Newark, Delaware

133 miles

Maya is noticing how strange I am acting. She comes from up behind me and massages my shoulders. She asks me what's wrong. I say nothing and try to act nonchalant. She continues to massage my shoulders. I close my eyes and listen to the dull roar of the television.Maya tries to get me to respond but I ignore her. She takes my hands and squeezes it. Would she still hold my hand if she knew that it was the hand I stabbed her brother with?

She cups my face towards hers and kisses me. I kiss her back and the whole world goes away as I pull her on top of me.


Maya is sleeping beside me and if I were any other person, I could fall asleep in the bed, holding her body next to mine.

But I can't sleep.

And I want to so badly. Because if I'll do, I just might wake up and find that this whole ordeal was just a dream. I close my eyes and count to ten. One…two…three…

four…five…Any second now, I'm going to hear Maya calling me. Maybe it's time to go back on the road. Maybe she has breakfast. My eyes open. I need to sleep.

But I can't. I can't get Alejandro's face out of my head. The way his eyes bugged out with the blade entered him. The sharp inhalation of breath he took when I stabbed.

Oh, please don't take credit for that. That was my handiwork you know.

Please be quiet.

Well…since you said please…No.

You're impossible, I think. I turn over on my side and see Maya's sleeping form. Well, I can't exactly see it; the room's too dark. I can barely make out her body. In her sleep, she turns away from me. I reach out my hands and gently rub her bare back.

Isn't it funny how soon she'll be in that position? She'll have her back turned to you.

Shut up.

No, wait! She's lying on the ground. Dead! Oh, God. It's just too funny! Imagine it! All the blood pouring out of her head and landing on the ground!

I can't believe how cheerful you can be when you're about to make me about killing someone.

Oh, I wish I had that much power over you. If it were up to me, you wouldn't have slept with her tonight.

Well then, when?

Never, actually. If it were up to me, we would've killed the twins in Texas and gone to New York by ourselves. Oh, imagine the possibilities Gabrrrr-y-elll, if we had gotten their powers in Texas.

You would've gotten those powers. Not me.

I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together. It's the same thing.

Quoting Beatles songs, are we? We must be getting really bored in that littleprison.

Hate to tell you this Gabe, but you don't annoy me. Not one single bit. Because when you annoy me, I just think about how your face will look when you realize you've cut off the top of her head and—

"Stop!" I cry out.Maya shifts in her sleep. She turns back to me. "Is something wrong?' she mutters drowsily. I realize I have shouted aloud. Sylar snickers as he retreats to the back of my mind. I wrap my arms around her and she buries her face into my shoulder. "Everything's okay," I tell her, pressing her body closer to mine. "Everything's fine."

Hmphf. For now.

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