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in a rainy nigth naruto was looking at the sky from his window he had came back from two year of training with jiraya. he was lonley. the villagers had more respect for him now but he didnt care. he wanted someone to be by his side all the time. he wanted to be love.

in the other part of the city the ex hyuga heir was in her small new appartment thinking of her long time crush. She saw the rain drop falling from the sky. They remember her of him. She wanted to see him even If he didn't see her. So she put on her coat and left her house jumping roof top to roof top.

Naruto couldent sleep he hadent seen her ever seen he came back with sasuke. He fanally notice her. She used to be this shy weird . but she had grown into a beautiful girl. Her eyes take hes breath away. Anf her curves make him drool. But she never talk to him I thought she hated her. But he was danm wrong.

Then felt a prenses not to far from his window someone was waching him. So he send a clone to get the introre. After minutes past the clone came back with the ex hyuga heir in his arms.she was struggoling the clone drop her in the floor and poof away "hinata-chan?" naruto ask hinata was now shock.

"hinata-chan what are you doing here?" naruto ask. "I haven't seen you in a long time and I decide to visit you then your clone atact me" hinata said with a blush in her face. " you wanted to see me?" naruto ask again hinata nod. " yes naruto-kun i….i….. miss you" hinata said. Naruto didn't say nothing and hug her.

Hinata was surprise but she hug back. Naruto broke the hug and smile. " hinata I have miss you too" naruto said before he kiss her in the lips.now hinata was really surprise but she kiss back. "You have no idea how many times I dream this" naruto said after the broke apart "me too naruto-kun" hinata said kiss naruto again

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