Thoughts of Drow Warrior

These secrets of my race I hold

Are nothing compared to those of my swords

For though I am a noble person

I am more powerful a Drow

The kills expected of me to make

The lives my leaders wish me to take

My swords leash the soul to an unearthly place

And I wish for nothing more

The chaos of the my god and queen

The Elvin children I make scream

The blood I spill for the Spider Queen

Each drop my House grows less serene

I kill because I'm told to

This is what I a Drow warrior does

Mercilessly and quickly I shall butcher enemies

Leaving none within my wake

With scimitars I dominate

The flesh from bodies that I take

Yet sometimes this I wonder:

Through all bloody haze:

Is there perhaps more to this life then just killing all the day?