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"So any promising energies yet?"

"Actually quiet a few sir, seven to be exact."

"Oh? Hmph, show me."

The screen before the captain blipped as it split into seven. Each section of the screen showed a different person.

"Hmm… well, one of the green ones looks extremely old, eliminate him as a candidate, he's too old to be broken. Get rid of the one with three eyes as well, again, adults are much more difficult to break."

The screen blinked again as the two were removed and it adjusted to five screens. The captain looked at the five remaining candidates, evaluating and pondering whom to keep.

"Get rid of the older, long-haired one, he's probably still a teen and possible to break, but I think the others are more optimum… and eliminate the little white one, he's strength seems to lie more in chi manipulating techniques and less in physical moves and more well-rounded fighters are desirable."

The screen blinked once more and left only three of the warriors from Earth. The captain looked over his selections once more then nodded to himself and issued orders.

"Good, Lieutenant, order the immediate capture of the young green one, the black-haired boy and the bald child. Keep the two humans in their own cell adjacent to my daughter and bunk the green one with her, she's not had a cell mate for far too long and these children look about her age so they should relate to her better and make them more susceptible."

"Yes sir." The lieutenant left to gather the necessary personnel and accomplish his task.

The captain turned to the commander, "I'm going to my quarters, call me when the three children are in our custody, you have the bridge until I get back."

"Yes sir."

Without another word the captain left, once out of eyeshot from his subordinates he smiled, he dare not show emotion in front of them or risk being considered weak or insane, but in the solitude of privacy he relished the finding of these three warriors. They were by far the most promising three children they'd ever come across, something he was not expecting from this planet.


One year-old Piccolo looked at his reflection in the pool of his favorite waterfall. He looked easily eight years old, "Good, it's working," he said to himself and thought of his nemesis. He was a good twelve years older than he green boy, and in two years he had to face him in the upcoming tournament, by then the heightened metabolism periods he was using his chi to cause would make him look at least as old as, he growled as he thought of his enemy's name: Goku. For now, this would have to do though. He had been training furiously all morning and through all of the previous day and night without a break, and he could feel his body protesting and his mind rebelliously trying to drift off and become unfocused. "I'll meditate for two hours then pick up again," he thought. He got into his usual meditating position on the ground by the waterfall, once his body was older, he would be able to control his chi and hone his mind enough to float as he meditated, but it was still too early for that now.

He finished meditation and continued his training until long after night had fallen and his body would not allow him to push himself any further. He layed down in the cool grass looking up at a little patch of the night sky that shown through the thick branches of the dense forest his training had taken to him. Once he finally caught his breath, he closed his eyes, deciding against sitting up before he entered into his deep trance that was the closest to sleep he ever got. He allowed his mind to go deeper and deeper into himself, the sounds of the forest long forgotten to him. He was just about to achieve the state when something from the outside world bothered him; there was a chi quickly closing in on him. He pulled himself out of the meditation as quickly as possible, springing to his feet, although his muscles screamed their protest at the unwanted and sudden exertion. He was too late though, just as he got to his feet and his mind fully reconnected with reality he was struck in the back of the head. Everything faded to darkness…

…he groaned and opened his eyes to see he was lying face down on cold, dirty concrete. He forced himself to his feet; his head threatened to send him right back into unconsciousness but he ignored it. Piccolo took in his surroundings; he was in a cell, huddled and holding her knees, a girl who looked around eight slept in the corner farthest away from him. What was behind him though made his blood boil, there, lying in the cell next to him were a sleeping Goku and Krillin. He felt his rage mount and could barely contain it, normally he would have let it burst, but there was no point since an energy field stood between him and his most-hated foe. It was then that he realized something though; he couldn't tap into his energy.

Piccolo pulled from deep inside himself, trying to catch any hit of the chi he knew to be there, but he couldn't find it. Finally, he gave up, and punched the floor, cursing loudly in Namek.

"Well, up and about all ready, and angry no less? Feisty one aren't you." A man who stood in the hallway outside the energy shield mocked.

