1Five Ways Carth and Revan Weren't Reunited

(3 Betrayal)

It didn't really surprise him when the Republic was attacked. After all, the blonde kid had called just a few days early to inform him of the Exile's death, and he respected that woman enough to know she wouldn't have died quick or easy.

Revan would have been the only one to do it- which meant Revan was on the darkside, and the one attacking the Republic now.

He didn't care, really; he may have helped out over Citadel, but that's more a credit to her orders not to let the Republic crumble, if he could help it, than anything else. He nearly beat them once; he was confidant that with Revan at the helm he could utterly destroy them this time around.

His orders were to prepare for her return. Now they were to fight, and fight he did.

He was surprised when his first battle is over Taris, against Mission- he'd lost track of Ad'ika after all that nonsense from the Star Forge died down and Revan passed the Helm on to him, and somehow managed to forget she would be a full adult even by the Republic's stunted standards by now. She was a good fighter, too; he lost nearly half his ships, and she'd managed to land boarding parties on his flagship before her own exploded.

He was also surprised by how well the fighting was done by the Republic; they won a few battles as they were destroyed, rather than rolling over and whimpering like they did the first time around. But then again, he knew who was leading them, and Onasi might be a lot of things, but a fool and a coward he was not.

They meet in battle once or twice; as the Core Worlds fall one by one, the Republic begins to switch over to guerilla tactics, hitting them hard and fast and then getting out before they could have the favor returned, and he recognized the triumphant cries of "Down you go!" whenever a Mandalorian ship exploded, but he never told Revan. She'd made her feelings on that particular subject painfully clear. The two ex-lovers didn't meet, to his knowledge, until that final battle over Corescant.

"Revan," Onasi hailed her. "Can I have a word with you?"

"Go ahead," she allowed.

For a moment, they simply stared at each other's holographic forms, before Onasi asked another stupid question. "Why?"

"It's necessary."

"C'mon, Revan. After all we've been through, I think you owe me a better answer than that."

"I'd be happy to give you one. But you'd need to surrender first."

"You'd take over Corescant and execute the Senate if I did."

"Well, that is the general idea. There's no use taking over the Republic if I'm going to leave its seat of government in power."

Onasi smiled bitterly. "Seriously, though- why?"

She leaned forwards in the captain's seat, the first sign of passion he'd seen in her in a long time. "Because when you die, Carth, you aren't going to die defending democracy or freedom or any of that other crap you place in such high esteem. You're going to die defending a corrupt bureaucracy that is being manipulated into a tool of the True Sith. Unless, of course, you surrender."

Onasi looked shocked for a moment, but recovered quickly. "Sorry, beautiful, it's not going to happen. I'm just not built that way."

"Sounds like an excuse to me."

"Maybe it is," he shrugged, and then said, seriously. "I know the Republic isn't perfect, Revan. I know that- give me some credit. But there has to be an alternative to destroying it. There has to be another way."

"Carth, do you really think that if that were the case I would be here?" she sighed. "Look, you can't win. We have you out-manned, out-gunned, out-stripped, out-maneuvered… out everything. Just surrender. Give up. I'd rather do this with a minimum amount of destruction."

"We're not going down without a fight," Carth insisted. "We have our orders."

Revan froze for a moment, then quirked a small, hollow smile. She was even less a fool than Onasi was; soldiers only said they were just following orders when they didn't really believe in what they were doing- or were acting under duress. "I see. Let's make it look good then."

"Yes. Let's."

They never found out what sort of hold the Sith had found over Onasi. Dustil was noticeably absent from the list of survivors of the great battle the followed, and Mandalore had his suspicions about that, but was careful to never voice them. But that fateful, glorious, night was notable for two reason. Not only was it the day the Republic was destroyed, but it was the only space battle to date where to civilians were killed by falling debris.