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I heard a lot about this dance that L and Light did but this is what stuck in my mind. I'll make more as I get further into the anime. This just the beginning of it.

On a random thought, if anyone wants to tell me...is the manga good?


It was just like a masquerade. A custom party, a festival dance, whatever. As long as it had to do something with hiding one's appearance with a mask of being hidden, it was a masquerade.

Light wore a social bright student with good grade. Well...the best grades ever to get in the best college that was around. With his grades, he could be whatever he wanted. But after the Death Note was dropped that mask started to come out only for public.

To the unseen eye, he was worse then a Death God and much much worse then a serial killer. He was psychopathic, writing down names of criminals who may or may not have families, criminals that could have been at the wrong place at the wrong time and mistaken for the other. Criminals that could have deserved a second chance.

The mask was cold and very heartless. One of the plain masks that was never painted any bright or dark color besides black. A mask that was full of vengeance and a wish to make a new world.

But there's always that little something. In a dance, someone asks you to be their partner and while wearing a mask, no one can see you, and in your costume, no one would even think you'd be the same person.

That dancing partner was a calculating, prodigy of a detective. One that Light would have admired, but Kira would have wished him death. The dancing partner's mask was white...with a black symbol on his head. No, it didn't have the name plastered, but it did have a symbol of an old text L.

The two were dancing to a slow song, a song full of mystery. One trying to discover the other, while not trying to revel himself. The Kira mask fell off, and Light was the one that was trying to find it. However, Kira also wanted to know, so the mask basically split into too.

L on the other hand, revealed hardly anything about himself. Not even in the police records that Light or Kira could find. There was nothing about him. The only thing that was there, was that he was one of the best detectives around. The very one that captured so many criminals for doing the wrong thing.

Light debated with Kira over and over again about the subject. Isn't it wrong to kill the F.B.I agents since they were working for each other at the same time? It was sort of a good thing to have a prison around since they didn't have to go hunting the criminal around.

Kira savored the hunt, but his mind was more focused on trying to find what was behind L's mask of mystery. But, L wasn't about to take it off so easily.

The song got faster as the mystery got more better, but right before the one found out about the other, the music suddenly stopped.

"Time flies." Light said honestly as he let go of his partner's hand. "But I won't forget this L."

"Neither shall I..." L answered his eyes hidden behind the mask.

The dance will begin again.

This time, Kira would make sure it would last at least until his pencil reached the Note and his name!