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'Blah' is thinking, or Kurama talking to Yoko

'Blah' is Yoko talking to Kurama

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The Lord of Roses and the Shackled Dragon

Chapter One: Coming of Age

There were many royal families in the Makai. So many that it was difficult to actually trace their lineage at times. Every family though, even the ones with the least amount of royal blood, did their best to follow the traditions set by the original royal family. One of these great traditions was the royal 'coming of age' ceremony.

The fox demon Kurama belonged to one of the highest ranking royal families in all of the Makai, so it was only natural that everyone was making a big deal out of his seventeenth birthday. (In demon years. It was obviously a lot more in human years...) As much as he loathed the thought, he knew that it was best just to give in to the ceremony. As the day drew closer, though, he nearly regretted living long enough to 'come of age'. He most often cringed at the thought of what the ceremony entailed.

Quite often, the coming of age of a royal family member was celebrated by all residents of the land that family owned. The most common practices involved sacrifices being cut and burned in honor of the family member's birthday. Though most often the sacrifices consisted of valuables and animals, sometimes and unlucky human would be caught and sacrificed as well. Kurama found the whole thing rather disgusting, especially the smell of burning flesh and Inari knows what else wafting through the windows to sting his sensitive nose.

The sacrifices, though, were not what really made the fox cringe. When a royal child, most often a male, comes of age, his guardians are to take him to get a very 'special' gift. At least, that was what the elders called it. Kurama knew that was just a sugar-coated term for slave. The red head wanted no part in such a practice. He found it more barbaric and common than the mass murder committed in his honor.

As much as he hated the idea, he knew better than to argue with tradition, or his guardians, for that matter. His parents died when Kurama was still small, and his guardians were apparently his distant relatives or something like that. Not that it mattered much to the fox. Authority was authority, blood was blood. He adored his guardians, but he didn't really view them as family. He knew that the feeling had always been mutual, especially after they found out his secret.

Kurama was not the same as the other demons. In fact, the fox was fairly certain that he was one of a kind. For as long as he could remember, he had shared his mind with another. The other inside of Kurama's consciousness had his own thoughts, his own feelings. He was nearly a separate being, only without a body of his own. Not that the fact deterred the being, at times he just took over Kurama's body. That was not often, though, usually he was content with merely conversing with Kurama.

The other being had once said that he was called Yoko. When Yoko took over the body his mind resided in, the body's appearance changed to suit his consciousness. Yoko's body was slightly taller than Kurama's, and his long hair, instead of being red, was silver. He also had the ears and tail of a fox, the color of them matching his hair. His personality was also quite different than Kurama's, for he was less polite and took more joy in the barbaric things in life such as death and sex. For some reason, Yoko was older than Kurama, in his prime when the red-headed fox was only an infant, and yet Yoko never seemed to age.

Kurama was talking to Yoko at that moment, complaining about his predicament. Of course, this conversation took place inside the fox's mind, instead of out loud. 'I don't see the point in this silly tradition.'

'You know you can't argue with them, Kit.'

Kurama sighed. 'Yes, I know, but that doesn't make me like this any more.'

Yoko just laughed in response, cause Kurama to glare at the air in front of him. People were giving him strange looks as he walked passed them, but he didn't care. 'It's almost time for you to pick out your present. You should go meet our dear 'uncle'. You know he doesn't like to be kept waiting.'

Kurama sighed again, changing his direction so that he was headed to the meeting place his uncle had set. Such a thing may seem unnecessary to a more common demon, but it is important to understand the size of Kurama's house- If it could be called that. It was more like a palace, though it was small in comparison to some places owned by the Makai royals. It was easy to get lost in such a place, and nearly impossible to purposely find anyone in it. This was why Kurama's guardian had designated the garden as the family meeting place. It was both convenient and easy to find, especially for those, like Kurama, who were attuned to the small aura that plants gave off.

The red-headed fox soon located his guardian sitting on a bench near on of the entrances to the gate that surrounded the garden. The man looked irritated, tapping his food on the ground impatiently. "Uncle," Kurama called out in the soft voice he most often used.

The older demon spun on him, violet eyes further showing his irritation. His sky blue hair looked bristled, like an angry cat. Though Kurama was forced to call the man 'Uncle', he most often went by Lord Hiron. "You're late," Hiron said coldly. Kurama bowed slightly.

"Forgive me, I lost track of time."

Hiron sighed, his voice becoming less cold as he gazed at Kurama. "You can't afford to be so careless. You know that. You also know that I don't like to be kept waiting."

Kurama bowed again as Yoko rolled his eyes in their mind. "Forgive me," the fox said again. His guardian nodded silently, then led Kurama to their transportation to the slave market. The whole ride, Hiron babbled on and on while Kurama half payed attention.

"This is the best place we can get to. All of the slaves they'll show us have already been tested for diseases and behavioral problems, so it shouldn't be to hard for you to.."

Kurama tuned him out after this. 'He talks about them like they're nothing more than pets..'

'They are pets.'

'I was content with my plants...'

'Stop your complaining, Kit. We're here.'

Kurama looked at his surroundings, finding that they really had arrived at their destination. A rather disgusting lower class demon came to greet them with a low bow that made his many rolls of fat ripple. As he stood straight again, Kurama could see yellow boils dotting the demon's pale green flesh. 'How repulsive," Yoko commented.


The green demon looked at Hirom. "My Lord, I am Defahn. I have been sent to guide you. Is this the young Lord Kurama?" Hirom nodded in affirmative. Defahn smiled, an act that did nothing to soften his repulsiveness, since his teeth were yellow and rotten. "Right this way."

