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He had never felt so alone more so then he did now. Everything was on fire and he couldn't feel his arms anymore. Why did this have to happen? They never hurt anyone. They were just neutrals in the Great War. Why did so much energon have to be spill for the sake of a brother's feud?

He wanted his family unit back. When the fighting had started, he lost sight of his femme creator and brother during an explosion. He tried so hard to find them. He was scared that he would never see them again. They might be dead. There were so many bodies around him, in pieces.

Struggling to his feet, he moved his way around the ruins of his home. The happy times he had once here went through his mind - playing with his friends, how he love to play hide and seek with them. He is the best seeker out of them. No matter where they had hidden, he could find them. Would there be times for such games again? He didn't know.

"Fanwheel Where are you?" he called out for his femme creator, his spark joining in. He couldn't feel her warm glow anymore. It was the same empty feeling he had when Traffic Jam had died while away. But there was his younger brother. He could still feel a small signal calling out to his own spark.


Hearing the noise behind him, he stopped dead, fear on his face. Behind him, a large brown- armourmech appeared. He stalked towards the black youngling, the look of hate on his face, barely discernable through the damage on his face. Only one optic glowing he crackled, "S-S-Seem one esc-ap-ap-aped me."

"No!" the youngling cried out as he saw the weapon charging, barrel towards him. He wanted to hold his arms in front of him for protection, but they just wouldn't listen to him. He was sure it was the end

At least, that is what he had thought until a much large silver mech came out of no where and punched the brown mech to the ground. The youngling fell back and looked up at the mech that had just saved his existence

He was huge, one of the largest mechs he had ever seen in his short life. Traffic Jam would have been dwarf compared to this mech. From the armour and weapons, it was clear in his mind that this was a mech built for fighting. The silver mech turned his attention towards him, his red optics glaring down at him. It almost felt like he was looking straight into his spark.

"Come, it is no longer safe here," the silver mech said in a commanding voice, one that left no room for anyone hearing it to disobey, "You need to be repaired."

With that said, the mech walked away from the area. The youngling took a moment before dashing off after him. What was the point of staying here anymore? Everyone he cared for had died...

Someone had to pay.

Rocking back in his recharge, Barricade growled as he came back on-line. Again with the dream. Actually, it was more like a memory. How he could never forget that day? The day he was saved by the likes of Megatron. Once he was repaired, he stayed with the Decepticons. He owned them his life and his family unit deserve revenge for their death. He swore he would serve to the best of his talents, after finding out about the cause of the battle that destroyed his home. It seems that there was suppose to be a underground lab the Decepticons had near the city. The Autobots attacked it and the battle proceded to consumed the whole city.

Fighting on Cybertron was nothing like fighting on Earth. Here the Autobots had to be careful where they step and fired to watch out for the humans

But that wasn't enough, it seemed. He had let Megatron down. He had allowed his leader to die at the hands of that filthy human. He had allowed his partner to be sliced up by the likes of the fleshbags. He was the only one left to do anything. Starscream had left without a second thought. Coward...

Shifting, he opened his comlink and continue his daily search for any fellow Decepticon signal. He had sent a message out towards his fellow Cons. Some of them would want their revenge against the humans and the Autobots. Soundwave was the most likely to make the journey. Other, perhaps for the thrill of this new world. Cybertron was dead. It was true. Without the AllSpark, there would be no way to bring life back to their homeworld.

"Attention Autobots"

Barricade stop his search at this message. What was this? A rev came from his engine and he thought about his luck. Some stupid Autobot was using one of the open frequencies; any mech could hear it now. Sitting on his tires, he decided he would listen in and then go after the Autobot and kill him. A hunt would do him good.

"Autobots, this is Hound. Responding to Optimus' message. I have Bluestreak with me and we'll be lan-"


Barricade felt his energon freezing in his fuel lines at the name. He couldn't be. He couldn't be alive.

His younger brother was alive...

Bluestreak was alive.