She watched as the boy in front of her took a huge bite out of a roll; chewing it with his mouth open and already reaching for a piece of chicken. Sighing, she sat down the lemonade she'd brought for him and then took a seat at the table. The boy was growling ever so slightly as he dug into his dinner, his sharp golden eyes still narrowed with anger. Not that she could blame him. Being abandoned all of those years ago had been hard enough without this man showing up now in the boy's life. She poured more lemonade into the glass when he slammed it back down onto the table. Bits of backwash floated to the surface. She contemplated telling him to slow down, but no doubt he'd just argue through his chewing at her and possibly swallow faster.

Movement at the doorway over Ed's shoulder caught her eye. Hohenheim lingered at the edge. His eyes met hers with something like pleading, but she gave a slight stern shake of her head and his head went down. She'd be damned if they destroyed her house with their alchemy and family war. She stared at the figure until his long ponytail disappeared around from the door frame before turning her attention back to the boy. His maniacal eating had slowed down some and the anger was lessened in his eyes. She smiled a little bit before setting her lips back into their usual no nonsense expression.

"Now Ed, why don't you go on to the shower then to get some rest. I'll see to your arm when you've had a chance to sleep."

The boy's eyes were startling young and heartbroken for a moment when they met hers, then their usual determination took over.

"Okay Granny. Thanks for the food." Ed hesitated and Pinako waited him out. "He...He's"

Relenting a little at his fidgeting and irritation, she broke in.

"I don't even know if he's staying, but since he's here you ought to try to learn something."

She smirked as his fists tightened and a look of disgust broke out across his face.

"Don't worry, I won't let him bother you, Ed. Get some rest."

She sighed as he relaxed again, nodding, and headed out of the room. The boy's shoulders were slumped and she wished Winry were here to make him stand up straight. If anyone could light a fire, her granddaughter could. She waited until she heard the door to the bathroom shut and the water for the shower start up before she started clearing away Ed's dishes.

"Alright, Hohenheim. Come tell me why you're here." She called.