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Epilogue: This Path

A hooded figure walked in the streets of The World That Never Was, the only sounds coming from the buzzing neon lights of the various buildings. They had just come back from a recent mission and decided it was high time for a break. Not that they mentioned it to a certain father/superior of theirs. They smirked at the thought of that.

'I'm walking this path alone.

With every step I take forward,

I start to forget how it felt,


When it was you and me'

They stopped suddenly and looked up, meeting the amber gaze of the other standing on the top of the building, silently watching them. They knew who this person was and wondered why the hell it took so long for the two to meet once more.

'I can't look back,

Not anymore

Cos the path between us

Is d i s a p p e a r i n g'

They grinned as the other jumped down and landed gracefully in front of them, their violet hair blowing from the non-existent wind. A passerby (If there was one in this world) could mistake the fact that these two were old friends, reuniting once more. But there was a deeper bond between them that only they knew of.

'I can't make this journey alone,

I still need you,

Need you to be here,

Here with me'

The violet haired unsheathed their blade as the hooded did the same. They stood as they were, mimicking the same positions in a certain lab, six months ago. The violet haired smirked when they realized this and pondered if this was the reunion they wanted.

'I wonder,

Even if we never see each other


Will you still be there,


Waiting for me'

They clashed again as they once did before, this time not fighting for a heart, for liberation, nor for memories. They were simply fighting for old times' sake. Though both would never want to admit it, they truly missed each other's presence in these six months. This was the only way to show their feelings of each other.

'I can't look back,

Not anymore

Cos the path between us

Is d i s a p p e a r i n g'

They say the first words you say to an old friend, are the most important ones, yet all Raen could think of was:

"Hmm you've gotten better Ren-Chan!"

Rena laughed inside, thinking in her mind 'Same old Raen, always thinking of fighting'

They removed their hood revealing their blond hair and emerald green eyes.

"As have you Raen."

The two looked almost like identical twins, if it wasn't for their eyes and hair colour. Well that and the fact that one was an 'ex- heartless' and the other wasn't.

'It's strange,

The feelings may f a d e


My memories of you


of our path

will never leave,

my heart'

After the battle ended in a stalemate, they sat on top of a building and gazed at the stars. Rena didn't know what to talk about, so instead of talking she decided to tease.

"Is that why you came back? You were lonely?" Rena smirked.

'Typical Rena'

Raen sighed, remembering how she missed Rena's talks with her. So she closed her eyes "You still don't get it."

'Cos in the end,

you are,

My dear


"I know you missed me." Rena continued to tease. 'Hmm how I missed this'

'She won't let up, will she?'

Raen smirked "You couldn't be more wrong." She replied looking at the sky once more, satisfied with her answer. She wondered why Rena would even bother to ask, when she knew all along.

"Yeah, yeah I missed you too..." Rena's reply came, as she looked up to sky.

'I knew she'd break. The first to admit they missed this. Now to get you back'

Raen had a triumphant smile on her face, as she put her plan into motion. "I won't tell you why I came back"

"Argh...annoying as always..." Rena muttered but inside she no longer felt that missing part of her heart. She didn't know what Raen was to her, after she left; as she always thought of Raen as a friend but now she feels that Raen is a part of her heart, just like the others are. (Technically, Raen was a part of Rena's heart, but that isn't the point...)

'I can't look back,


I'll still meet you,

at roads,


Feeling content, Rena smiled as she looked up.

"But welcome back"

With a smile of her own Raen looked up.

"It's good to be back"


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