Kurama mentally recoiled before settling down again. 'Well at least he speaks properly.'

Yoko smirked. 'Thank Inari for the small gifts.'

As the demon eagerly gestured for Kurama to follow him, the fox looked quizzically at his guardian. "You're not coming?"

Hirom just smiled. "I think you can handle this by yourself."

Kurama sighed before following Defahn into the unmarked building. As soon as the door was shut behind the two demons, Kurama wrinkled his nose. There were too many scents in the building for the fox to be comfortable, and none of them were too pleasant Perfumes, blood, and day old sex were the most overpowering. 'If this is the best, I don't want to see the worst.. What was this place called again?'

Yoko chuckled. 'Fantasy Island.'

Everywhere Kurama looked there were scantily clad demons of all shapes and sizes, male and female alike. Some were chained up, but most roamed freely. Many of them were waving seductively at the fox lord. It was clear that none of them would have minded going home with him. He glanced at them disdainfully until Defahn interrupted his thoughts.

"Pick any one you like!" he said cheerfully. "Do you have any preferences? I can help you pick a good one."

"No, thank you," Kurama rejected politely. After that, he took his time to actually look at the slaves. A few caught his eye, such as a pretty fuchsia haired bird demon, but none held his interest. All of them seemed the same, with face smiles and too much make up, the males included. 'How boring...' he thought as he wandered deeper into the building. Every time he walked passed one of the demons, they would pout about not being picked, and then glare at his back. 'This is pointless..'

'What about that one?' Yoko asked, directing Kurama's attention to a small cage kept i n a dark corner of the room he was in. Intrigued, Kurama walked over to peer through the bars.

Large crimson eyes glared out at the fox from beneath messy black strands of hair. Within the cage was a small male demon, curled up in the back of the cage. He was covered in dirt and who knows what else, unlike the freshly cleaned demons in the rest of the building. This one also had cuts and bruises of different ages and intensity covering his small body. The black haired demon barred his fangs at Kurama, who smiled back pleasantly.

Defahn noticed what had caught Kurama's interest, and approached the smiling fox, fidgeting nervously. "U-um.. My lord, you don't want that one.."

Kurama turned to Defahn, intrigue still shining in his eyes. He understood why Yoko was so interested in the little caged demon. The little one had stronger youkai than any of the others, excluding Kurama himself. It was surprising that he was a slave, and not royalty himself. "Why don't I want him?"

Defahn bowed slightly, embarrassed. "With all due respect, my lord, why would you want such a dirty little rat like him? He might bite your dick off if you get too close." Kurama's eyes narrowed dangerously, and Defahn's face flushed as he realized his mistake in speaking to the fox in such a way. "I-I mean, we've had plenty of problem with him in the past. I'm sure he would cause you nothing but trouble, and the slaves here are non-refundable."

Yoko smirked at Defahn's rushed speech. 'The fear lesser demons feel for us never ceases to amuse me.'

Kurama grinned. "I'll take him."

Defahn's eyes widened. "B-but my lord! ..Are you sure?"

The fox nodded. "I'm sure."

Defahn sighed, defeated. "Follow me," he said, and led the fox to the back room so that he could fill out the proper paperwork. After this was done, they returned to the cage.

Defahn wearily opened the door, causing the demon inside to press himself against the back of the cage. Ignoring this, Defahn locked a chain around the small demon's collar, pulling on it roughly so that the demon attached ended up sprawled on the floor by Kurama's feet. After this was done, Defahn put the leash in Kurama's hand before wishing him luck and walking away.

Almost immediately, the little demon was on his feet, struggling to escape. Kurama had to hold tightly to the chain to prevent the demon from getting away. He firmly grabbed the pale arm of his new slave, staring calmly into crimson eyes as the demon spun on him. "Would you rather stay here to get beaten, or take your chances with me?"

The crimson eyes widened, and the demon stopped struggling. A sigh of relief escaped Kurama's lips, and he took the moment to further inspect his purchase. The bruises and cuts marring the slave's body were more prominent in the light. The fox frowned as he now noticed how skinny the slave was. It was obvious that the slave wasn't often fed. Eventually, emerald eyes made their way to the thick collar around the demon's neck. There was a named carved sloppily into the strong material. "Hiei.." Kurama said softly.

The other demon just glared at him silently. It was easy to tell that he wasn't pleased with his current situation. It was also easy to tell that he wouldn't try to get away again, at least not for a while. He wanted to get out of that place as bad as everyone else in there, and probably more by the looks of him. That was why he didn't hesitate to follow when Kurama pulled gently on his leash.

'Things just got interesting,' Yoko said, and Kurama could tell that he was excited. IT tended to be dreadfully boring at their home, and the new slave had the potential to cause just enough chaos to please the silver fox.

- - -

Kurama soon made it back to where Hirom was waiting for him. Hirom took one look at Hiei and snorted in disgust. "What the hell is that?" Kurama just stared cooling at his guardian, until the blue haired demon sighed. "Whatever, I don't care. Bathe it when we get home, okay?"

Kurama glanced cautiously at Hiei. The little demon was radiating waves of anger, and the fox was willing to bet that it had something to do with being referred to as 'it'. Kurama couldn't blame him for being angry, but he didn't turn away until he was sure that Hiei wouldn't attack. "Yes, Uncle," he finally said.

Hiei took his place by Kurama's side as they made the journey home. He made sure that he wasn't touching the fox demon, though the red head continued to keep a firm grip on his chain. Soon they arrived at their destination, and Hiei peered up at his new home.

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