Five Ways Carth and Revan Weren't Reunited:

(1 Happily)

The Ebon Hawk had docked ten minutes ago; eight minutes ago he'd been notified, seven minutes ago he'd sent word to Atton Rand on Datooine, and five minutes ago he'd been there, waiting for the docking procedures to finish up.

The Exile was the first to emerge; she caught his eye and pulled a face of extreme disgust.

"Revan's just as big a bitch as she ever was," she informed him. It seemed impossible for her not to smile fondly as she said it.

"Atton still makes me want to shoot myself," he replied with a straight face. Her grin widened.

"Good to know," she said, before sticking her head back in the Hawk and shouting "Oy, Revan! Get out here and get it over with!"

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" she yelled back, and Carth felt his stomach lurch as he heard her voice. "If you'd just gotten me up when we were an hour away from Citadel like I'd asked…"

She stopped just short of loading ramp, looking worn but triumphant.

"Hey!" he said, stupidly.

"Hey yourself," she replied. There was a beat of silence. Then two.

"Eshe tells me you made Admiral," she said finally.

"Yeah. Yeah, about two years ago."

There was another, even longer, more awkward silence.

"Ohforcryinoutloud!" The Exile exclaimed suddenly. "I did not listen to his romantic tale of woe, and then suffer through your pining only to have you two be too stubborn to properly reunite! Go! Embrace! Kiss! Now!"

Revan glared at her companion. "Eshe-" she began, but didn't have a chance to finish because Carth had bounded up the loading ramp and was kissing her.

There was another silence, but this time Carth couldn't hear it over the blood pounding through his ears.

"There you go," The exile said, satisfied, as they broke apart. "Now, I assume I don't have to explain the mechanics of what comes next?"

"I think we can figure it out," Revan deadpanned, giving his hand a squeeze.

"Good," she replied. "I'll just go let Atton and the gang know I'm alive, then."

And with that, she sauntered out of the room, leaving behind one happily reunited couple.