Twilight Pheonix

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Chapter 1: The Invite

"Hey dad when is the party?"Crystal asked.
"It's after the guests arrive. But we have to send the invitations out first."The king replied to his youngest daughter. While placing a wax seal on the last invitation.
"Take this to Aurora so she can send it off."
"Yes father."Crystal replied before running off.
" Yes now it begins the start of a new begining."

On Earth

"Why can't I have one day off?" Eva whined while running her last lap.
"Just think of it this way,Molly(he calls her molly deal with it) we get to have a big bar-b-que after this."Jordan said while passing his partner.
"We do? Sweet!"Eva yelled.
'It's been one year since the great race and everybody's working hard. Stan, Koji, Rick, Jordan and me have been working for my dad.The ultimate prize used for protection against the crogs. Nothing is wrong, no problems, everythings just been perfect.' Eva thought.
"Alright you two can stop." Rick said while loading the last of the chips and soda into his truck."We dont want to be late do we?"
"Nope"Both teens yelled while running towards the truck.
"Got any plans for summer?"
"No I have no plans. What about you Molly?"
" As far as I know me and Don have nothing going on."
"Alright."Rick said as he started to chat with Jordan. So Eva tuned them out. She was thinking about all the thngs that had changed while she moved back with Don. She redecorated her room, got a pet black ferret to play with, and done just about everything humanly possible to bond with Don.
"Molly we're here."Jordan said snapping her out of her thoughts.
"Alright. I'll get the grill started."She said.
"No your not. Little mouse remember what happened last time?" Rick said. He had a point."You'll carry in the food with Jordan"
"Fine" She said grabbing 2 boxes of soda.
"What happened last time?" Jordan asked.
"Oh right you weren't here were you? Well lets just say that your supposed to check the meat every so often. And nickle sized steak is not fit for eating." Eva recalled the moment clearly.Soon everything was ready.
" I smell food!" Stan yelled
" Hey Stan. Where's Koji?" Jordan asked seeing that Koji wasn't next to him.
" He's with Don. He'll be here in 3.. 2.. 1.."
"Sorry we're late. Koji had to help this little guy." Don said holding a little bundle of fur in his hands.
" Come on Don the little thing was on the side of the road" Koji said taking the little ball and setting it on the floor. Only to uncurl revealing a small puppy.
"Can we keep him dad?" Eva said. Hoping that he would say yes.
"No." Don said flatly
"I'll take him." Jordan said" My sisters birthday is coming up and I need a present for her. She's always wanted a puppy."
"Really Jordan? Thank you. Wait you have a sister?" Eva said while walking with him outside.
"Yeah. Her name is Aya. She's turning 16 next week." JOrdan said picking up a plate and handing it to Eva. The conversation ended as they started to eat. They talked about how Eva and Jordan were doing in school, the progress of Don's racing company and plenty of other stuff. But it was interrupted when a bird like creature landed down on the table.
" Whats that?" Jordan asked while protecting his plate.
" It seems to be a phoenix carrier. Look there's something in its beak." Koji pointed out.Upon looking at it closer he noticed it was adressed to Eva.
" Hey Eva it's your letter, you get it."
" Alright fine I'll get it. Chickens." She said while taking the letter from the bird who seemed to be happy to have it removed. Eva opened the letter carefully. She read the letter out loud so everybody could hear it.

Dear Mr.Don Wei and Miss Eva Wei,
You have been invited to come and celebrate the united alliences document signing. With the King and princesses of Nevolence. Pack supplies for two months. During this time you will be guests at the Festival of Twilight. We would also like to ask you to tell Rick Thunderbolt, Koji Morimoto(I couldn't think of another name)Stan Brunet, and Jordan Wilde. They are invited as well and welcomed to bring along anything necessery for their trip. A ship will come to pick you up next week. We hope you will accept this invitation.

The Royal Palace of Nevolence

"Thats it."Eva said looking at her father.
" Well then I suppose we should start packing our bags." DOn said getting up.
" Alright we better get going right guys?" Rick looked at Jordan, Stan and Koji.
" Yes. It was nice of you to let us come over. Bye." They said as they walked out.
'This is going to be fun.' Eva thought.

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