A/N: All right. I know I'm accumulating quite the annoying track record.

This is about how my last year has gone:

-Last January, my uncle (my mom's brother) was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He died in June.

-Between the trip to the hospital, the wake, the funeral, the general trying to make sense of the world all over again, there wasn't a whole lot of time for writing.

-In August, one of my grandmas spent two days in the hospital. She's all right, but still. It was a stressful summer.

-Around Thanksgiving, my other grandma suffered a spinal fracture, and now she's living with my mom, which made home stuff even more stressful. She also had a couple seizures a couple of weeks ago.

-Last semester was one of my most emotionally challenging.

All this, needless to say, has conspired against the continuing, let alone finishing, of "A Year with Quil and Claire." For the time being. "Hiatus" is the operative word here. Attempting to write 365 separate-but-not entities rolled all into one is not exactly the task to take on when the best you can really handle is one. Especially when it all needs to flow more or less to some over arching conclusion. Which was to be open-ended at any rate. Well, partially open-ended. Nevermind. It'll make more sense when I get there.

At any rate, this is my brief explanation of the much longer reasoning as to why this story's now, officially, on hiatus. I'm coming back to it. I might just pursue other projects, preferably ones that are easier on my brain.