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"Bluestreak..." he finally said, dropping his weapon to the ground.

Bluestreak didn't say anything as he stood there and stared at the transformer in front of him. No, this wasn't a dream. No, it wasn't a near death experience nor the Well of the AllSpark. It was real, it was all real.

" that you...?" said Bluestreak, softly.

"Yeah, it's me, Blue," said Barricade, a smile creeping awkwardly over his face. He was finally talking to Bluestreak. He had hoped for this moment since he first found out his younger co-creation had survived. A chance to talk to him, see that he was ok even if he was with the Autobots. As Barricade moved a bit closer to Bluestreak, the feeling of his spark clouded his thoughts. Decepticons and Autobots became, for a moment, irrelevant. What he wanted right now was to be a unit again.

Then Bluestreak came running at him, arms wide open, in what Barricade thought must be an attack.

Now, to a normal human or even an Autobot, one of them would just see it as simple gesture, a hug. Anyone knowing Bluestreak well would find that to be true. Not for a Decepticon. They do not share feelings for each other and if they do, it is though rough, hard fighting or interfacing so as not to seem weak. So, with Bluestreak; charging at him, arms wide open to cover his mass, Barricade flashed back to when his combat instructor, Tankor often came at them like that and rammed them into the ground or wall or something else. Thinking that it was an attack, he did the only thing that those years of training and being a part of the Decepticon forces had taught him. He attacked the on -coming Autobot, whipping his arm to block the tackle. The force sent Bluestreak flying back and crashing hard to the ground.

Once he realized what he had done, Barricade knew it was too late to take back.

Now...he could only pray to Primus that Blue would forgive him for what he had done.

It was never easy to watch his younger co-creation. One had to keep both optics on the little youngling to make sure that he wouldn't get into trouble. If he got into trouble, then he would get into trouble with the likes of Fanwheel. Last time, it involved some paint and getting it all over everything. He didn't like cleaning up the mess that was caused by someone else.

"Cade! Hurry!" cried the smaller, silver youngling as he leaped up and down in the street.

"Don't run so fast!"

The sparkling giggled and stuck his glossa out at him. His red optics gleamed with glee at tormenting his older brother. But he wouldn't have a chance to continue as Barricade came behind him and wrapped his arms around the smaller one's neck.

"Ack! Let go, Barricade!"

Barricade did so as his brother fell down and started to whimper, "Ah, up-grade all right, Bluestreak,"

"But it hurt!!"

"Did not. Do you really think I would hurt you?"

The smaller youngling shook his head no as he wiped away the energon tear from his optics, "No...."

"Yeah, you know I wouldn't, Blue," said Barricade with a smirk as he rubbed his brother's head a bit, "Now, lets hurry up and get our rations and maybe...."

"Energon goodie!" laughed Bluestreak. He quickly got up on his feet again. His smile returned as he grabbed a hold of his brother's hand and started to drag him along.

Moaning as his system started to reboot itself, Bluestreak shifted and brought his optics online. That was when he spotted the large black figure hovering over him. Recalling what had just happen, Blue did the thing that came naturally when faced with a Decepticon. He brought out his weapon and leveled it at Barricade, who had yet to make a move.

"I should have known, Decepticon. You were just playing with me!" he shouted.

"I....Blue..." said Barricade, stepping forward.

"Stay away from me!" Bluestreak shouted, firing a warning shot into the ground between them, "I am not some Con's plaything! Not again!"

Holding back, Cade didn't really have a clue what do next. Really, the only thought that seemed to make sense would be to go right on over and whack the younger mech in the side of the head to calm him down. But sudden violence had gotten him into this mess. No, he had to think of something else as he wasn't in the mood to get shot in the chest today. Maybe it would be best to leave until later.

'No! This might be my only chance to get him back. There has to be something,' thought Barricade. It was just so hard to think. The panicking static that was coming from Bluestreak's side of their bond was driving him crazy.


Of course!

Focusing his processor, Barricade used all he could to send a wave of comfort through the bond. There was a thin wall against him, but it was easily broken though. This seemed to have done the trick as Bluestreak lowered his weapon and stood there in shock.

"C-C-C-Cade?" whimpered Bluestreak as he realized that it was indeed his brother, his long lost brother that Prowl and the High Command had told him had died. He was alive and that this wasn't some sort of Decepticon trick. Even they didn't have the know-how to mess with bonds. Only Barricade could have sent that reassurance, that he was here and not to be afraid. This was real.

With his higher functions hit with the latest news, they locked themselves up in shock. Bluestreak collapsed on to the ground and his systems started whining in stress. Seeing his brother fall down, Barricade quickly ran to his side and lifted the younger mech off of the ground. Tightly gripping each other, Bluestreak whined into the Con's armour. Barricade let him as he took to rubbing the back of Bluestreak's helm gently, something he hadn't done since they were younglings and sparklings.

Stepping into Guileforce's lab, Thunderwing's face quickly show displeasure as some of the human music was blasting though from somewhere

"Do you think you can turn that off so that I might be able to talk to you?" he said as he walked over to the work table.

The smaller and sleeker seeker perked up at the sound of Thunderwing's voice. His red optics adjusts themselves from looking so closely at the sample and refocused on seeker that stood near him. Despite the dim lighting, it was easy to out up the seeker with the bright red paint. The black and gold accents on his wings, idenifying his trine, where harder to make out. While Thunderwing wouldn't dare add such colors to himself, Guileforce was a bit more open towards the old traditions. Looking to his side, Guileforce nodded his head and the music turned off.

