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Chapter 1: Your Element Is…

Piccolo felt like he was deep under water that was heavy, suffocating and clung to him. He struggled against it trying to surface…

There were voices, what were they saying?

He could not tell, it only sounded like a garbled jumble as one who speaks through a thick wall sounds.

He felt his veins suddenly gold cold, extremely cold; it shocked his system.

He tried to breath, he couldn't he tried to surface, he couldn't… everything was dimming... fading… blurring… darkness.

Piccolo opened his eyes and for the second time he saw the dirty concrete of the cell. He growled as his head pounded and pain surged through his body. He struggled to a sitting position, too groggy and muscles to stiff to do more. He was indeed back in the cell, he glanced over at the adjacent cell and saw Krillin lying unconscious on the floor, but no sign of Goku. He looked at the other adjacent cell, but all he could make out in the thick darkness that shrouded it was a single pair of glowing eyes glaring at him. "They no doubt belong to a demon," he thought and bared his fangs at it with a fierce snarl. They eyes blinked and shifted but remained locked onto Piccolo. "Fine, if it wants to stare, let it, it's not like it can intimidate me that way." He glanced at his cellmate; she was also staring at him. He felt a growl come deep from his throat, "Must everyone stare at me?" The girl gasped and quickly turned away, "I'm sorry," she whispered, it would have been inaudible had Piccolo not had such keen hearing. He turned away and forced himself to stand. "Darn it, what did they do to me?" Piccolo cringed as his extremities continued to tense painfully, he tried to relax them but they refused, "This is annoying."

"The Trisalans only like warriors who can harness and wield an elemental power, so they take all new prisoners and awaken the element that their body can use the best." "What? Stay out of my head," Piccolo replied furiously to this girl's intrusion, unsettled by the invasion. "I'm sorry," she whispered again.

"…This element, how do we know how to use it?" Piccolo asked, not really wanting to engage in conversation but curious.

"They don't allow us to use our chi in the cells, but they come for us at certain times to and tell you your element and they take us to the training room and teach us how to use it," she said quietly, her eyes downcast.

"Hmmm…how did they awaken this power?"

"I'm not sure, but you can use both it's just they don't like that…"

Piccolo wanted to ask another question but there was a clang and Piccolo saw a man carrying an unconscious Goku under his arm. He walked to the cell, lowered the force field and threw the young Saiyan in with Krillin.

Piccolo glared at the man as he left, he didn't like being trapped, especially not in such a…mechanical place. His fists would have clenched had they not all ready been. A door slammed as the man disappeared. Piccolo focused on relaxing his muscles, going into a state of semi-meditation. It was mostly successful; he turned his attention back to his surroundings, Krillin stirred and sat up, barely able to stay awake.

"Ugh, what happened?"

Piccolo ignored the question, and sat down in his normal meditation position, deciding that his early attempt wasn't cutting it. As he fell deeper into his mind he left the confines of the cell and returned to his favorite waterfall, not in body, but his mind was strong enough to make it seem that way. He stayed there even when his senses told him Goku was awake. However, when he heard the clang of a door he pulled himself out of his mental reprieve and opened his eyes to see the captain once more.

The captain was looking at a handheld information pad that was displaying the results of the tests run on the tree children.

"Saiyan," he said and looked at Goku, "Your element is wind. Personality most likely playful like a gentle breeze but capable of becoming harsh and powerful as a tornado," he turned to Krillin, "human, your element is water. Personality most likely a follower but still strong, like a stream that breaks down a rock that is in its path." He turned to Piccolo and smirked, "Namekian-demon, your element is ice. Personality most likely stoic, cold, and imposing." Piccolo glared at him. The captain smirked back and added, "heh, definitely imposing. Christine, you're element was determined last week as the power of plants, and all that goes with it. You'll be joining these three in their team, and thus you will train with them. The training warrior will be here tomorrow and take begin your training, any questions?"

"Yes," Piccolo sneered, "what if we don't go with this "training warrior"?"

"Well," the captain smiled darkly, "try it and find out." With that, the captain left the four children with only the glare of the two demons in the cell next to Piccolo's.

That night, as the other three slept, Piccolo walked around the cell, he examined every inch of it trying to find any inkling of weakness and a possible means of escape. The only place he found to be substandard was the bars that separated the cells, an very useless weakness, since there would be no point in breaking out of one cell only to end up in another. As he neared the bars that divided him from the two demons, he could hear their heavy breathing. Suddenly, one shot at him, a grisly taloned arm stretched out in an attempt to hit him, but Piccolo had stood far enough away, the things claws a mere centimeter from his face. Piccolo did not flinch, he had expected such a greeting, he used it to exam the thing. "An undead, eh?" He said mostly to himself as he observed the rotten flesh clung haphazardly to the creature's bones. The thing retracted back, making a frustrated grunt. It was quiet for a second then an unexpected and booming crash vibrated throughout the area as the demon slammed into the bars. Piccolo barely had time to dodge roll as the thing came crashing through right through the bars. He turned to face him, its glowing and menacing eyes locked onto him. The thing drooled, lime green acid dripping from its mouth. It was an odd looking creature, hunched on four legs, patches of it's brown-orange skin missing while in other areas it was stretched taut, the thing was massive too, the top of its back almost touching the ceiling and almost pinning Piccolo and the girl who was recovering from the shock of the rather rude awakening. It swished its long powerful tail, a vicious looking claw gleaming ominously at its end.