Piccolo glared at him, then noted that the three others had evidentially been awakened by his outburst.

"WHOA!!!" Goku exclaimed and looked at the cell in awe, "How'd I get here, the last thing I remember I was on Kami's lookout, and- oh, hey Krillin."

"Goku?" Where are we?"

"Beats me," the light-hearted youngster shrugged.

"Ah good," the man spoke again, "Now you're all awake."

"Sir," another man, though visibly lower rank in both stature and strength spoke, "We have finished analyzing the three children's DNA, they are all compatible, but only one of them is human."

Piccolo held in his shock, but he saw Goku and Krillin's jaw drop.

"Oh? So what are they?"

"It appears the bald one is the only human, the one with black hair is a Saiyan and the green one is a Namekian demon."

"Namekian demon, you say?" The other man nodded. "Intriguing could be very useful."

"Green one?" Goku asked.

"He means me you dolt," Piccolo spat at Goku thinking to himself, "So I am an alien huh? I had always suspected so but to hear it… to hear that I'm a- what did he say it was- a Namek? Yes, that's right, I'm a Namek.."

Suddenly, Goku took Piccolo in for the first time, "Hey! You! I know you, I should've know you were behind this!"

"U-u-uh, th-that's not who I think it is right?" Krillin stuttered behind his friend.

Piccolo scowled, "Fool, if I was behind this you'd be long dead and I wouldn't be in a cage too, now would I?"

The man who was obviously in power outside the cells looked amused, "So the three of you know each other huh? Good, it'll make your transition to life here easier."

"Ha," Piccolo scoffed, "you're mad if you think I'm living here."

"Oh, you will do more than just live here, you three will become the perfect warriors and fight whim when and how we tell you," the captain said.

"No way!" The three children shouted in unison, agreeing on at least one thing for the first time.

The captain merely smirked at their outburst.

"C'mon Krillin, let's bust outta here and teach this guy a lesson," Goku said and went to gather his chi, "Hey, I can't use my chi!"

"Neither can I!" Krillin cried exasperated.

Piccolo looked at the two, "So it's not just me, they must have done something to us," he spoke out loud to the captain, "What did you do to us?"

The captain raised his eyebrow, "You mean about your chi? Well, we can't have you using it however you please, so we've implanted a small device into your necks that when we turn on, bounds your chi, and when we turn off, releases it however we please."

"Ha, we'll just have to remove it then won't we?" Piccolo retaliated.

"I wouldn't suggest that, you see, we tied the machine into your nervous system , remove it without authorization and it will stop emitting a certain signal to your brain, and the moment that happens; instant death."

The three children glared at this man, hatred burned in Piccolo's eyes.

"That look, little Namekian demon, I like it. The other two are too pure to harbor such emotions, but you're different. You'd like nothing more than for this force field to suddenly fail so you can rip my head of right?"

"Something like that," Piccolo locked eyes with the captain, an amusing sight for bystanders, seeing what appeared to be an eight-year-old trying to stare down an adult.

"Well, we can't have that can we?" The man placed his hand near the force field. Before anyone knew what he was doing, and faster than Piccolo could trace a fireball shot from the man and hit Piccolo square in the chest, badly burning him and sending him crashing into the wall, which he slammed into hard then slumped to the floor.

"Hey," Goku protested, "What'd he do to deserve that?"

"What does that matter to you? You two are enemies are you not?"

"Well… his father and I were, but I don't know about him, and even if I did that still doesn't give you the right to lash out at him like that!"

"What an odd child you are, to protect your enemies, a Namekian demon no less too, you are-"

"Shut up! Piccolo interrupted as he got to his feet, "I have a name. It's Piccolo, and I don't care what you or anyone else says, I will break out of here on my own because I will someday dominate the world and neither you nor this buffoon and his lap dog can stop me!"

The captain smirked again, "Very intriguing indeed… Lieutenant, order the element tests and commence their training immediately." With that, a small shock was distributed through the three children's bodies, compliments of the earlier mentioned implanted device, and knocked them out once more…

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