Lou had never been an ordinary girl, she always wore black clothes and dark make-up, but she didn't realise how extraordinary she was till she turned 15, she could manipulate and create fire, at a snap of her fingers. It happened on her 15th birthday, when she was blowing out the candles on her cake and noticed that once again her dad wasn't there. She just looked at the flames and the flames flew 5 feet in the air, just as her dad walked in he saw this, but Lou also noticed that the flames were moving wherever her hands did. She decided an hour later that she was now an official freak instead of an honorary one. She left that night deciding it was probably best for her whole family if she just left.

2 Years Later

Lou sat down in the library, that was the one thing she never regretted about leaving home, was remembering to take her library card, as long as she had one of those, she could enter the library as she pleased. She loved to read, mainly stuff on skateboarding or pyrotechnics but liked other stuff too.

One day she was at the library and this weird bald guy in a wheelchair, a boy who was playing with a Zippo Lighter and a woman with snow white hair, walked in The bald guy wheeled up to her, followed by Zippo Lighter guy and the White Haired chick. The man in the wheelchair spoke to her.

"Hello Louise…No need to worry your not in trouble or anything, we'd just like to talk to you, in private, about your abilities." He spoke with a kindness in his voice and Lou replied with, rather snappily

"Look firstly it's Lou, and second" Lou stopped mid sentence and waited for the boy to flick his lighter again, a second later he opened it, the flames suddenly exploded and hit the boy in the face, that's when Lou ran.

"Lou, I knew you were going to do that, we are like you, don't run away." The bald man shouted to her.

Yeah right, whack job

Then suddenly she hear a new voice in her head

I don't appreciate being called a whack job and do you believe me now when I say your not alone?

Lou just stopped in her tracks, just to be tackled to the floor by Zippo guy.

"WHAT THE HELL" Lou exclaimed brushing herself off.

"Sorry, couldn't just go ahead and let you get away now could I" He winked at her, with a smirk on his face.

"The names Pyro" He said and stuck his hand out.

"You got a normal name or were your parents Pyromaniacs?" Lou asked smirking at herself. Sarcasm was her strong point.

"…John" he replied quickly "Well what about you, you got a cooler name that Lou?"

"Maybe, I need to get back to the bald dude, don't wait up." She ran back in the direction of the two others she had left behind, and they explained all about the school for gifted youngsters. Obviously she accepted Professor Xavier's proposal.