The creature released an earsplitting roar that made Piccolo cover his ears in pain. The noise distracted him so much that he almost didn't see the scythe-like claw on its tail coming for him. He quickly back-stepped to avoid the attack, but ran into the wall; Piccolo clenched his teeth as a moderate gash was torn into his stomach. The demon lunged at him, mouth gaping open, its six-inch fangs exposed and threatening to tear into the Namek's flesh. Piccolo had no maneuvering room so he did the only thing he could, as the monster bore down upon him he put one hand on the its protruding, reptilian-like nose and his other hand on the bottom of its jaw. The acidic slobber of the demon burned Piccolo's hands. Piccolo hissed as the drool dribbled down his forearms. It's putrid breath spewed into his face and made him grimace. It pushed harder into the boy, trying to make his hands slip, but only succeeded in forcing the child into the wall so hard it began cracking. Piccolo's muscles protested and threatened to give out under such brute strength, but adrenaline from the knowledge that if he let go he would surely died allowed him to hold on.

Then, it suddenly reeled back, howling and throwing its head in the air, Piccolo saw that the girl had kicked it in the throat. It snarled at her then batted her away with its tale, sending her crashing into the bar of its cell it had not broken. Piccolo took advantage of its lack of concentration on him and lunged, both fists in front of him as he barreled into its chest. Piccolo had expected the creature to be more…sturdy, and his intention was to push the thing into the energy field, but much to his surprise, the monsters ribs were extremely fragile and he tore right through it like a bullet through paper and smacked into the very thing he wanted to pin his opponent to. The energy filed sent a surge through Piccolo's body that dazed him, as he collapsed to the floor he saw the demon howling in rage and thrashing about. In its rage it slammed its tail down onto Piccolo. The Namek gasped as the air was knocked out of him and he heard the sickening crack of breaking bones resonating from his chest. He scrambled to his feet and dived for the monsters cell were there was more room.

It calmed itself and turned its sights on Piccolo again, and then it screeched in pain. Piccolo had to cover his ears again at the intensity of the rather high-pitched noise wailing from the monster. Then, silence, as the undead demon collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

"What the Hell?" Piccolo spoke as he stood shakily to his feet, his ribs paining him.

The girl walked up to him, "The sensors must have finally picked up on the disturbance and sent a shock through the things body with the chi-suppressing device," she said.

He looked at the beast, "Like they did to me earlier before the did the tests." He was tempted to finish the creature off, but he saw no fun in killing a creature that was unconscious.

He scoffed, "So now what happens now?"

"This creature is removed and you are bunked with the Saiyan and human for the night so we can repair your cell," a guard who seemingly appeared out of nowhere answered.

Piccolo glared at him , the thought of "bunking" with his arch enemy like poison in his mind.

The guard lowered the force filed to Piccolo's cell, "Come," he ordered.

Piccolo snarled, "I am not some animal you can just order around."

The guard pushed a button on a device hooked to his wrist; a painful electrical surge tore through Piccolo's body. It was all the Namek could do from crying out in pain and falling to his knees, but he managed to restrain both impulses.

"Come," the guard ordered again. This time, the girl went, giving Piccolo a light nudge, "Just do it, he isn't worth your effort, save your strength for when it really matters."

"Don't tell me what to do," he snapped back, but knew what she said was true, "and I thought I told you to stay out of my head."

She just shook her head and headed for the guard. Piccolo lingered for a moment, then followed her, spitting on the unconscious demon that had attacked him as he passed.

The guard pushed another button on his wrist device and Goku and Krillin's bodies' froze (they had been awake since the creature had began its attack). Then, he lowered the energy field and shoved the two other children roughly inside. Piccolo turned to give the man a good solid punch in the gut to express how he felt about being pushed around like that, but the energy field had already been reinitiated. The guard helped his fellows who had joined him in order to move the monster and they were gone. Piccolo looked around again and thought, "I have to get out of here, somehow…"

"There is no escape," the girl said telepathically.

"Get out of my head," he growled with a ferocity one does not expect to be communicated telepathically. She shrunk back and went to the far corner and back to sleep.

He felt Goku and Krillin staring at him and snarled, "Will you quick gawking and go back sleep?" It wasn't a question and they knew it. They glanced at each other and laid back down as Piccolo turned his back on them and returned to his meditation.

"The more involved I get in this, the more I hate it," Piccolo thought before he slipped deeper into his mind, "and tomorrow I'll begin this elemental training. I am interested in learning this new power, but to be bossed around?"

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