As Kalio screamed, his charm was broken prematurely, scorching the minds of the mages he was linked to, causing them to writhe on the floor, like snakes doing a twisted tango, and screaming like a scorned bean si ().

Medinius, being as exhausted as he was (well you would be too if you just fought for 6hrs straight using spells that you barely remember or haven't used since mage school), was slumped against a wall, oblivious to the mayhem ensuing around him, in a state of consciousness much like that which the heroes use while resting.

I think its called meditation. This state.

In which thoughts are processed and dreams become reality. Visions of the future are often seen, sometimes cloudy, others clearer than the gems dug up for the treasury sacks.

Dream Realm


Medinius looked around.


Medinius was originally from the over-realm you see.

Scanning the area, Medinius squinted away from the light and the pale pastel shades of mist. As he did so, he became aware of movement coming through the haze, shivering, shimmering.

A boy with dusky blonde hair was walking down the street, clad in the white hempen robes of the apprentice. His father was shattered when he found his only son would rather be a… a… wizard than a knight.

Carrying a stack of leather bound books the child, no older than 12, had a beaming smile on his face. Today was his final exam. After excelling at the art of elemental usage and skin-walking he was about to pass and be welcomed into the Brotherhood of Mind, a sect of powerful wizards and sorceresses who were dedicated to the eradication of evil and corruption within magical societies. Here was a chance to learn the secrets of power and life, wisdom and death. Wizardry was one of his only companions.

Sitting in his circle of candles and incense his Exam began. To begin with he had to fight a creature of the dreaded under-realms.

His father had defeated many a keeper, supposedly trapped within a gemstone larger than a bedchamber, which glowed and pulsated with an energy unknown even to the High Archmages of Charmed Hallow. The great blue city. The darkness had always fascinated him. Maybe he would capture a keeper stone and study it.

The creature in front of him, floating in its cage unable to escape was a milky white colour and seemed to phase in and out of a state of invisibility every now and then. The apprentice began to search his lore of the underworld, mentally.

Maps… "No." The history of the Warlock revolution against the Faeries of Flower Hat… "No." Bestiary of the Under-realms… "No… I mean yes… I think."

"Um….. Ghosts. The undead spirits of those tortured within a chamber of evil. Contrary to common belief they cannot walk through walls etc as although they look like a mist they are incredibly solid and if trapped cannot escape. A relatively weak fiend it becomes stronger by the vampiric spell of draining. Some species are known to exhibit the ability to read minds and control another's actions. This behaviour is incredibly rare."

The wizard-to-be rattled off his knowledge regarding these apparitions until he felt encouraged enough to tackle it.

"Open the cage please. I am ready." The boy nodded towards the elderly man sitting in the corner. The Elder nodded a silent agreement and his beard followed suit. Pointing his finger at the cage, a spark as blue as his robes spread, engulfed the cage and opened the door.

The white mist formed a structure, much like that of a man, elongated, stretched and warped. Almost as though it hadn't been in a humanoid shape for such a long time that it forgot all about proportions. Red coals took pride of place in the supposed eye-sockets.

Thoughts were flying around the trainee's mind.

Once trapped it can't move.

"Bubbelum Frigis" ()

An orb of pale blue light formed at his fingertips, growing at an ever increasing rate becoming man-sized and launching itself towards the spectre engulfing it in a aura of ice, freezing it to the core.

A cold hand on his shoulder.

An inch of fuzzy white beard poking out of the sphere of clouded frozen moisture.

"How?" the child fell to his knees weakened by shock and panic and the creature pounced (if a ghost could pounce that is).

Taken by surprise the mini-mage screamed and cast blindly.

Dark spells were forbidden.


A faerie, Janeeth, fluttered her wings in distress. She was sent to go scouting. Again. On her own. Again.

"Whoa!" She heard a scream. Scratch that. A lot of screaming. And purple clad evil people rolling on the floor.

Faeries aren't the brightest of creatures, generally being quite dippy and ditsy. Or so they appear, so forgive her thinking that it was some kind of satanic, demonic, evil ritual thing, instead of it really being purple robed evil people in a great deal of pain.

She noticed, amongst the chaos, a pile of ashes, and 2 people not moving.


The body against the wall was muttering something inaudible.

She spun mid-air and hot-winged it out of there, down the long windy imp made path. This could take a while.

Dream Realm

A coarse ripping sound overwhelmed his screams as a bright red hand pulled itself through the Ether. A scythes pole tapped on the ground and a horned head materialised out of the darkness. Diabolic pleasures played on that face. This truly was evil personified.

The ghost shrunk into the corner, evil afraid of evil? How peculiar.

The Reaper sensed the most fear from the undead being and sliced it in half using little effort, spilling ectoplasm everywhere.

Silence, as the acolyte of magic was paralyzed with fear.

"Bubbelum Frigis" A roar of Elders as 7 powder blue robed men strode into the room, anger bristling off of them as shards of a purple light.

The Reaper turned too late. 7 orbs of magic froze the abomination in place.

The Scythe fell to the stone floor with a metallic ring.

The High Elder stood in the middle of the group his Silver and Malachite chain of Office glinting menacingly. "Upon us you have brought great and diabolical evil. You foolish child"

The child was quivering in corner frightened beyond belief.

"Medinius." The tone was calmer, more subdued. "No magic on or under earth can defeat the creature you have summoned. But also we do not kill children, talented or not. I Loki of the high order banish you from all upper realm dwellings. May the Spirits have mercy on you and your soul and may the demons kill you quickly. You are exiled on grounds of breaking the threefold law and disrespecting the balance of good and evil."

The child Medinius looked up teary eyed.

"The Dungeons are your new home."

The mists around Medinius began to recede as a voice in his ear muttered

"Former foes from the land of day.

They are coming, to help you way."

The darkness surrounded the groggy mage.

Screams stopped and footfalls began.

() Bean Si (pronounced bee-ann shay) - Banshee. I believe in using the Gaelic names for these creatures. Its my thing. Some thing to do with being Irish.

() Bubbelum Frigis. - Frozen Bubble in faux pseudo-latin. lol. I have a whole load of them, solis orbis, for instance lol.

Thank you to my American friend Kyle for helping me to Beta read this. And also to my friend Katherine, who although doesn't really like this fandom is very helpful and encouraging in my stories. Have a double choc chip cookie on the house ( both of you.

What do you think? there is more to come but I think that this was quite long winded. So apologies to those who read it.