird like that?" She smiled as Mikey did as well. "I'm Willow." She said taking her hands from her pockets and extending it for him to take it.

"Mikey." He said taking her hand, forgetting. She smiled as it faded slowly looking down at his hand as a street light shown down on it. He pulled it away quickly shoving it back into his trench coat pocket.

"Pssst… Mikey." He heard a familiar voice saw from an alleyway across the street. Willow ignored his hand thinking it had to be like a birth defect or something and looked over the street. She squinted her eyes and looked back towards Mikey.

"Friends of yours?"

"Not really." He walked across the street as she followed.

"I'm guessing this belongs to you." She said pushing Mikey towards the other bulky trench coat wearing trio. One of them nodded their head with a smile. "Hasn't anyone ever told you not to talk to strangers?" She asked crossing her arms as Mikey shrugged his shoulders.

"Then what are you doin'?" One of them shot back at her.

"Well I wasn't just going to walk away, the poor thing was terrified."

"I wasn't that scared."

"Haha, yeah Mikey. You were. You should have seen your face."

"You guys are brothers huh?" Willow asked with a smirk.

"How'd you know?" Mikey asked as she leaned against the corner of the alleyway.

"Because I'd do the same to my brothers, you're the youngest I'm guessing?" Mikey smiled nodding his head. "Yeah, well. Keep yourselves outta trouble. And maybe next time I won't hafta step in and open a can of whoop ass. Even though you all look like you could kill me with one punch. But, ya know I'm just speaking hypothetically of course. So, um… Yeah. Enjoy your pizza! Don't talk to strangers…" She said stepping off the curb and walking away slowly. "…Oh, stay in school." She added turning away with a smile. "And uh…use condoms! Say no to drugs!" She laughed to herself as she turned on to the street.

"She's funny." Mikey smiled watching her disappear around the corner. Raphael rolled his eyes and pulled his brother into the alley with him.

"C'mon Casanova. Pizzas gettin' cold."