No, that was not the eplilouge. By "Epilouge, anyone?" I ment does anyone want an epilouge.



After their escape Shadow, Amy, Jet, Wave, Knuckles and Rouge began an attempt of starting new lives. However, Rogan Black, Venom and Cottebraugh began hunting them down, killing off their friends. It was eventually down to Shadow, Amy, Knuckles, and their two friends: Tails and Serenity. Eventually they got help in the form of a FBI Agent, Harry Tsunami. And during a court case to free the former convicts. Sonic and Divari returned. The three surviving convicts were freed of all charges.

CHAPTER XI: Epilouge - Lessons & First Day


I bet you're wondering how I survived, huh? Well...


Sonic was drooling blood the wound in his chest JUST missed his heart. Sonic then saw a blond hedgehog come to him.

"Be quiet, ok? The guards may have already left. But you can never be too careful. Put pressure on the wound, ok?" Sonic did as instructed but winced slightly as it stung. Harry lifted the Sonic up.


Sonic look at the IV machine. His heart was doing better than usual. 'God they did a good job. I'm better than ever! Dunno why I had to stay this long, though.' Sonic thought then the blond hedgehog came in.

"Hey, Tsunami!" Sonic said. Harry smiled then frowned. "Sonic, I need your help. You are getting out of here today and unfortunatley. Your friends from Mendam, who escaped are being hunted by three deadly people. I need your help to get your friends into court and free their identites." Harry said. Sonic nodded.


(Sonic's POV)

Yep, I was saved by someone who wanted to free me and my friends. And he did now I'm sitting in a resturant eating almost everything that had meat in it from the menu. Yum!


(Normal POV)

"But dad! What if they don't like me what if they think I'm weird?!" A young black hedgehog with pink streaks moaned.

" me out here babe." Shadow said.

"Shane, honey. It doesn't matter what other people think. It's not their opinion that matters, it's yours that does. Do you think you're weird?" Amy asked.

"No...thanks, mom!" Shane hugged his mother happily. Then the young hedgehog went into the school.


Shadow opend the bedroom door carrying Amy bridal style. Neither cared what happened before. Just what happened now.

Lemon alert! Lemon alert! Not for under minors!!!

Shadow put Amy on the bed and layed on her growling playfully. Shadow kissed her then put his tounge on her lips wanting entrance. Which Amy allowed. They explored each other's mouths. Amy moaned silently in Shadow's mouth. Then the two broke apart.

Shadow began planting butterfly kisses down Amy's neck then he took her top off with her help. Shadow began dragging his tounge around Amy's upper body. Amy moaned and giggled abit when Shadow's tounge went on her belly button. Shadow then began unclipping Amy's bra. When it was off he began massaging one of her nicely sized breasts and sucking on the other. He switched breasts after awhile.

Shadow then, again with Amy's help, took off her jeans. Shadow saw she was wet. Shadow chuckled. "Enjoying it are we?" Shadow said. Then he pulled her panties off. Shadow looked at her for a sign that she wanted to do it. Amy nodded. Shadow put his member in Amy's dripping vagina. Amy moaned as he entered. Shadow began thrusting slowly eventually getting faster as Amy's moans got louder until Shadow felt pressure coming from his private part. Amy felt pressure also.



They screamed as they climaxed silmultaneously.

Lemon end

The sweating lovers kissed and rested for awhile.

...Free at last.


End. By the way was that Lemon better than my rape Lemon from Criminal? Ah, well.

I'm working on a prequel which each chapter will be about a character and what their final day before Criminal began was like.