"Ah, sorry, Thunderwing. It just so pleasant to listen to something that doesn't involved interfacing while I am working. Some of these humans have come up with wonderful pieces, such as this one called Nessun dorma from an opera, Turandot. Nothing compared to the likes of Sync and Treble, but it is good enough," the seeker said with a chuckle.

"I am used to your little quirks by now, Guileforce," sighed Thunderwing, "They are mild and if it helps you further our cause, do it but only if the-"

"-They are not traitorous to Lord Megatron and the trine, yes, I remember," said Guileforce with a smirk as he finished Thunderwing's words, "You always say that whenever I start on a new project with live subjects or start wishing death on Sunstorm...Anyway, why have you come to see me?"

"I want an update on your project," said Thunderwing.

"Ah, should have known that. You have been feeling a bit more...tense since Havoc came in for repairs," said Guileforce as he turned his back to his trinemate.

"Yes, but I believe I have a reason for such feelings. You remember what happen to Cy-kill?"

"Bah, he had it coming! And beside we got the Cosmic Rust chemical working, didn't we?"

"Yes, and the Autobots manage to get a cure because of Oil Slick so what is the point?"

"We still were about to take down some Autobots."

"For each one of their fallen, we lost one of our own that day."

Guileforce would have pouted if he could before glaring back towards the trine leader, "And you would rather I take out my aggressions against those two? I see only negatives if I set out on that path. Both Barricade and Swindle are needed until the others land on this mudball."

"I suppose," sighed out Thunderwing, "But the project... spark mitosis"

At that, Guileforce burst out laughing as he made his way further into his lab. He stopped once he came to a large table. Strapped to the table was a large mech in statis lock who had clearly seen better days. The once white and red paint job had dulled down to dark gray and brown. Dents, cuts and scrapes could be found all over him, but the worst had to be his chest. His spark chamber was exposed for everyone to see, with a dimmed spark exposed to the conditions in the lab. Cables and fuel lines ran themselves from the spark chamber to different machines and back again. Guileforce had a look of glee as he ran his hand down the mech's head and softy along his arm.

"This nice, strong and handsome mech has been a wonderful helper for my experiments. His spark has been strong enough to withstand everything," he said, turning around to see Thunderwing, "I have been able to secure five strong sparks from the seventy-six I have harvested from him as the others had been extinguished. The spark mitosis program and operation makes them so very weak."

"Five?" said Thunderwing as he let go of his calm outlook with one of shock, "You manage to create five sparks? How?"

"It pays to have been a student under Master Soundwave," said Guileforce, "As one of the six chandlers of the AllSpark, I have seen Master Soundwave split his spark with his power and give life to his last creation, Ratbat. Remembering it, I have been trying to copy the process for eons, but never got a strong enough spark. It always died after the first few tries....we were lucky to have come across this lovely Autobot. He has a nice strong one."

"What about the sparks? Will they be ready to enter bodies and fight for us?" said Thunderwing. This was great news. If Guileforce could save five sparks, he might be able to perfect his technique and create more. They might be able to use this on any Autobot or traitor's spark and create new soldiers. The Decepticon Empire would rise again.

"While they are strong enough to get out of the critical stage, they are still very weak and can't enter their bodies yet. I have placed them in an area that should be able to simulate a femme's reproductive tank and carrying chamber until they have matured to my liking. Then they shall gain their bodies," Guileforce informed him, "And no, you can not see them. The room is quite sensitive and must stay pressurized until they are ready for a transfer."

"Very good, Guileforce. Continue your work," said Thunderwing. He turned his head to face Guilefoce as he started to take his leave of the lab, "By chance, have you seen Sunstorm?"

"That religious sla- I mean, no, I haven't," said Guileforce, his initial snarl of rage quickly morphing into the face of a mech that wouldn't hurt a fly.

Thunderwing said nothing as he left the room. Guileforce let air cycle through his system with a hiss. Shaking his head, he turned to a nearby monitor. There stood a clear picture of Barricade with an Autobot. A bit puzzled by this, he leaned down to get a better look at it. Laserbeak really couldn't get close enough to get a clearer picture without being spotted. He hadn't forgived the enforcer for his attack on Havoc and wished he could do something against him for revenge. Maybe this was the key.

"Hmmmm, Barricade never was the kind to be chumming with an Autobot, my friend," said Guileforce to the offline mech as if he could hear the seeker and respond back, "He always was quite battle hungry. Understandable as he believed the Autobots were responsible for his home being destroyed."

Bursting out into laugher again, Guileforce stared of the Autobot, "Now...that mech seems familiar to me...." he mumbled as he started to go through his memory bank to see if he could pick the mech up. That is when it hit him.

"I don't believe it! It's that petro-rabbit youngling. I thought he was dead," gasped Guileforce before clapping his hands together with glee, "But why would he....Oh no. Oh no! This is just too good! They are co-creations! Brothers!"

This was just prefect. As he couldn't harm Barricade, he could harm the younger mech and it would cause as much damage. Hugging the stasis locked mech around the neck, Guileforce nuzzled him, "We are going to have a new playmate soon. I hope you won't be too mad with me, Skyfire. I will still play with you."