Title: Human Cyborg Relations
Author: MsLanna
Timeframe: pre-NJO
Characters: Kyp, Chii, canon cast
Genre: crossover, silly humour


"Stop following me around."


" … and stop saying that!"


"Now that's really enough, if you don't -" He had turned and promptly the girl with the strange ears bumped into him.


"You can stop walking before you run into people, you know." He took her by the shoulders and set her down an arms length away.

"Chii!" The girl mirrored his motions.

"If you insist," he sighed. "Just get lost, aright?"

"Chi," the girl nodded.

Relieved, Kyp Durron took up his way back to his ship again. It was no good to get Skywalker annoyed again.

Valiantly, Chii followed the Jedi, imitating his walk perfectly.

Kyp turned around again. "Didn't you say you were leaving me alone?"

This time, Chii had learned to stop before bumping into him. The few millimetres of space she left, did not count for much, though.

"Chii?" She cocked her head slightly.

"No, not 'chii', 'goodbye." Frustration rang in Kyp's tone as he took a step back. Then it hit him, that, even though she was standing so close to him, he had not felt her breath, when she had spoken. He took her chin and turned her face up to his.

"Say something."

"Chii?" Her expression was slightly hopeful.

Still, no breath. Kyp reached out with the force, but her presence was undeniable. This was most obscure.

While he was musing, the girl used the time to take his chin in turn. True to his actions, she lifted it upwards. "Chi?"

Shaking her hand of, the Jedi decided to try again. "Where do you come from? That way?" He pointed to his left.

"Chii!" she girl nodded, pointing, too.

But Kyp had become careful. "Or that way?" he asked, pointing into the other direction.

"Chii," she nodded happily.

"This is useless, you don't understand a word I say." He buried his face in his hand.

"Chii-ii-ii," she mimicked his voice and mirrored his gesture.

"I am a Jedi, I have no time for this," Kyp sighed. "So here's my last offer-"


The young man stared. "Yes, I am a Jedi, and I am on my way back to the temple. YOu must go home."

"Je-di," she repeated, more certain.

"So, I'll go to my ship now, and you will stay right here," he pointed to the ground.

The girl's eyes followed his finger with interested. Then she pointed to the same spot. "Chi."

"Exactly, you stay here, and I go to my ship." He turned and walked off again. But only a few steps later, he realized the girl was still following him. He began to doubt, he could stop her any way short of tying her in place.

With a sigh he faced her again. "If I get into trouble for this," he said pointing his finger at her, "Remember that it is all your fault, okay?"

The girl took his extended finger and examined it.

"Okay, so you can come along," Kyp admitted beat.

"Chii!!" She hugged him exuberantly.

"Don't get all excited," he grumbled. Whatever Master Skywalker will have to say about this, he added silently.